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User Reviews

Delicious vitamin

Posted by Clyde

My bun is 8+ years old and is doing great. I started giving him a couple of these a day for maintenance purposes. He loves them like they are a treat. They seem to be a great product.

Extra hop in his hop

Posted by Lorelei

Peter is a senior bun at age 10. He has some stiff joints now that he's older. He's been on this supplement I'd say a year now & everytime we give it to him, he zooms around for a little bit so it definitely is helping loosen up his joints!

Treat or vitamin

Posted by Afton

I bought these wonderful vitamins for my bunnies, one of which is a pickie eater and would run from the store bought brands. All six of my buns LOVE these vitamins. They think it's a treat, but it's a great trick. Are they treats or vitamins? They will never know! I highly recommend them.

Active bunny once again!

Posted by undefined

The join support tablets were definitely a treat for Gizmo. As a senior bunny of 8.5 years, I had purchased the joint support to increase her mobility. I have a set of pet stairs to the bed that she just refused to move up and down from, but had shown that she wanted to come up to the bed with me. I had suspected it may have been difficult for her maneuver comfortably. After giving these supplements to her, I'd say within 2 weeks that she was much more mobile and adamant to move. I'm glad these tablets have helped her! I think banana is a great flavor option! Although anise definitely wasn't an issue, now they just wouldn't be able to resist banana.

My Older bunny binkies again

Posted by undefined

I bought this supplement for my older bunny, who has slowed down a bit in his older age,and also as a treat/supplement for my other two younger ones. All my Bunnies love them! After a few weeks I noticed my older bun Navi now sprints around and binkies like a young bunny.My bunnies have free roam of my bunny safe/proof home, and to see him respond so well to this tablet has been a blessing. This is the best supplement. I also give them a daily tablet of digestives..another must have from Sherwood Pet. i am so happy to have found this product

Arthritic giant rabbit no longer on meds

Posted by Eileen Walsh

Our 7-year old, 10-lb Checkered Giant started showing signs of discomfort this past year. He would lose his balance while running and his back legs would not cooperate with the rest of his body. X-rays confirmed arthritis and some lower back problems. He was prescribed medicam (as needed) but we wanted to try a more holistic approach. These tablets worked wonders. Even our vet agreed. His gait was much better and he is much more stable when he runs. He's not showing any signs of pain. And he loves the tablets. We started him on the full dose for his size and now we give him 1/2 for "maintenance". They definitely work.

Picky shelter bun Loves them

Posted by Tom

Colin was born and lived in his shelter cage for almost 5 years and likes very few things that he didn't get at the shelter. Recently I noticed him having some stiffness after laying down for a long time and decided to look into a joint supplement but figured he wouldn't want it anyway. Found the one from Sherwood and ordered a first bag to try. It is now his favorite treat and almost the only food that will make him dance.

It's a Treat!

Posted by Kimberly Wheatfill, Director Friends of Unwanted Rabbits

Joint Support is a true treat for my older rabbits. They all get really excited when they get their "treat". It gives me piece of mind knowing I'm giving them what their body needs. My Flemish Giant Tigger was having a hard time cleaning his hind feet. Since being on Joint Support he is able to keep his back feet clean.

Buns love it, I love it

Posted by Stephanie

I have a few senior buns, all rescues so I have no idea what their full history is, the little I do know was sad. My 6 year old was tossed from a car as a young bunny and suffered a leg injury that he still has to this day. He is strong and gets around but I can tell on certain days he is in pain. We started him on a therapy dose and I he loved them, he is also very picky. After 1 month I can see lots of improvement. He runs around better and seems happier, even after loosing his mate and sister. I also give it to the other buns at a lower dose and they love it too, they chase me down for them in the AM. Thank you for making this product.

Joint Health

Note: if your pet is on blood thinning medications such as warfarin please consult with your vet before use.

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Bulk Discount - (any combination of any support tablets)
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