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Delicious vitamin

Posted by Clyde

My bun is 8+ years old and is doing great. I started giving him a couple of these a day for maintenance purposes. He loves them like they are a treat. They seem to be a great product.

A boost of pick me up

Posted by Whiskers and Weasel

After having a few difficult shedding cycles and recovering from the stress of GI Stasis, we tried the Immune Support. The buns were apprehensive to try them and sat in the cage for a few days. After smearing a little banana on them, they tried them and realized they like them. After about 2 weeks, there was a noticeable change in fur (smoother, softer) as well as more pep in their steps.

Anemia SAVER!

Posted by undefined

One of my boys has IMHA, and currently struggles with anemia all the time! He is up and down constantly. But I give him only one of these a day (he is really only three pounds) and with this and the normal food, his PCV is the highest it has ever been in his life! This is the first time in two years that I can say, he is not anemic! When I give him a digestive tab (two on bad days) his ISC practically doesn’t exist! Sherwood has had an amazing effect on my rabbits! :)

Best thing to give your bun!

Posted by undefined

My bunny was acting very strange, very lethargic and wasn't eating or drinking like he normally would. I hurried and ordered him some digestive and immune support. Within 2 doses of giving him the digestive and immune supplements, he was back to his normal self! I'm so happy for a great natural product!

Great Immune Booster!

Posted by Laura

I started giving these to both my bunnies in preparation for an upcoming dental, I wanted them to be in the best possible condition before the dreaded anesthesia and proedure especially riskier for my senior rescue bunny. It does exactly what it says, you will notice a spike of energy and general good health, you can just see how good there feeling. I used it before their dental and afterward, they recovered from the dental procedure by the next day and never skipped a beat or binky. They think its just a tasty treat and have no idea how good for them it is. I would definitely recommend this product.


Posted by Lane Ferrante

I wish I could write something about it. My rabbit who has chronic respiratory problems is very picky. I have tried and tried to trick her into eating it and I find it on the carpet all over the place. I'm very upset because there is nothing left to do. I was so hopeful. I will continue trying to think of ways to get it into her and let you know if/when I am successful.

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