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User Reviews

New formulation's a winner!

Posted by Beth Signor

Thanks so much for continuing to work on the palatability of the urinary support tabs. My rabbit refused to eat the cranberry/anise or banana-flavored tabs, but loves the new carrot ones!

Your New Formula With Carrots is a Success!!

Posted by Laura

My bunnies loves your new formula with carrots. The formula before this new one my bunnies didn't like but this one is a winner. I am thrilled when my senior Bunny with urinary sludge issues eats them up like a treat. It only took a few days of offering them to him before he decided to give them a try,. Once he did, he was hooked and is now happily eating them like a high value treat and is willing to do his spinning trick excited for another. Thanks Sherwood for making them more palatable with carrots, genius!!!!

Patability issue

Posted by Beth Signor

I really wanted to like this product. My rabbit has done well on the digestive support since the product was first introduced. When he had a UTI several months ago, I purchased the urinary support, expecting the same good results. After several months of trying, my rabbit still refuses to even nibble these. All the wonderful ingredients in the world won't do him any good if I can't get him to ingest them. This turned into a waste of money for me. Biologist note: the urinary support tablet has since been switched to a banana flavor to improve palatability. Active Ingredients: Cranberry, Magnesium Sulfate, <b>Banana</b>, Marshmallow Root, L-Ascrobic Acid (vitamin C), Magnesium Stearate, Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6).

Clears bladder sludge

Posted by Mum 2 4 Buns

Our senior rabbit just suffered a bout of bladder sludge, plus subsequent incontinence and urine scald. Luckily we caught it fairly early. I started giving him the Urinary Support and noticed an improvement the next day. We brought him to our vet and she also thinks he is improving. He won't eat the US tabs on his own (though our other buns like them) so I dissolve them in water and syringe feed. I give him the following "smoothie" twice a day (he's 3 pounds): 10ccs of water, 1 Urinary Support tab, 1 Immune Support tab, 2 scoops SarX Rescue Powder and a pinch of spirulina powder (for detox). I let it warm to room temperature before feeding. He loves this "smoothie" and thinks it's a treat. The tablets dissolve very quickly in water. Hopefully he'll soon eat the tabs on his own. In the meantime, this is working and we'll keep it up until he's in the clear. His urine tested alkaline so our vet suggested Vitamin C to help acidify it. I was so pleased to see Sherwood Forest makes a Vit. C tab. We ordered some last night. Our vet also recommended probiotics, so we ordered some Benebac and will add that to the smoothie as well. We hope David Sherwood will make some bunny probiotics in the future! I could not find any without maltodextrin. Sherwood Forest is hands down the best quality. All of the supplements we've tried are great.

Solid product

Posted by Charles

Highly recommended

Healthy treats

Posted by undefined

I use these for daily, healthy treats for my buns....one each day. It took a bit for them to get use to the new flavor, but now they nibbled them right up!


Posted by Laura

I found out how common problem urinary problems are for rabbits until I ended up in an emergency hospital with my senior rescued bunny. It turned out he was there for a dental issue but it was there the vets informed me that in addition my bunny had urinary sludge. I had no idea, his litter boxes are hay lined so I never saw this whitish urine. I started giving him the Sherwood urinary support, stopped using my well water, took some high calcium veg off his plate an am trying to get more water in him in general he is not a great drinker. He is doing much better now and his urine is becomng the normal yellowish color. He takes the urinary supports like its a yummy treat and it's helping his condition. I will continue to use these tablets to keep him urinary healthly from now on. I recommend you have this on hand or like me use them to improve or prevent future problems.

Dissolved Bladder Stones!

Posted by Narcissus

I rescued a dwarf chinchilla a few months ago that was given up because he constantly leaked urine. I took him to the veterinarian and the ultrasound showed two small bladder stones. After switching him to Sherwood Chinchilla food and giving him these urinary health tablets he recently quit leaking urine and the ultrasound showed no trace of the stones anymore!

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Bulk Discount - (any combination of any support tablets)
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