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User Reviews

This stuff is amazing

Posted by Alicia Andrus

It's been a hard summer, hotter than usual, and due to circumstances beyond my control my rabbits aren't in their usual area so they are more stressed. This stuff has pulled two out of the start of stasis. It's amazing and much better than critical care alone. I am very glad I bought some this spring to have in case of emergancies. I will be getting more to keep on hand in the future.

What A Difference!!!

Posted by Laura

I used this for my Bunny who was suffering from Gi-stasis. It made a HUGE difference in his faster than normal recovery. Not only did it increase his appetite but it gave him much needed energy which helped him become more mobile which is essential when dealing with a Bunny in GI-stasis. What a wonderful product! A must have! I will never do without it and most highly recommend it! I have dealt with Gi-stasis with my senior Bunny before and until I added this to my emergency kit protocol had never had him bounce back and recover so quickly! Thanks again Sherwood for an amazing product!!!

Lanor Loves Sarx

Posted by Lori

My little rabbit Lanor has been sick for over a year, she relapsed a couple of times this year, she loves all the Sherwood products, the Sarx powder helps keep her appetite up, she also eats the baby pellets to help keep her weight up, and Sarx recovery food, wonderful products wonderful people Thank You!!

Most effective line of products I have ever used

Posted by Linda Balestreri on 21st Dec

I just ordered this to keep on hand in the event one of my bunnies develops stasis. I hope I don't have to use it but if I do, I know it will be effective as all of the Sherwood products I have used. These are the highest quality, most effective line of products I have ever used during my 3 decades of raising house rabbits.


Why do you need the SARx Rescue?

If you ever find that your pet will not eat (because of stasis or other problem) the SARx rescue will help to naturally stimulate their appetite and boost their energy.

How it works:

When a rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, or other small herbivore experiences something in life that causes digestive upset they often lose their appetite. This is because a healthy digestive system is required to produce the B-vitamins and other nutrients they need to maintain a healthy appetite. Giving them B-vitamins and other nutrients will restore their appetite and help them feel better.

Why is there 'sugar' in the formula?

Most forms of sugar are not healthy for small herbivores because it cannot be digested and absorbed. Instead it will continue to travel down the digestive tract and enter the cecum and support the growth of bad bacteria that cause digestive upset. Glucose is different. Glucose is already digested and is easily absorbed and can be used directly by the cells. It will not cause digestive upset and since they haven't eaten in a while they definitely need it!

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Bulk Discount - (purchase with any combination of any support tablets)
Buy 2—3 and get 10% off, Buy 4—9 and get 20% off, Buy 10 or more and get 35% off