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Review of the month - picky bunnies!

Of courseā€¦!!

Posted by Deja on 6th Mar 2016

Of course your bunny isn't going to want to eat the HEALTHY food when for so long they've been eating the sh*tty food you've been buying from Petco, PetSmart etc* that has chemicals, sugar, food coloring, or whatever other additive crap/fillers these manufacturers put in it..

My bunnies are extremely picky like some of the other reviewers' are, but they're also SPOILED. I'll be the first to admit that!! I'll also say that perhaps their "brick-butt" (that's what our bunny Vet calls it.. bleghk!) could very well be caused by their diet. So, I decided after months and months of "brick-butt" we'd had enough of the daily cleaning and diet-changing and decided to lay down the law and try Sherwood. My bunnies wouldn't touch it at first, but I didn't give them a choice! When you don't give them a choice, they have to eat it! And that's that. Obviously with no choice, they came around, and we immediately saw an improvement in their weight and after a week or two there was no "brick-butt" AT ALL and they are happy as clams! Thanks a million, Sherwood! Your rabbit food is golden. xo

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