Baby Rabbit Food

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User Reviews

My Bunny seems to love the food and her appetite is great now.

Posted by Lucy

To me it makes her urine stink worse. But maybe it's because she's disabled and usng pee pads and the urine is more concentrated?

Recommended and Happy

Posted by Eloise

This brand was recommended to me by my vet as I was feeding my bun a generic "all ages" brand of rabbit food, and she wanted to make sure my baby bunny was getting all the nutrients she needed. I am still in the phase where I am feeding her half old food and half Sherwood and I have ALREADY noticed a thicker, shinier coat! I also like that I do not have to worry about any of the ingredients being problematic for her.

The Best

Posted by Akhimie

Three reasons this is THE BEST baby rabbit food. #1 Prior to Sherwood our rabbits had very smelly urine. They have been on Sherwood for not even a month and there's no longer a strong urine smell.It's like there is no smell. We change their litter box because it's full not because of smell. #2 We used to wake up to a lot of cecotropes all over their cage. This type of poop was messy. Now there's no more cecotropes and cleaning there cage in the morning is so much easier and quicker. #3 When we got our Holland Lop babies last month, their fur almost resembled cotton in some areas and was not very soft. Now, no more cotton fur and they have nice soft fur. They are so cute. I also appreciate all the information and support Dr. Sherwood provided to help us prepare for owning rabbits. Sherwood has helped make owning rabbits a wonderful experience. Thanks, Akhimie

Healthy kits!

Posted by Red Rock Rabbitry

We've been feeding our Mini Lop and Dutch babies this food for 2 yrs. We have never had an issue with bloat, going off food or issues in transitioning to adult food (we do feed Sherwood Health Adult Rabbit). We don't have to worry about the feed itself changing like other feeds which can be a dull color and look and smell different from bag to bag. Sherwood Baby smells and looks the same from 20# box to 20# box.

Best Baby Rabbit Food

Posted by Mary Jane and Jack

A Rabbit Lover Friend told us about this product when we had a surprise litter of six adorable bunnies. They love it and are growing and thriving.

Great quality

Posted by

Smells and looks very fresh! The babies love it. Especially my flemish. After this batch is gone they will be ready for the adult food! I'm so excited to find such a great good free of fillers


Posted by DJ

If you own one rabbit, this may be a good food for your bunny. However, it isn't feasible for a litter of bunnies to eat this food as the whole source of nutrition as they will go through 19 lbs in a week or less, and with the recent increase in price, it just isn't worth it. The food does smell fresh and the bunnies do seem to like it. The week I transitioned them to another product, the bunnies maintained their weight that week, and then when switched to another rabbit feed for a full week, they actually increased their growth rate, weight, and appearance. But, there is no denying how fresh the pellets are by their appearance, freshness, and how much the bunnies like them. I will not purchase the product anymore due to the price to lb ratio.

baby rabbit food

Posted by b

I love the sherwood baby rabbit food! they are a rich healthy color, fresh and smell like hay. my babies (one lop/lionhead mix and 2 flemish giants) had to wean off the junk food and now are loving this. i just wish it could be a little cheeper.

Great for Holland Lop

Posted by Nena

Just got a Holland Lop baby. He LOVES this food and it takes the guesswork out of it for me. (first rabbit). Nothing could be easier. He gets the nutrition he needs and I don't have to think about it. (gives me more time to play with him). Win Win. Will change over to adult food when age appropriate. Thanks Sherwood ❤️

great for baby bunnies!

Posted by roro

my rabbit loves these pellets, he goes crazy when he smells the pellets and finishes them so fast! :) i could tell they are definitely making him gain some weight and his fur has gotten more full too

Yummy baby food!

Posted by undefined

We rescued a young bunny who gave birth two days later to 4 healthy kits. Put momma bun on the baby food for added calories and the kits for 8 weeks. All were healthy and happy. Some of our elderly buns get some for added nutrients. Highly recommend!

Bunnies love it

Posted by undefined

This is a great product. My bunnies love it and are very healthy. I really appreciate the wholesome (no junk) ingredients as well. :)

Seems ok but question date

Posted by undefined

I was excited to try out this food for my new babies. I was dissatisfied that the made on date was over a year ago. Nov 2015. Seems ok. Manufacturer note: All Sherwood baby and adult foods are made fresh several times each month. There must have been a mistake on either reading the date or the date was labeled incorrectly at the mill. Please take a picture of the date stamp and send to to verify.

