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User Reviews

Goodbye Poppy Butt!

Posted by Reilly

I bought it for my rabbit because she was not having solid poop. It did take her a while to like the pellets. In the beginning, I had to mix it in with her old pellets.

No more GI Stasis Episodes (knock on wood)

Posted by Ears and Sunny

Since Ears has been eating 1/8 cup of Sherwood Rabbit Food daily, he hasn't had any Stasis episodes. He and Sunny Bunny go bonkers for their cat treat ball filled with pellets as their bedtime snack. Thank you Sherwood Pet Health!!

Best Bunny Food

Posted by Joey

Our Netherland Dwarf Bunny has been on Sherwood Pet Food since we bought him. My sister has 2 bunnies and she put her them on the Sherwood food and highly recommended it to me. Joey loves his food and is a healthy rabbit. I love that his poop doesn't stink. This is really high quality, amazing food and I highly recommend it.


Posted by Bonk

Bonk was starved when we found her. She was underweight and had digestion issues. She has been on Sherwood food for two months now and she looks and feels great. She has a a lot more energy, has filled out and has no digestion issues. Plus she loves the food!


Posted by Gallifrey the Bunny

For the past year, I'd been struggling with getting my bunny to eat hay. It got so bad that he had to have his 2 front incisors removed, which made him even less likely to go for the hay. I'd occasionally see him munching on a few of the smaller pieces of hay, but it clearly wasn't enough after he started getting poopy butt and I had to bathe that area of his body multiple times in a month. It got so bad that I started trying to research even more to see what was up and I came across a facebook page for house bunnies and after sharing my experience, someone suggested Sherwood to me. I thought about it for about a day or so, then I ordered it and it was on my doorstep within a couple days. I saw an almost instant change in him just within a few days after starting to feed it to him. He seemed happier and more lively. He wasn't getting poop stuck to his bum and I still have not had that issue for a couple months now. Sherwood Forest Pellets have helped him get the necessary dietary nutrients he had needed and wasn't getting from regular old pellets and hay. I don't think he'd be doing this well without them, so this is a big thank you to Sherwood! I will be recommending you over and over to friends and family with bunnies and other fur babies alike.

Our Rescue Rabbit

Posted by Gigi

Our rabbit was just a baby, being sold at the back of a Wal-Mart parking lot, we just had to have him. I myself had raised rabbits as a young girl in 4-H, so having a rabbit again was so sweet, he really was my son's rabbit at first until he left for college. Bun Buns Chong is now seven years old. I noticed he just wasn't as active and I believe his eye sight seemed a little off. Now since he has been eating Sherwood, he's more active and his eyes seem brighter. He hops to his bowl so fast at feeding time, where as the old food, he just wasn't interested! When I open his container of food, the aroma is so nice and I swear Buns can smell it too! I'm so glad we found Sherwood products, I believe Buns will be around a lot longer with his new found food! I look forward to trying other products from Sherwood that my help our dear sweet boy rabbit Buns!

Best Pelet Product Available!

Posted by Tai

We noticed an immediate improvement with our rescued rabbits within two weeks of eating Sherwood's adult formula. Their hair got softer, weight improved, they were more vibrant and playful, and their droppings improved. Thank you for not putting corn, soy, or wheat in your product!

The only food for my rabbit

Posted by Corbyn

I noticed that my rabbit did not have a lot of energy and did not have great looking pellets when he was on a different food before. I started researching and watching a lot of videos on rabbit diets and recommended high-quality products for rabbits. This brand came highly recommended, and now I know why! My rabbit started to have more energy and his pellets improved too! I love how much Sherwood cares about the quality of their product and how they give a lot of information about pet health openly. I'm a customer for life now. ;)

Best food by far

Posted by undefined

This product is the best. I had rabbits that we're having problems with poopy butt, I switched to this and within a week to ten days if that long this food had fixed that problem. I have also seen a change in energy level in one of my older bunnies who just laid around all the time. I recommend this product to everyone.

Always top quality

Posted by Jason Fowler

I've fed my rabbit Sherwood pellets since I adopted him at 8 weeks old. He's always loved them and gets excited when I refill his bowl. The farm from which I adopted him was feeding him a product that rhymes with Foxcrow and when I compared the two products side by side the Sherwood pellets were much brighter green and smelled much more fresh. The other pellets just looked unappetizing by comparison. I've never had any feed related problems of any kind while on Sherwood. The vet says he's as healthy as a bunny can be.

