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A true life saver!

Posted by Whiskers AKA Senior Guapo

Whiskers came to me with a bad case of GI Stasis, he was wasting away, dehydrated and seemed to be checking out. We tried Oxbow critical care which was a disaster to say the least and he quickly associated me with force feeding something that didnt taste good. My local rescue sent me a bag of SARx Rabbit food and I ripped open the bag immediately. Within 3 days, he was willingly eating SARx without force feeding. He is 3 months out of GI Stasis and going strong. I am sure without this product, Whiskers may not have had much hope. He, and his sister, get a tablespoon once a week as a 'treat'. I always have 1 full, unopened bag in my cabinet in the event someone gets sick. Always keep it on hand, it is a life saver!

Life saver

Posted by Liz

SARx Rescue literally saved my little bunny when he fell into the throws of GI Stasis. He didn't want to eat or drink, was losing weight and had no interest in anything, including bananas. Rescue saved his life by helping to hydrate him and quickly helped him gain interest in food and water again. Rescue was easily mixed with metoclopramide from his vet and coupled with the Recovery food was just what he needed to beat GI Stasis. I keep a full packet on hand just in case he starts to not feel well. I can't say enough good things about it!

Life Saving Must Have!

Posted by Laura

I have had to use this product for my senior Bunny who has had GI-Stasis. It has worked to get him eating again and sustained him through his supportive care. I have used the oxbow critical care before and prefer Sherwoods brand much better as it's ingredients are superior in comparison and my Bunny more readily eats this via a syringe. I always have this on hand in my emergency kit and would never want to do without it as it is a key item in my kit that helps me save my bunnies life. I am going to order the rx powder to go along with this as well and add that to my emergency protocol. I highly recommend this SARx and urge all Bunny owners to have an emergency kit on hand and have this product in it. Thanks Sherwood for helping me save my bunnies life again!

Love this stuff!

Posted by undefined

I like SARx so much better than Oxbow Critical Care. Used this several weeks ago helping my bunny get over a gassy stomach. Good idea for rabbit owners to have some on hand for emergencies.

Worked almost instantly!

Posted by Kristin Whitehead

My bun Marmalade was not being herself this morning, and thankfully I had ordered this in case of an emergency. She wasn't a fan of the taste and hates being held, but she ate it, and within just an hour of the first dose, she was eating again! Thanks to sherwood pet health for making my bun happy and healthy!

SARx Did the Trick

Posted by Judith Pierce

When my Flemish girl, Heidi was feeling nauseous and would not eat, she eagerly accepted the SARx formula, even grabbing the syringe to suck it down. The SARx was fresh smelling, green, and mixed well with water and baby food. I'm not looking forward to the next time I need it, because that means a sick bunny, but if it happens I'm ready with another packet of SARx.

best recovery product!

Posted by Robin & Kat's Rabbit Rescue

I operate a rabbit rescue and we have tried quite a few brands/formulas of quality foods, and recovery products. By far Sherwood is the best. The product works wonders!

A must for your emergency kit!

Posted by Jamie

I always keep a pack of SARx in my emergency kit. I've never actually had a need for it until recently. One of my foster buns refused to eat after his neuter. No matter what I gave him, he pushed it away. I became worried, so I whipped up a bit of SARx and the little guy gobbled it right up! He ate a couple teaspoons and quickly began using the potty. I definitely recommend this!

Awesome product! The Best!!!

Posted by Michelle Billmaier

SARx Rescue has literally been a life saver for our precious 10 year old bunny! I feel so good about giving SARx to him, rather than Ox Bow Critical Care which contains 10% ash (anything over 5% is considered poor quality). So thank you Sherwood!!! We love you!!!

Better Than Critical Care

Posted by Linda Balestreri

I have not had to use this product yet but want it on hand in the event of an emergency. It doesn't contain the grains that Critical Care does. Based on my experience with many other products I've used from Sherwood, I know it is going to be effective and I know it is high quality like the rest of their products.

Just what we needed and will again

Posted by Sharon

My 10 y/o is beginning to develop recurrent, significant dental malformations that cause him quite suddenly to go off food. When that happens and vet is not available immediately we have to keep bunny eating to prevent cascade into stasis. Dental malformations make it painful to chew certain textures, so it is nice that the recovery food can be mixed as directed and also be made more fluid or more solid according to bunny's tolerance. Prepared about the texture of fudge, it can easily be broken into chewy morsels that he can eat on his own when pellets are too hard. The flexibility in this regard is wonderful, and the palatability apparently just what the bunny ordered.


Posted by Lorraine

I purchased this for my house bunny because he was comming off a bout of GI Statis and was in the hospital over a week.. When i bought this product i decided to syringe fed him 1/4 teaspoon everyday to keep him from a relaspe. It has worked verywell for how i am using it! I cant comment on the true i have luckly not had to use it. But it does keep my bun's insides moving! 5 stars from FLURRIE the bun

Tablets work great for hydration

Posted by Doreen R-C

I purchased the SARx originally for my elderly mini lop who was having a number of medical issues and who absolutely hated Critical Care. He tolerated the recovery food somewhat better, but I found that he took oral fluids much better with the tablets added. Hydration is essential when dealing with issues such as GI stasis, and fluids can stimulate a bun's appetite as well, so having a product like this for emergency use is so important. Thank you for thinking of both sides of the problem!

The best on the market today!

Posted by Kim

I'm with a rabbit rescue group. When the bunnies come into the rescue emaciated and in poor health, we give them SARx. The bunnies love it and it really gets them back to optimal health as quickly as possible. We'll never go back to using the "other" product that's out there. Sherwood Forest products are superior to any we've tried. We use their entire line.

A life saver!

Posted by Karina Yuen

My husband and I recently rescued a new Rabbit. She was very frail, severely anemic and exhibiting severe snuffle symptoms. Our doctor started her on antibiotics that caused slight negative changes in her fecal production so we needed additional support for Zoe to help her back on her paws. After having used the SarX, we have noticed a significant difference in her overall health. It was just the boost that she needed. We found the recovery food to be much finer, greener and fresher than the Oxbow's critical care formula which contains Soy favored by bad bacteria. I would never ever use critical care ever again. I highly recommend this product as well as Sherwood forest Pelleted food. Their products never disappoint and is the healthiest product for Rabbits in the market today. It is ALWAYS fresh. After having transition to Sherwood Forest Rabbit food we have not had any bloat episodes whatsoever as we used to with other brands. I have tried many in 14 years of experience with Rabbits, so I can say this with conviction. Thank you Sherwood for finally giving Rabbits an option other than Oxbow's critical care.

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