This Food is Great

Posted by Shelly

I love this food, but I only actually got it one time, though I have ordered it 3 times. They keep sending me the adult formula, so I finally gave up and just switched over.

Best Baby food!

Posted by Momodino

All my rabbits and babies grew up on Sherwood rabbit food! They are healthy and their coat are beautiful. Their urine is less stinky too! I would not feed them any other brand but Sherwood!

Happy Healthy Bunny!

Posted by Miranda

I started feeding the baby formula to our new bunny, Oreo, at 8 weeks. He is very healthy and energetic and his fur has gotten so soft and shiny! You can't beat the Sherwood quality.

Our baby buns LOVE this food!

Posted by Jason M

So green! So aromatic! WOW, this food is bursting with color and garden fresh aroma when the bag is opened. We were blown away with the quality and freshness. Even after reading the great reviews it still catches you off guard when the box arrives. Our baby (junior) Mini Rex buns absolutely love this and get so excited when they see a fresh scoop coming toward their feed bowl! Thanks Sherwood for raising the bar HIGH on rabbit food! We are hooked and will be coming back again and again!

Excellent Diet

Posted by undefined

I' am feeding 2 foster baby bunnies and they absolutely love the Sherwood product! It's a lush green pellet and has a fresh aroma!


Posted by Robin

My bunnies, Bunna And Tippy, love the baby bunny food! I feel it's the best young bunny food on the market!

Wish we could order more at a time

Posted by Tracy

Happy with the feed, bunnies love it! Wish it was more affordable for large rabbi try's!

love it!!!

Posted by Jyl

Within a week or 2, I noticed a difference in my baby bunny's fur! It was thicker, shinier, and he really loved the food! It smells good when you open the bag, not nasty like some of the other pellets out there. Its fresh, and green. I ordered the adult food, and I won't ever buy another brand! My bunny's happy and healthy, and that makes me happy! Well worth the $$!!!


Posted by Robin

Bunna loves her baby bunny pellets! Well worth the money for the health of my bunny!

Baby Bunnys LOVE it!!!

Posted by undefined

We had babies that momma stopped nursing a bit early and refused to eat any pellets at all (tried multiple brands) found Sherwood online and had to try it. That love it! Bunny mom win <3

Worth the $$

Posted by Sarah

Keeps ammonia odor low.


Posted by LY

My rabbit loves this food and it shows. She is happy and vibrant with beautiful fur. Thank you Sherwood Forest!

Can't wait to give them a try

Posted by undefined

I am a wildlife rehabber. I have not gotten any bunnies in yet. So as of yet I have not tried the pellets.

Bunny Favorite!

Posted by undefined

Our rabbit, Casper, loves your pellets! I am happy that we found something the he likes and can have daily.

Best bunny food

Posted by Eva

If you love your bunny, give it the best. And the best is Sherwood

Great bunny food!

Posted by undefined

Our bunny loves this food!! Thank you for making such a quality product!

Best Bunny Food ever!!!

Posted by Sandi & Bob the bun

Bob the bunny and I SOOOOO grateful to Sherwood Forest!!! Thank you for taking care of our buns!

Best baby bunny food available!

Posted by Diane

I own a small Holland Lop rabbitry and wanted a baby bunny food that I could trust the ingredients and that would alleviate digestive problems as much as possible. Although expensive, I feel the cost is justified to improve the health of my bunnies and give them the best start possible. I use the adult formula for my entire herd as well and tell all of my customers about Sherwood Naturals! I only wish I could buy in larger quantities. :)

Outstanding product

Posted by Scott D.

We raise hundreds of orphaned cottontails each year at our wildlife rehabilitation center. In our opinion, no other rabbit "chow" comes close in proper composition of ingredients or in freshness to Sherwood Baby Rabbit Food.

Always Fresh

Posted by Wendy

One thing I love about all Sherwood food is that you open the bag and it's green. It smells good. Contrast this with any other rabbit food - they are all brown and smell like old cardboard. And how does the freshness of Sherwood show up in your bunny? You can feel it in the softness of their coat and the brightness in their eyes.

Foster babies from the SPCA

Posted by undefined

Only giving 4 stars not because it should not be 5 stars but because I am new to using this line. Started using Sherwood as they were generous enough to send bulk boxes as a donation to the Nevada SPCA babies. The pellets are so fresh and green, clearly an indication of great quality. After just a few weeks I am transitioning my own 2 bunnies and all fosters to Sherwood. In addition I am adding SARx to the Bunny ER kits I assemble and for my bunnies.

