Adult Guinea Pig Food - Blended Pellet

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Still observing!

Posted by Charlie & Tobi

Still observing, but so far not bad! It's been a few weeks now, and I noticed results quickly because I followed the tip to do a cleanse of the pigs' bladder by giving only hay and water before starting the pellets. I'm appreciating seeing my pigs' poop looking better, as well as smelling better. Before, they had strong smelling poops and they were shaped weird/they had a hard time pooping. I also appreciate that they are overall more active, and their eyes and fur look even better than before and I used to think they already looked good! It looks great. I'm still observing some issues they have to see if these pellets will help, such as calcium deposits and a bit of trouble pooping sometimes. Thank you for a healthy product!

Pigs don't like it - don't eat as much

Posted by Dexter Martin

1. One of my pigs suffers from minor bloat. 2. Hay as a number one ingredient and known by many pig owners to be very helpful in curing digestive issues. 3. About a week or two after beginning feeding. 4. The pig that suffers from bloat is much more active now and his tummy doesn't get as hard feeling.

Hope for Forrest

Posted by Forrest

My rescued Peruvian Male piggy was very thin and ill when I adopted him two weeks ago. I tried other pellets but he was not eating them, and he had explosive runny poops. Five days ago I started him on your Recovery food and pellets, I have hope he will get better. His poops are formed now, still soft. What a change from the terrible cow pies I saw. Thank you and God Bless.


Posted by Lisa-Marie

I recently switched my two female guinea pigs over to sherwood pellets. Prior to the switch we commonly had calcium deposits all over the bedding. They had not yet had any urinary tract infections, but I was becoming very worried as I saw more and more spots. After learning about Sherwood Pellets from another Pig owner (Skinnypigs1). I did some of my own research and decided to give it a trial. First, The spots are GONE. Like seriously! I might see one now and then, but not the constant large numbers of them, and those I do see are significantly lighter and not gritty! SO SO SO SO Happy! One of my concerns going into it was the price of the pellets. My girls eat less of the pellets than they did of the previous brand (and more hay, YAY), they do like the pellets, and the switch over has been pretty easy. When I ordered there as no shipping, so honestly I am not spending any more than I was previously. I'm very happy with the pellets, and will be ordering more as they get closer to finishing this bag.


Posted by Reiji and Rose

If your piggy is currently squeaking while peeing then please please change to this product! Dont give up on feeding this! mine took a while to get used to this.! Reiji my 2 year old piggy had some seriously issues with super nasty pee.... this food help her so much! my older girl Rose (piggy) she seem to be losing the weight and is more active!

Disappointed & Disapproved

Posted by Puddin, Happy, Longfellow, Hazel and Liam

Unfortunately, my pigs will not eat this. I was so excited and had high hopes, I purchased a huge box. Biologist note: While about 95% of those that first try Sherwood foods dive in and eat it within the first day, there are a few stubborn and picky ones that prefer the sweet, but unhealthy molasses and starch in their old food. There are several ways that others have had success transitioning to the healthier Sherwood hay-based food. Dr. Sherwood is here to help with transitioning and other nutrition related issues.

My piggies love these pellets!

Posted by Molly B.

All of my piggies free feed on these pellets and fresh second cut Timothy hay all day, supplemented with Sherwood vitamin C, joint support and immune support tablets daily. They are happy and healthy, with beautiful coats. I have seen some other people commenting that they have trouble switching over from other brands. I thought I'd have trouble when I first found Sherwood, as my piggies refused to eat the Sherwood pellets at first. I completely removed the other brand pellets and within a day or two, they were chowing down on Sherwood as if they had always eaten them. Give it a try; you won't regret it!

High Quality Pellets!

Posted by Sarey C.

Simple wholesome ingredients fortified with the essential Vitamin C that guinea pigs need in their diet, the pellets are dark green and smells wonderfully FRESH!

Piggies love it!

Posted by Stephanie Dellasperanzo

I've been feeding my guinea pigs [and rabbits] their food for years, and they absolutely love it. It's always fresh, and they run to their bowl exited to eat. I love that it has only good ingredients, and I feel they've very healthy because of that!

Best Guinea Food Ever!!

Posted by Ryanne R Shosa

My three pigs love this food! They are so happy and healthy. I am so glad I found Sherwood. I try to do right by all my animals and feed them the best I can find. This is it if you have guinea pigs!!

Only the best for my piggies

Posted by undefined

Sherwood has the best product for my spoilt piggies. I always recommend to others. Best customer support and very knowledgeable in animal care.

Perfect Pellets for Picky Piggies!