Great for poop control.

Posted by Jack the bunny.

This product makes him healthier and it makes his poop not as mushy as some of other bunny foods like the ones from Walmart and some from petco. It makes it a lot firmer and hardly ever runny. So it’s great for him since his stomach doesn’t have any problems with it. It makes a huge difference in his mood, he’s happier and hopping around a lot more.

Pet Saver

Posted by Katie Santiago

We have been using this food for 5 years now. It all started with our first sickly bun that we rescued. She was a poor hay eater (refused it) and this food helped save her life. It helped her gain all the weight she needed back and gave her all the hay nutrients without letting her get overweight. We could free feed her this with no issues. We continue to use it our two current buns because I have not found any other food out there that can compete with this one.


Posted by Sparky

I was afraid of stasis because my bunny doesn't eat much hay. This food keeps him regular and healthy. He loves it. Every time I fill his bowl he stands up. It must taste like hay because since he has been eating the adult food, he started eating more hay. I'm not worried about how much hay he eats any more.

A bunny best!

Posted by Vicki Townsend & Chip

My bunny hip dove into these as soon as they were placed in his cage, no hesitation at all. the obvious result of this diet change is his fur is softer!! when given the choice of an alternate product he still chooses Sherwood. As a mere human, I can say they smell much fresher/better than other brands.

Amazing, Fresh, Green, and clean product! I won't feed my bunnies anything but these pellets!

Posted by Russell The Rabbit

Soft coat. Regular poops, healthy teeth.


Posted by Bobby

Bobby is my first bunny after nearly 40 years of pining for one. So, of course, I needed the BEST for him! While researching options for premium, wholesome rabbit pellets that I could feel good about offering to my Bob I found Sherwood Pet Health products. I'm so impressed with the care that was put into formulating this product and the evident desire of this small company to really make a difference in the lives of bunnies and their owners! The price may be higher than other brands, but I feel it goes to a good cause, not to mention the quality of this bright green and fresh smelling pellets is far superior to anything else I've seen on the market. Bobby has exoerienced nothing but vibrant health for the first year of his life and I do feel these pellets are a big part of that! Very healty looking, regular poops and no urine sludge problems, etc. Bobby comes hopping when he hears the bag! Thanks for such a great, healthy product.


Posted by Lisa

I started our switch to Sherwood with some trepidation, since I had been diligently eliminating excess calcium intake for my "sludgy" senior bunny. We had been doing regular fluid therapy, and I manually expressed her bladder to help clear the thicker buildup, but the sludge was persistent and kept coming back. Because of scheduling issues, I hadn't yet cleared the switch with my bunny vet, but went ahead "for the time being" and also supplemented with the urinary tablets. Our next X-ray startled both the Dr and me. Her before and after films could have been posted on this site. Her weight is normalizing, she's bright and more active. So far so good!! All that being said, I won't disparage Oxbow as "junk" since I credit their research and feed formulas with dramatically changing the industry from the darker days of 'breeder food". I've parented bunnies for many years, and am so happy and grateful that our collective knowledge continues to grow!

Best Pellets Ever!

Posted by Clyde

I love that this food has no soy. It isn't just bad for people! It smells sweet and fresh and my bun loves it. Thank you!

Happy bunny

Posted by Mopsy

My bunny was in fine health, but I am always looking for better ways to care for them. I had read some negative reviews on soy in bunny food, when you read the ones in store they are very confusing. I have followed you on Instagram and thought I would give you a try.

Super happy with quality

Posted by Cyndi C

Great pellet without a bunch of worthless fillers. Supported by science and research. My buns love them and I feel good knowing they are getting what is good for them. They have all started being better hay eaters too.

Healthiest Food Out There

Posted by Jeri Kissling

My Holland Lop LOVES his Sherwood food. He maintains an ideal weight, never soft stools and has a beautiful thick coat. We both love this food!

Quality food that My bunny likes.

Posted by Cindy Gossett

My bunny was having issues with mooshy pooh and I heard this good helps with it. And so far it has been a blessing, and she enjoys it. You don't have to feed a lot since its concentrated, plus she is one who eats a lot of hay, so that also cuts down on how much you feed. I'm satisfied with this product, and I know my bunny is too.