Best Food!!

Posted by UPNorthMom

We all know that boxed foods with multiple ingredients are not good for us humans. Well, the same is true for bunnies. Sherwood products contain just what your bunny needs and no fillers. We have had our Holland Lops on it since we purchased them and the babies have been on this formula since they were able to eat. They absolutely LOVE it. It is more expensive, but I like knowing my buns are being fed quality food.

Fresh and yummy for bunny tummies

Posted by undefined

My baby bunnies loved this stuff. They're now past 12 weeks so I've switched them over to the Adult supplement feed. This food was always delivered fast and very fresh, green, and pure.

Quick transition.

Posted by undefined

Went from all grain feed to Sherwood baby rabbit food with no issues at all. Great product.

Fresh and yummy

Posted by Julie

Bunnies love it and I like that you know how fresh it is. It has a nice green color and very fast shipping. You do a great job

My bunny loves this food.

Posted by Fiona

He's only 12 weeks old but I switched to this after I got him and he loves it. His old owner was feeding him the worst rabbit food so I switched slowly to this. He eventually was picking his old food out and just eating this. He's a picky bun already lol

My rabbit loves this delicious food

Posted by Lauren

My rabbit loves this food. I love the family who makes it. They are so nice and responsive. They are very knowledgeable. I am very thankful for them.

Happy bunnies

Posted by Elizabeth Hopkins

We love the food and the quality! Our bunnies eat it up! Blessed to have found this product!

What's this green stuff?!

Posted by Indrani

I was a scrawny very hungry 2 month old fuzzy lop when Mama brought me home 4 weeks ago. I really didn't want to eat this healthy stuff. I much preferred the sugary food I had been weaned onto. However, my Mama gradually increased the ratio of healthy Sherwood Forest to less and less junk food. Now I eat only Sherwood. I'm turning into a butterball & since I love my hay, soon it will be time to switch to the Adult supplement. Gotta go eat more baby food now! Love you Sherwood!

Your rabbit pellets are great!

Posted by Jacqueline Crown

I just wanted to thank you for making the best rabbit pellets. I really appreciate the thought that went into your formulation, and your excellent understanding of nutrition and mineral balance. I adopted a rabbit from the shelter 2 months ago. He was left in the woods at 4 months old and then was probably fed things that weren't so healthy for him at the SPCA. As soon as I gave him the Sherwood Forest pellets, he grew this amazing new coat. He's a jersey woolie, and he now has this amazing fuzz growing where he didn't before. His coat is so shinny too. I know it's from these great pellets. There must be great things happening inside too. Thank you!


Posted by Christina from Massachusetts

Your rabbit food is wonderful! It smells great and my bunny loves it! We have a mini satin bunny, which my daughter shows in 4H shows! She received 1st place opposite breed. Excellent in coat sheen, I belive this is due to the food!

Love It

Posted by Elizabeth Hopkins

We really are blessed to have this food for our rabbits. They are happy with the food and waste none. We are going against the flow when we go to competitions, it seems most feed their rabbits other brands. That is okay. We believe in this product and will not change.

Best rabbit food out there!!

Posted by Sarah Davis, RVT

I recently adopted an 8 week old Lop mix, when I got her from the rescue, they told me to buy Sherwood Forest rabbit food. As I was waiting for my order (which did not take long at all!!) I had to supplement with pet store food (boo!). Needless to say, her food bowl is emptying MUCH faster now that my order has arrived, she LOVES this food. And I feel so much better knowing it's good for her too, and fresh! I highly recommend this food for your bun!

Baby Bunny Does Best!!!

Posted by Stephanie

We bought a 7 week old angora at a sheep and wool show several weeks ago. We purchased what was recommended by an employee at a local Petsmart (which was not even baby food for rabbits!) The bunny was not eating well and my son and I were frantic. A search for food on line led me to your site. Shiro is doing incredibly well on your baby bunny food now, growing and very happy. I will be back to your site when we start to get low on our box to order more.


Posted by Amanda

I got my bunny at just four weeks old. the person i got him from had to wean the babies early due to some health complications with the momma rabbit. i looked for food for babys and came across your site. im sure glad i did. my bunny is now 4 months old and he is healthy.

Tulip's favorite food!

Posted by Beth

We found Sherwood Forest because we were not impressed with the condition or flesh on these bunnies. With both Mom and Babies now on Sherwood, within a week everyone looked and felt great! We're hooked!