Posted by Ellie Struiksma

If you, like me, want to spoil and adore your piggies, but also want them to have nutrition that's AMAZING and that they love - look no further. Not only do my two girls LOVE these, but the ingredient list really speaks for itself. Despite the fact that I work in a pet supply store for a living, I choose to get Sherwood shipped to me instead, because it's well worth the extra time and cost. Just looking at the pellets alone is a sell - most pellets look tan or brown and are actually pretty big. These are a perfect size and a nice, dark green, as a hay-based pellet should be. Thanks, Sherwood, for making the best piggie nutrition on the market!! <3

These Pellets Saved My Boy

Posted by Angie Sloan

I am a stickler when it comes to feeding my animals the best food I can. Yes a guinea pig is not an expensive pet to obtain but that does not make them any less important than any other animal you would own. They have the potential to live to 8 years possibly 9 the same as some breeds of dogs. My piggies have a huge 10 foot by 2 foot C&C cage with a 2 foot x 4 foot loft. They get nothing but R/O water, healthy greens (no sludge causing veggies) and high quality timothy hay. I had been feeding my boys a very highly recommended brand of pellets but despite all my efforts one of my boys still developed a bladder stone. It was very bad, he had surgery and lost the use of his back legs. His legs were stiff out behind him and he would just drag himself along. I took him to work with me for three weeks nursing him back to where he could eat by himself again but his legs just wouldn't move. I decided to switch the brand of emergency food and pellets to Sherwood and start using Sherwood cranberry tabs to hopefully avoid another stone because I knew he would not survive another operation. This all happened last May. I switched his food in June. After a few weeks on these pellets he started to put his right foot up under him and then started scratching with it. He would start to walk and fall over because he didn't have a foot to balance on the other side then all of the sudden there was movement in his left foot and slowly but surely it started to bend and he was able to sit up like he did before. He was still a bit wobbly but he was steadily making progress. Now 5 months later is he scratching with both feet, sitting normally and running around. He is still not 100% but I would say is about 95% which was more than I dreamed he ever could be. He is an amazing little guy. I honestly believe if I had not switched him to these pellets he would not have made the progress that he has. These are such high quality pellets and they are formulated for optimum health, the science behind these makes so much sense. I am so thankful I tried them and I have now switched all 5 of my guinea pigs to Sherwood and my two rabbits. It did take my boys a while to adjust to these pellets, they did not like them at first but I kept at it and now they gobble them up. Guinea pigs are not throw away pets if you care for them right and that includes giving them a companion (I have 4 boys in a pen and they squabble a little like all animals in close proximity do but they really get along great) They will bring you a lot of joy and you will love them as much as a cat or dog. Our boys holler at us each night when we come in from work screaming at us to bring them their veggies, cutest thing ever!!! They also get to visit their exotic vet who was astounded by my baby's recovery. She too thought he would never regain the use of his legs, she had made him a wheelchair. I am going to give it back to her, I don't think he will ever be needing it again!

Guinea pig doesn't like

Posted by undefined

It's been a couple weeks now that I've started mixing the Sherwood pellets with my guinea pig's usual pellets and my guinea pig still won't eat the Sherwood pellets...she has tried it but will still always go for her usual pellets. The Sherwood pellets stay in her food bowl and lose their shape...looks like it expands a bit and becomes crummy looking. Most of the time I end up tossing the Sherwood pellets..... Biologist note: hay based pellets expand when they get wet from the guinea pig dripping water on them. Also here are some tips to help assist in switching stubborn guinea pigs to the healthier food that doesn't have grain and molasses in it:

Piggy tested and approved

Posted by undefined

Our piggys had some urinary problems and these pellets seemed to take care of it. They are very happy with them and purr when it's time to refill!

Need to get rid of the alfalfa

Posted by undefined

I bought this for my Guinea Pig and as soon as I switched her over completely to this her urine became very white and gritty and left residue on her fleece. I believe it is because of the alfalfa in it. This is why Guinea Pig food should be mainly timothy hay and no alfalfa. I tried it because of the good reviews and I thought since Timothy Hay was the second ingredient it would be okay. I'm tired of washing her fleece and scrubbing to try and get the urine out. I will be switching back to Oxbow and I bet it will go away. NOTE FROM BIOLOGIST: When switching away from a grain/soy based formula to Sherwood we often see a 'flushing' of the urinary tract. One easy way to tell that this is actually happening and that it will improve is to note if there is an overall reduction in urine odor after the switch is complete. The ammonia odor in urine actually is a sign of renal ammoniagenesis which creates bicarbonate that chelates calcium making calcium carbonate sludge. Balancing the diet minimizes protein waste that leads to renal ammoniagenesis and prevents sludge formation. Previously formed sludge will eventually dissolve (our urinary support tablets speed up the process).

