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Head Tilt Nightmare Turns into Success Story

Posted by Sara Chigges

1. My little guy Ace started showing signs of Head Tilt. We rushed him to the vet, was given antibiotics, and sent home. He could no longer walk which led to him unable to get to his food on his own. He rapidly lost weight two weeks into his head Tilt diagnosis. I began to worry and decided to give SARx Plus Rabbit a shot. I mixed it with his meds and some banana purée for flavor. He was eager to eat it as much as possible ! This was very exciting for my husband and I. After about two more weeks, we noticed him get his strength and minimal mobility. Six weeks after diagnosis, he’s mobile again and becoming accustomed to his new life with a permanent Tilt. He’s full of energy, happy to hop around, and loving life.

Saved my rabbit

Posted by Kate

Got this to have in the emergency kit... thank goodness I did! Got it just in time. Had a rabbit go down and she wasn't eating or drinking... worst diarrhea ever. This, in combination with the digestive supplement and water additive, had her back to nearly normal in less than 48 hours. Amazing stuff... easy to use, and it works!

SARx Plus

Posted by Tiffany-Ann Reyes

I ordered this prior to having my bunnies neutered. I tried getting Oxbow Critical Care through Amazon, but for some reason it wouldn't ship to me in Hawaii...that's when I stumbled upon this item (I guess you could say it was godsend because now I only use Sherwood products). Anyway, luckily I didn't have to use this after their neuter BUT a month later I noticed that one of my babies wasn't as active, he was forming irregular sized poops, not eating or drinking as much and I was worried that he was showing signs of GI stasis. Rather than wait and watch, I decided to help keep his gut moving and syringe fed him the SARx as much as he would take at a time. Within a day, he began to be himself, eating and drinking more and even developing regular sized poop. I did notice it was still on the darker side and not the usual golden looking poop so I decided to do more research and found Sherwood pellets and the digestive tablets!!! I put in an order and as soon as I got them...I immediately started a regimen for my bunnies. Long story short...I am so pleased with the Sherwood Forest products for rabbits!!! My bunnies poop are now healthy, golden, round and plentiful! Their coat is so beautiful and I've notice that the urine smell in their litter box has diminished! I use to use Oxbow, but when I received Sherwood's pellets...I was amazed at how fresh the smell was and how vibrant green the color was!!! Not brown and stale like the Oxbow brand! I will never use another brand again. Sherwood has everything my bunnies will ever need to keep healthy. I wish they had hay, though! Lol! Customer service is amazing!!! David was so helpful and everyone else is very responsive to emails. You also have to option to call! Sherwood is the best and I'm glad I found them!!! They have a customer for life!

Please do not revert ...

Posted by BenBun's Warren

I'd give this and all Sherwood pet health products for rabbits 5 stars IF the mill or processing date were still imprinted rather than the new "best by" or "use by" dates. I purchase both rabbit pellet formulae and SARx Plus monthly. My recent products purchased November 2016 have best by date of May 2018, that's twenty eighteen, far, far, beyond a shelf life that I would ever choose to feed any animal. When David started this company with so many beneficially healthful, positive changes contrary to other established product lines, I was thrilled with his nutritional concepts and the resultant products. I still am, and I request a return to imprinting actual mill or processing dates. Please resist the urge, for whatever commercial pressures, to begin to revert to the way things were done by others in the past, and still are. Your way is better, your products are light years ahead of what other companies sell, in formulary design, wholesomeness and quality, and so many of us now completely depend on the Sherwood line. Please keep up the good work, keep on improving as your research suggests to you, and go back to imprinting actual production dates on all Sherwood products.

Lanor Loves Sarx

Posted by Hubert Simmons

My pet rabbit Lanor has head tilt and she can't eat enough pellets and hay to keep her weight up the Sarx for weight gain helps her keep her weight up and she loves it !!!!

After hydration pills my rabbit jumped up and started eating hay?!!!

Posted by undefined

My rabbit was lethargic, eyes half shut "going downhill" and I had been giving the Sarx powder off and on all day but forgot about the Rescue hydration mineral pills. Think of them like Gatorade for sick bunnies. Bunnies have a metabolism much different than ours so when bunnies get sick it's frustrating and scary trying to figure out what to do because their system responds so much different that ours. Sherwood has obviously done their homework about these things!


Posted by Kim - Save the CA Bunnies

I am with a rescue group. We always have special needs bunnies who need special diets with soft food. The bunnies love the SARx and always beg for it. They get so excited when they know we are mixing it up for them. Most start at a emaciated weight. But, quickly gain to a healthy state quickly. Their entire appearance changes quickly once they are on this super healthy food. Thank you so much Sherwood! You are literally saving and enriching bunny's lives with your amazing products.

Great product

Posted by Antonia

Way better than critical care

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