The Best

Posted by Jessica DiCicco

This is the best rabbit food out there.

Great baby bunny food

Posted by Camille Wright

Our little french lops love it. A great balanced diet with some fresh herbs and garden veggies. We'll be trying the Sherwood Forest adult food when they're ready.

Great food for happy rabbits!

Posted by Ruth Musolf

I raise Holland Lop and Silver Fox rabbits, Sherwood Forest is the only food I recommend to the people who buy my bunnies. The pellets are always fresh and all the rabbits are happy to eat it. Since I started using it my kits grow well, everybunny's fur looks great and no more digestive issues, even when weaning. Thank you for making a superior rabbit food!

Baby bunnies gourmet feast

Posted by Tim B.

This product is a definite winner, Mama and the little ones (now big ones) just love it and cannot wait for me to fill the bowl, they plow into it as I pour. Since my bunnies are special to me I had to taste test it myself (like the taster who worked for the King) and make sure it's okay, and I'll tell you it was quite good. I didn't just sit down and snarf a whole bowl of it but it was delicious and I can see why they love it so when they get rabbinous. ;D

This food is amazing!

Posted by Maria

I bought this food because I had heard so many great things about it, I am so glad I ordered! My bun kindled 3 kits and they are huge, and healthy! Mom bun is looking great too. She adores this food!!

The Best Bunny Food Ever

Posted by Tim Biancalana

My family of little fur-heads have been eating Sherwood Forrest Rabbit Food [SF] since the beginning. When we first got the bunnies I thought I better do my research and find something that is safe for them to eat. Well, to make a long story short, our bunnies have been on this ever since. They are spoiled and will only eat SF. Every time their food starts getting low I begin to sweat because I know there are no other healthy options and they don't want anything else. I must confess that when I first purchased this product back in late summer of 2011 I had to taste-test it for myself to see if it was okay for the bunnies. I was very pleased with the quality of the food, the freshness, and yes the taste. I figured if it tasted alright for me, THEY would love it. I was right. They devour it and go through it rabbitly.

Young Rabbit Food and a Child with a Rare Disease.....

Posted by Penny

I could not let my older children have pets because my youngest son (2 years old) has a rare food allergy called FPIES. He can go into hypovolemic shock from vomiting so violent 2 hours after he ingests even trace amounts of soy (touching an animal who has stepped in feed that contains soy and sticking his finger in his mouth is enough to make him very sick). Because of your awesome soy free rabbit food, my kids can safely have bunnies and I do not have to be afraid of a trip to the ER or worse with my little boy. I know you probably hear about how good your feed is for rabbits, but I wanted to share with you about how your product brought a little normalcy into our lives while dealing with a rare disease.

My baby loved it

Posted by undefined

My baby loved this food..I recommend it to anyone who loves their bunny! =)

Perfect for Baby

Posted by undefined

We just recently brought home a baby bunny for our children and with a gluten-free household we were concerned about finding a nutritious rabbit food that we could maintain in a gluten free household. I am happy to say that we have found it! Sweetie (our bunny) looks wonderful and none of us have been sick due to gluten contamination. We appreciate the high quality and reasonable price this company provides!!

Yep, the Greatest Rabbit Food

Posted by undefined

It is everything it claims to be. The many reviews say it all. Sherwood is the only kind for my buns.

Made for a very happy bunny

Posted by undefined

My baby English Lop gets so excited when I feed him his Sherwood Natural Baby food. He will take the first bite and then let out a few binkies before continuing to eat. And he eats every single bite! His hair is super soft and he is always bright eyed! Sherwood is the best rabbit food I have ever tried and I have already purchased his adult rabbit food to start feeding to him next month.

Best Rabbit Food

Posted by undefined

I have 2 Jersey Woolies who are 8 weeks old. They loved this food. It smells great. They are doing really well and growing

Our 8 week old bunny is doing great on it!

Posted by Cindy

The Bunny loves the pellets! I also like that they are age approprate for young bunnies.

Bunny is thriving

Posted by Judie fizer

My little guy, dont' know his age yet but am giving him the baby food. He loves it and is thriving on it and he does not eat so much of it he leaves off his hay, he eats a lot of hay so I also ordered a sample of the concentrated nutritionn which I am mixing with his baby food. When the vet tells me his approximate age I will adjust his food to Sherwood's recommended amounts Thanks for the help

Smells fantastically fresh

Posted by Petlover83

My pets loved it. While it wasn't ordered for bunnies, the pets I gave it to loved it and it's being used as an occasional treat

Fresh and real

Posted by Inna

Have been introduced to this feed by another bunny owner. Great smell and babies can't get enough of it even when I give salad and carrots at the same time.