Best of the Best!

Posted by Alisa

Sherwood Adult Guinea Pig food is the BEST! My piggies love this food, they will even take it out of my hand as a "treat". Very impressed with the product and customer service is amazing! A+

Happy Piggie

Posted by Crystal

This was purchased for my daughters piggie and she's never know anything other than Sherwood, except for the garbage she was fed prior to us getting her. She transitioned wonderfully, has a beautiful coat, holds a nice weight (good hay eater too) and is super peppy! I wouldn't buy anything else!

My piggies favourite

Posted by Vivian

My piggies love their Sherwood Forest pellets and squeak every time their bowl are empty.

Whistle for Sherwood

Posted by Cynthia

Hamish has been eating Sherwood pellets for several months now & he still whistles for his daily serving. Hamish would be embarrassed if I revealed his prior weight, but let's just say it was stunning. Since we've switched to Sherwood (Hamish was eating a well known "healthy" brand before) he has lost weight while maintaining a good appetite & energy. Hamish also eats hay & fresh veggies/fruit along with a daily supplement of Sherwood C tablets.

greats coats but flesh condition?

Posted by undefined

I love how green this food is. The guinea pigs seem to love this food. Their coats are very nice and soft and plush on this food (best condition ive seen their coats)but...their flesh condition is extremely soft...they get plenty of fresh water, plenty of hay just like before trying this food. I am not sure why their flesh condition is so soft. Its like their muscles are wasting away on this food? maybe its a transition stage since I have only been feeding this feed for 2 months...I am just concerned about this extremely soft flesh condition they have on this feed. they did not have soft bodies before feeding this. They had nice coats before feeding this feed just not super soft coats like they do now.

would not eat

Posted by undefined

None of my 6 piggies (in 3 different cages) would eat this product. I made several attempts over several days still with no success. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Biologist note:Transitioning from a grain/molasses based food to a healthier hay-based grain/soy free food can be difficult. Be patient and persistent when teaching your kids to eat healthier.


Posted by Angela

Since we bought the Sherwood pellets, our Guinea Pigs won't touch any other pellets.

Tried, Trusted, and True

Posted by Alexandra Crippen

As a professional in animal welfare, there is little I do for my animals that isn't backed by hours of research. For that, David has always been very accommodating. My first experiences with Sherwood were with their rabbit food. With such great results, I could not wait to get my hands on a bag of Sherwood Forest Adult Guinea Pig Food. (Just ask! I stalked their website and pre-ordered a bag before they could even launch it!) My two troublesome sows have now been on SF for a month and already, I've seen the results I have come to expect from Sherwood Forest products. LuLu, a rescued Teddy/Abby sow, had a problem keeping weight off on the grain packed pellets I was stuck feeding to her. Her gut grew and it would rarely get lifted off of her fleece floor. Since switching, she has lost some weight and has far more joyful energy. She suffers from lung scaring due to the poor living conditions prior to her rescue and the extra weight was terrible for her breathing. My other problem child, Molly, a 4 year old American sow with chronic urinary sludge and infections was my real "guinea pig" for the new food. Molly was on a popular alfalfa-free pellet and suffering from sludge at the slightest increase of calcium in her diet. She was limited to just a few select veggies and still had to be on antibiotics occasionally to fight off urinary tract infections. While most hesitate to feed a pellet with Alfalfa to a sludge-prone pig, I already knew that it wasn't the calcium or Alfalfa causing her problems; It was all the junk, unbalanced formulas, and artificial vitamins (like D3). Sure enough, since switching Molly to SF, she has been able to eat lettuce again without a trace of sludge. Not only is she healthier but she is happier since making the switch. She can have all her favorite veggies again and has lost the sagging belly that she had for over a year. As a piggy mom, rescuer, and research-a-holic, I look forward to helping others find the magic that is Sherwood Forest (although slightly offensive to call it such as this is science at its very best)!

Yay, Sherwood for Cavies!

Posted by Cynthia

So happy that my piggy can now enjoy Sherwood also, my rabbits have been thriving on these fresh & fragrant pellets. Hamish whistles for his serving of Sherwood every morning!


Is Alfalfa Bad for Adult Guinea Pigs?

You may have read on-line or heard your vet and others say that adult guinea pigs should not eat alfalfa. You may have even taught this yourself. The idea of feeding foods containing alfalfa may scare or anger you. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

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