Posted by Kayleigh

This is definitely the best rabbit food available (to me at least, and in my honest opinion) - you can definitely see the difference between these pellets and literally all other pellets on the market. These smell fresh and good and are a nice deep yummy color, and my rabbits agree! They love these pellets and always get so excited when they get some. Definitely will keep buying from here.

Highly Recommend

Posted by Vicki T.

When we adopted our Chip, I went on several extensive internet searches regarding care and feeding for our new addition. The best thing I discovered was Sherwood rabbit pellets. He immediately chowed down, and continues to make the pellets part of his daily diet. I supplement with fresh fruits and veggies. The best advantage of feeding Sherwood is the improvement in his coat. His fur is soooo soft after using Sherwood.

Happier Rabbit

Posted by Susan K

Charlie Rabbit was having digestive issues. After switching to Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food his problem cleared up and not only is he healthier, he is much happier too! Thank you Sherwood!!

Healthies rabbit food available

Posted by Kathy

I have been using Sherwood pellets for the last 3 years and so happy that I found them. I have seen the day I adopted my rabbits to this day and I see a healthy difference due to Sherwood. My foster bunnies get the Sherwood also and definitely recommend to all prospective adopters.

High Quality Pellets!

Posted by Sarey C.

Simple wholesome ingredients, dark green pellets and smell FRESH! My bunnies devour the pellets in less than 5 minutes.

The best rabbit pellet on the market

Posted by Janet Geren

I love Sherwood pellets because they always come fresh and smell wonderful. They contain simple, healthy ingredients and are non gmo, no soy or corn. Very good company, Shipping was a little slow during the past 3 months, but usually has been fast. Otherwise, I will continue ordering from Sherwood. They really are the best,

Healthier bunnies

Posted by Dawn

I bought this bunny food because my bunnies seem to have a lot of sludge in their urine. So when I got the bag my bunnies love the food and I have noticed now that they have less sludge and i need to clean up in their litter boxes less and less smell so I'm very happy with the food and so are my bunnies.

Best Rabbit Food!

Posted by Angie

I've started 3 rabbits on this food after them being fed yucky pet store food and they took right to it! They just can't get enough! They love this food and I love how healthy it is!

Excellent Food

Posted by Jan

My bunny was having problems with soft poops that made quite a mess. I tried various changes in his diet trying to figure out the problem. When I tried Sherwood Adult Rabbit food, though, that was the key. All his problems are gone, now, and he's healthier than ever. He did NOT like the food at first, though. I wound up just putting a dish of it in his cage and hoping he'd get used to it. It took several weeks, but he finally started eating the new food, and I slowly took away the old food. Now he loves it, and we're both happy.

Bunny can't get enough

Posted by

Rabbit loves it! Will continue to buy for his lifetime.

Great Product

Posted by Elizabeth

We feed our bunny the adult rabbit food as her sole source of alfalfa and hay. She thrives on it.

Nutritious & yummy!

Posted by Cynthia

I've been giving my bunnies & fosters Sherwood for a few years now. The Sherwood pellets along with hay & fresh greens, are eagerly demolished. I've brought home fosters that were eating soy/wheat/grain filled pellets at the shelter & I see a difference in their physical health within a few weeks of switching to Sherwood. I also recommend Sherwood to adopters & they can smell the difference between fresh green Sherwood & other brands of dusty cloyingly sweet pellets.

The best

Posted by Patty higgins

My buns crave the pellets they would eat it all if i let them .high quality products fast service I know they are getting the absolute best.

Best Bunny food EVER!

Posted by Amy

Moo Cow and Bear give it a 4-paw stars!


Posted by undefined

This is absolutely shocking! One of my boys is two years old and has Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA), Intermittent Soft Cecetropes (ISC), Megacolon, is immunosuppressed, and has chronic ear infections. He had to have multiple surgeries, and was frequently hospitalized and nearly died many times. I couldn't leave him. My vet mentioned she had heard of the digestive support tabs from here. So we tried them, giving him two a day. He took about two days to like it, and now he jumps on me for them :) They started improving it, we noticed a slight decrease in bad poop and a slight increase of energy and appetite. After talking to the biologist here, we switched his food from Oxbow Essentials to this. Oxbow has grain and wheat in it which was really hard for his already struggling digestive system to manage. When we switched him to here, the change was instant! It has been two weeks since he started on it, and his weight is the highest it has been in his whole life! His belly is nice and full, his eyes are bright, his coat is softer, he is not grinding his teeth or nipping when you touch his stomach, he is chinning me and racing around binkying! I have missed his little spunkiness so much! The foul poops have rarely been seen, and I am so happy to have my little fur ball back. Thank you so much Sherwood!

