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Worried about RHVD2? This virus is specific to rabbits and is new to the USA just a few years ago. We are very concerned and it is now rapidly spreading through both wild and domestic rabbits. To eliminate the remote chance of picking up the virus from hay where wild rabbits can spead the virus (our food is mostly hay) we want you to know that we own our manufacturing plant in northern Utah and we have been working on an additional viral 'kill step' to ensure your pet rabbits are safe from RHVD2 and any other viruses in the future. Until this new viral kill step is installed, we we have purchased a large supply of 2019 hay from our supplier in central Idaho - currently still a virus free area. For their saftey you still need to ask your vet about a vaccine because the virus can be tracked into your house on your feet if you walk in an area with wild rabbits.
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Dr. David Sherwood

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