Angora Kits

Posted by Rachel Pospesel

Got this food for my English Angora kits and they are doing fantastic! Excellent growth and weight!

smells so good !

Posted by undefined

my rabbit seems to really like this food a lot. I love the smell of it too.. we both are very happy with the baby rabbit food soon on to adult food...

Mama much calmer

Posted by Mary Anne Isaksson

My doe Ginger has always been hyper active and eager, maybe overly so, at feeding time. Since I started her and her litter on Sherwood Forest Baby Rabbit Food she has calmed down. She interacts with me so much more, and seems very relaxed with her kits.

Absolutely fabulous

Posted by undefined

We are so impressed with this wonderful rabbit food. Our baby bunny was not feeling well, due to our changing him too quickly to the wrong type of food at an early age. We ordered the proper food from Sherwood Forest and saw an immediate turn around in his health and happiness! Can't wait to continue on with the adult rabbit food. He loves this stuff.

Love it like crazy !!

Posted by Sandra

Me and my bunnies love your food. they will hardly eat any other (ran out of yours and had to buy some @ pet store). my babies didn't grow the entire week they were on other food. when i resumed your food they ate it like crazy first day and then back to usual volume and grew like crazy. i have NO health issues w/my bunnies on this food. i treat them w/fresh clippings of soome veggies/herbs i grow plus they all eat a banana every morning. i have beautiful, healthy rabbits. thanks so much. sandra

He loves it!

Posted by undefined

Baby bunny dove right into his dish when we gave it to him. He loves it. :)

I can't believe the difference we're seeing already in just 2 days!!!!

Posted by Lacy

We ordered baby rabbit food from you for the first time Thursday night and received it Saturday. We had already bought our baby bunny some food (we got her Thursday) so she would have some when she got here, but she barely touched it :/.... When YOUR food came in however, she (figuratively speaking) went to town on it!!!! She LOVES it!!! We will definitely continue buying from you and I will tell ANYONE with a rabbit, to try it out!!! I can't believe the difference we're seeing already in just 2 days!!!! Thank You so much!!!!"

Test, just a test

Posted by Rhitteehess

Hello. And Bye.

Healthy food

Posted by Valerie

I bought a mini rex rabbit at 7 weeks old from a breeder. The breeder gave me a bag of Kaytee food for young rabbits. I wanted to buy a better quality food for my new mini rex so I searched the web for a better food & I found Sherwood Forest & I ordered a 2LB sample of their baby food. I mixed it with the Kaytee food & at first my mini rex (Coco) would leave the Sherwood Forest in his bowl but after 3-4 days he started eating the Sherwood Forest food. I am very happy Coco started eating the SF food. I ordered another bag of the baby food & also ordered a sample of the adult food because in a few weeks Coco will be 12 weeks old. I will continue ordering the Sherwood Forest food for Coco.

Best Food Ever!!

Posted by Michelle

Our 4 baby bunnies absolutely LOVE this food! They are so shiny and healthy! You can tell the quality of this food is superior, it is actually green and smells so fresh. I would highly recommend this food and will never buy anything else! Thank you for making this great food!

Love it love it

Posted by Heidy

My 8 weeks rabbits love this food, they finish everything even the ones that sometimes fall in the floor, there fur is so silk and shine. best food ever

My bunny doing great on Sherwood Forest

Posted by lisa

So far my 10 week old lop loves the food. My other rabbit was 1 1/2 (she unfortunately passed away 2 weeks ago :( , weighed 6 lbs!!! I fed her the rabbit food from walmart!! My friend the I bought the bunny from said the stuff I was using was called "rabbit Mcdonalds", so far so good with this little one on your feed. Thanks, I definitely will be ordering some more food within the week, she is still working on the sample pack!! LIsa

I'm new to having a pet rabbit, but she seems to love this food!

Posted by Amber

I've definitely noticed an improvement in appetite and energy level in my baby rabbit. She likes the taste of this food better than the one that the breeder gave me, and eats a lot more of it too!

Love the feed!!

Posted by undefined

We love your rabbit food! When we adopted our newest bunny a month and a half ago, we bought some of the food they had been feeding her. When we started mixing in your Sherwood Forest food, she started picking out the Sherwood Forest pellets and leaving all of the other food behind! Both of our rabbits seem to really enjoy your food and we would LOVE to see it somewhere nearby.

