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I'm switching...

Posted by Michelle Gordon

I "test-drove" some samples to see how my rabbits and guinea pigs would like it as I've heard they are sometimes reluctant to give up their grain- and molasses-enhanced pellets in favor of something healthier. Well, my kids didn't hesitate to eat the Sherwood pellets for a second, so I'm switching as soon as the other feed is gone. I've heard enough testimony from reputable sources about its advantages and that's good enough for me.

Adult Rabbit Food

Posted by Cindy Gossett

My bunny really likes the taste and gets exciting when it's time for her pellets. She's not a poor hay eater, so I tried both the Adult Rabbit Food and the Professional Rabbit Food samples. But it seems the Adult Rabbit Food, has helped better with her over production of cecotrops. I'm really happy with this product and will be ordering it again.


Posted by undefined

Tried this product out to see if my black otter rex would prefer it to another brand.

Our Buns Say...

Posted by Karen

These pellets rock! We have had clients tell us that as soon as they hear the bag being opened their rabbits come running! Picky buns who won't eat other pellets or who are poor hay eaters absolutely adore this food.

#1 in Product & Service

Posted by Bobcaygeon small Animal Rescue

Our Rabbits, thanks to Sherwood Forest Rabbit foods, now have glossy coats and excellent stamina! What a great find for our Small Animal Rescue here in Canada. We highly reccomend this reputable company and its products. As for their customer service, let's just say it's exemplary! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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