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This saved my piggies life!

Posted by Nina Puckett

I had a very sick little guinea pig who had been put on three different rounds of 3 different antibiotics (she had pneumonia) from her Veterinarian.  She is only about 11 months old and is the sweetest, funniest guinea pig ever!  She was so sick and had lost so much weight that I thought she was not going to make it. I had been hand feeding her Oxbow Critical Care with a syringe, but it wasn't doing her any good and then she started refusing it completely. In a last ditch effort I found the Sherwood SARx Recovery Food and have been giving it to her and she is doing amazingly well! She is squealing and running around again, and feeling so much better! Thank You SO, SO much! I am so grateful for this product!

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Improved Nutrition!
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