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35 cc Feeding Syringe
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Saved My Chinny's Life

Posted by Dee

My 8-year-old chinchila, Beau, suddenly stopped eating and began to lose weight earlier this year. There was nothing wrong with him on examination except for some possible tooth root misalignment. He was put on antibiotics and an NSAID. He promptly developed bloat. He was really sick. Since he was eating Sherwood Forest pellets, I decided to order the SARx Recovery Food. Ended up getting SARx Plus by accident. My husband and I nursed Beau back using SARx Plus, eventually switching to SARx. Beau still won't eat enough on his own to keep up his weight so we have to feed him by hand twice a day. However, he is back to being his old rascally self (to the point of being a pain to feed). SARx Plus and SARx have saved my beloved chinny's life! They smell really good, and both my guinea pig and my other chin think that this food is absolutely wonderful.

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