Happy and healthy

Posted by Helen

The food is working out really well for my rabbit. She looks happy and healthy as can be! Thanks for everything! I just have one rabbit, so I like the smaller bag options.

Best Soy-free rabbit food !!

Posted by Ray B.

Thanks for getting the feed to us so quick. We have been mixing in the Sherwood feed with our old Zupreem feed and quickly noticed that our 3 rabbits have been scratching thru their feeders to get to the Sherwood Forest feed. That is all they want to eat now. Thanks again, and we will for sure be ordering again very soon.

In one word - WOW !!!!

Posted by Amy B.

Sorry it took so long but I wanted to give a accurate opinion based on a 60 +day trial test if that makes sense. I was looking for consistency in litters , does and bucks overall. And to sum it up in one word. WOW!!!! Babies and moms look amazing on the grower formula!!!!_

I will absolutely be purchasing again!

Posted by Susan

have to say, thus far I am quite impressed. The color, smell & texture of the pellets are a nice bright green and not a dull green/brown which is a huge plus. I had brought home 3 new rabbits last Monday and one of my does was not eating her ZuPreem pellets. No sooner had I put your product in her bowl, she was pushing me out of the way to get at them and has been eating nicely ever since. I am currently mixing your product with what I have on hand to ween them off the old onto the new and deplete my current stock. I will absolutely be purchasing again in the next few days. My lactating doe loves her version!

WOW...What a difference!

Posted by Amy - Erie, CO

My 5 week old baby bunny was eating fine (Oxbow young rabbit food) but producing 12-20 mushy, messy, cecotropes a day! Took her to the vet and he can't find anything wrong even in her fecal test. Switched her to Sherwood growing/lactating rabbit food in within 24hours her cecotrope production went down dramatically. After 3 days, it was (and is) down to a max of 3-4 uneaten per day. She is gaining weight and a little roly poly! I am very impressed and feeding it to my other 3 young rabbits. They don't want the Oxbow now. Thanks so much! I'll be a regular customer :)

2 Babies are thriving! ...less waste & better body and weight conditions

Posted by Stephani

All my rabbits are loving he new food, and my 2 babies are thriving. I’m noticing less waste, more water consumption, and better body and weight conditions. After the 1st I’m going to have to order a butt load more feed. Too bad larger bags can’t be shipped to local stores yet. But I don’t think that small fact will have me changing my new feed co. I love smelling the rabbit feed almost as much as I love smelling my horses grain. You can’t mask the smell of quality. Keep up the great work

A show winner!!

Posted by Carolyn

One thing I wanted to tell you was that my Lynx doe that won Best of Breed and 2nd Reserve in Show for me had been fed your grower formula. The switches in feed didn’t cause her any loss of appetite or trigger a molt, which is testament that you have a very good feed formula!

thriving bunnies

Posted by Happy Bunny

The feed did great. The bunnies liked it, they thrived, and there was none of the problems I saw with the old feed. Sherwood Forest feed is awesome. Our does maintained condition and the kits are little chubby balls that thrive on the feed.

Doing Great!

Posted by Alexis

I have been using Sherwood as my rabbit food for months now, and my rabbits are doing great on it. Thank you for making such a good product!

Our two baby bunnies love it!!!

Posted by undefined

Prompt delivery. Looked & smelled fresh. Easy transition.

Baby rabbit loves it!

Posted by Jon

We recent;y switched our baby Dutch rabbit over to Sherwood Forest from Oxbow's Baby rabbit pellets. The first day of offering her a mix of both types of food, she preferred the Sherwood Forest. To the point she at all of that first and left the Oxbow pellets. With that said, she has more energy and her coat seems softer. She absolutely loves it.

Great food and service

Posted by Joey Mabey

My bunny loves this food and costumer service was so quick to respond to my quetions

Great nutrition for young ones

Posted by Brigitte

Have been using the sample a little bit a time and by day 7 they clean up the bowl quite fast. Pellets look really green, smell fresh and appetizing.

Wild Bunnies love it!

Posted by undefined

I am fostering wild baby bunnies for a local wildlife rehabilitation center and the bunnies absolutely love your pellets! They eat the entire dish empty 4 times a day. By the time they are ready to be released, all are healthy and of good weight.

Great product

Posted by undefined

Shiloh devours this food. And the service was great too!

My Flemish loves it!

Posted by undefined

I decided to search for a better brand when my 9 wk Flemish Giant stopped eating his cecotropes, and his fur wasn't very soft. Both problems have vanished now thankfully, love your rabbit food!

Best Babe' Bunnie food ever!

Posted by undefined

So we purchased a french angora rabbit from a breeder. The breeder was feeding the babies a protein rich food... however it made the urine a bright red and smelled awful! The little bunnie pooed so much. When we transferred the little one over to your food the bunnie loved it and did a GREAT job. The poo was less and the urine better!!! It was wonderful and felt more natural. We made samples to share with friends.

This is No BS. This food works just like they say!

Posted by CKid

Had a sick baby bunny with a heffty vet bill who still had wet stools. Within days of feeding stools where right.

Bunny loves it.

Posted by Christy

ships really fast and my bunny loves it. best food ever.


Posted by Shawna Marie

I ordered my 2 pound sample a little while back and my babies are just now old enough to eat and they love this food, they go crazy for it as soon as they smell it thank you, we are switching all of our rabbits to this feed and off the Manna Gro feed

best food ever

Posted by alyssa

My 1 month old holland lop loves this food he didn't like it at first but now he loves it its really healthy the pellets is so green thank for making the best BUNNY EVER!!

Great food and wonderful customer service!!

Posted by Melissa R. & Nibbles

Nibbles is my first bunny, so I was doing research online on how best to care for him. I came across Sherwood Forest's site and read all the great reviews. I didn't even know they had a food for baby bunns. I ordered the 2# free sample and he LOVES it!! He is growing so fast and has so much energy! His coat is beautiful, soft and shiny. I am definitely going to order the m-s when he turns 12 weeks. Also, I had lots of questions and every single time I emailed them, I got an email right back. They are so friendly and helpful. Thanks Sherwood Forest!!! :)

Thank You !

Posted by Amanda

A huge thank you to Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food! I adopted a 10 week old flemish/ dutch mix. She was very under weight, and small for her age (even just being a mix). I immediately started doing research about natural and beneficial foods for young growing rabbits. I came across your site and ordered weaning/ lactating female pellets. With that, and a mixture of alfalfa hay added to her timothy she is now growing like a weed. Unlike other foods, yours is not filled with filler and fat. She is healthy, her coat is looking amazing and she is finally growing like she should. Thank you to every one at SFNRF, you will be my only pelleted food from here on out.

Awesome food for your bunnies!

Posted by Mary Mertz- Covington, GA

I was trying to find a food that was natural and I found it here! My bunnies coats are beautiful, they are happy and energized, and in excellent condition! I have had nothing but great customer service as well.

very good feed!!

Posted by Jeanie

I received my free 2lb bag of rabbit food very quickly after ordering it. I am feeding it to my guinea pigs with added vitamins, and so far my baby guinea pigs love it, and are doing very well on it. Great product!!!


Posted by Cheryl M.

My rabbits used to waste so much food. They would scratch out most of the feed trying to find something they liked. Since switching to Sherwood Forest they eat every single pellet. No more wasted feed!!

Food with Heart and Research Behind It

Posted by FairyDogMa

Rabbit pellets were originally designed to quickly fatten up rabbits for slaughter with no thought of health or longevity. Sherwood Forrest has given us fresh quality food at a good price to ensure the health of our beloved pets. What more could we ask for?! Tell your friends! Help your bunnies get healthier! Biologically appropriate food, no fillers, no junk, made with heart. Even my dogs like to snack on it. Thank you Sherwood Forrest!

The baby loves it!

Posted by undefined

The food smells so good, as soon as I opened the box I could smell the freshness of it. While transitioning my baby from Kaytee to Sherwood, she would pick the Sherwood out first and eat them first. I think thats a pretty good sign, when the baby will eat her "veggies" over the "junk" food. She also seems to be gaining a pretty good around out weight and I like that! I'll probably have to order a bigger box next time!

Best Food for sure !

Posted by Tori

Hi, We love this rabbit food! I put all my rabbits on this food about 6 months ago. I bought a 50lbs bag of Pen Pals, because I was told it was just as good as your feed. Well, it was much cheaper but I am not happy with it at all! After they finish this bag (not too much left) I plan to put them right back on the Sherwood feed.

A happy bunny

Posted by Frosty's family (Baltimore, MD)

I started to transition my bunny from the time I got him at 8 months. I purchased a commercial brand at the local pet store, but when I got the sample in the mail it was an obvious choice. Your pellets are vibrant green and fresh! I started the transition the day I picked up my bunny and he loves it. Lots of high jumps and sprinting around. A very happy bunny and I can't imaging purchasing anything else.

Mama Bun Is Doing Great

Posted by Kelly

We've been feeding your pregnant rabbit feed to my English Angora doe. Recently, she gave birth to 5 healthy bunnies. We've now converted her to the Lactating and Growing Rabbit feed which the babies are doing well withl....but the most amazing thing is the mother's condition. She looks great! Sometimes mama buns (like human mamas) can look a bit ragged after giving birth, but your feed gives her the nutrition she needs to maintain herself and her babies beautifully.

This is hands down the best rabbit food! Made Fresh!

Posted by G Anjelica

This is seriously the freshest animal food ever. The date on the package is made around the time ordered. Food is a rich green color and super ingredients. I had called customer support with questions. All were answered and even learned some new things about rabbit food. I have seen my baby rabbit's siblings in the past few weeks. My babies are larger, healthier, and more vibrant! The lady who sold me the rabbits, said to just get show feed at the feed store. Glad I researched around and decided on this food. Thumbs up for a great company and super awesome rabbit food!

Best rabbit food ever!

Posted by Penny

I just got 2 baby bunnies and wanted to make sure that they were getting the best food, did a little research online and found this even though my breeder told me that what she fed was the best. I could not get over how much greener it was compared to the food I was given by the breeder and my bunnies love it!!! This is all I will feed my rabbits!!

Best Bunny food ever!!!

Posted by Lisa Brucato

My bunny just attacked the bag of food as soon as we opened it!! It was so funny, she just loves it

great food, our baby bunny loves it

Posted by Lisa Gonzales

Its great to get a product that is good in nutrition as well as tasty for the animal. It is about same cost as rabbit food in stores without all the nutrients. Most important is that our bunny loves it.


Posted by Michele

My almost 3 week old babies, love it, its just the right size for them, and it smells so good. Mamma loves it too.

Best feed in the bowl !!

Posted by Stacy

Thanks. Yes, I finally figured it out! Our little buns LOVE the sample you sent...little chow hounds that they are! I am so grateful to have found you all, as the stuff I initially bought from the feed store looks terrible in comparison...they only had it for two days before I received yours. I put yours in their bowl next to the feed store stuff and I could not believe that they discerned between the two, ate the Sherwood Forest and left the pale colored, dry looking Purina brand feed in the bowl!! I'm sold! Thank-you!

This food is the absolute best food!

Posted by Michelle

I have purchased a couple of bags of your baby bunny food for our 6 month Holland Lop bunny; and I LOVE it......and she does too! This food is the absolute best food that this little bunny has eaten.....and I can tell the difference in a lot of different ways....THANK YOU for a wonderful product!

Fast and low cost shipping !!

Posted by Melissa

Ordered your pellets on the 2nd(Friday) and received it today on the 5th(Monday). Shipping was fast! Plus the low cost shipping is AWESOME! I'm getting ready for a baby holland lop bunny I'll be bringing home on Saturday. I wanted the best food and supplies for Bailey. Did alot of research and read your ebook and concluded your pellets is the best. Thanks.

No more Poopy bottom !

Posted by Michelle F.

The feed is great so far.....we bought our son a baby holland lop for christmas, and I've been trying to find some good pellet food for her.....She was on Kent, but it's hard to find and they don't seem to have have smaller bags. So I've been looking and found your we tried the sample and she loves it!!! It seems way better than commercial rabbit pellets(which made her have wet-type poop more often--causing a messy bunny everyday!!!) Thank you so much for a wonderful product, and good business. Thanks,

My bunny LOVES it!

Posted by Allena

I'm so glad I found Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit food ! My bunny "Pepe Le Pew" LOVES it !

Can use 25% less feed with same results

Posted by Doug

I was skeptical when David said I could use about 25% less feed in my rabbitry, but after a test on several rabbits, I found that it is true. I am feeding a measured amount less to each and they are doing as good and better in some cases compared to when I was using my other brand of feed (50 pound bags). You have a great product! The only complaint is the fines that were in the lactator formula bag (caused by the mill you had make it), but you said that would improve over the next couple months when you set up your own mill. Thanks again.

Great feed. Thanks

Posted by Jim

Thanks for meeting us yesterday with the feed. The feed looks great. We are really impressed. But more importantly, the rabbits like it. They did not hesitate to start eating the new feed.

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