Great Rabbit Food

Posted by undefined

We have been using Sherwood Rabbit Food for several years for our sweet bunny. We absolutely love it. Not only is it important to feed our pet well but we also have severe food allergies including contact reactions. This food is natural and is the ONLY natural rabbit food we have found that does not contain soy and/or grain. It is completely safe for us and is so healthy for our Fluffy. Thanks so much for your wonderful food. We love your company!

Stopped poopy but completely brought him back from verge of statis

Posted by tara

Honestly saved his life. Our bunny Kokopelli is 7 years old and is hopping around jubilantly with a thick coat! He had clumps of fecal matter every 3 days. Sherwood stopped it in a matter of a month COMPLETELY . After an infection and trip to the dentist, he was eating again regularly no need for the oxbow critical care they sent home with us. Our kokopelli is a pet store bun and was never good at eating hay I bought a dehydrator and would dry greens and herbs so he could get fiber with out the liquid very time consuming and also did not stop the clumps from forming. so Sherwood is the only food for him. He has been eating Sherwood for about 2 - 3 years now and he loves it and we are so thankful for the food. Free shipping all the way to michigan in the giant box with very very fast delivery. Thank you endlessly


Posted by Lisa Dietrich

Excellent! My two bunnies love the pellets! Smells fresh and very green compared to store bought food. Love that it is soy free!


Posted by Lisa Dietrich

Excellent! My two bunnies love the pellets! Smells fresh and very green compared to store bought food. Love that it is soy free!

Excellent product

Posted by Janet

Our rabbits live the adult pellets. And supplements.

Hip Hop Horray!

Posted by Meghan

I've never seen my bunny jump for such joy when it's breakfast or dinner time. He flips his bowl + leaps into the air preparing for his pellets. His fur is shiny + soft. His poops are healthy + he has enough energy to run us a marathon. We're never looking back. Our household is 100% SOY FREE {and I'm talking both the humans + fur balls}. Safe + delicious for our Fluff!

my girls love it

Posted by undefined

First off, very fast shipping; that was important because I was low on food before Harvey flooding in Tx. All 6 of my rabbits jump on their bowls and don't even wait for me to poor pellets all the way before they feast. They love the stuff. It always smells and looks fresh. They chew with their eyes closed like in a dream. Because my girls eat a variety of foods and hay, I'm in the process of switching to professional. Def a great product if you really care for your rabbits.

The Best

Posted by Ali

I had high expectations per the reviews and what I had read about this product. It exceeded those expectations and made a lifetime customer. Thank you for the wonderful product I feel good about feeding to my sweet bun.

Simply the Best

Posted by undefined

My rescued rabbits are doing so great with Sherwood. Its pellets are pricier than Oxbow or Mazuri, which both are high quality, but in my opinion the higher price is definitely justified. I'm buying Sherwood for my chinchillas too.

Visibly superior!

Posted by Mel

These pellets are such a nice dark green and they smell so fresh. Without all the unnecessary added ingredients like sugars or fillers, I can feel really good about what I'm feeding my beloved bunny!

Smells fresh and healthy for the rabbits

Posted by Linda Sue

I have a small rabbit rescue. I switched over from Oxbow quite awhile back, which I though was good rabbit food. I find it is full of not so good ingredients compared to Sherwood rabbit food. I also had two rabbits in the past with stones, after switching foods they did not get more. I feel this food is healthier and the mix is a good choice. When you open the bag it smells fresh and not like dirt compared to my old food. Highly recommended, as well as the supplements.

The best pellet out there!

Posted by Amy

I have 4 rabbits and was using Oxbow for the longest time until I found Sherwood Forest. These are the freshest pellets out there for rabbits. They are vibrant in color and they smell so fresh. The only thing I wish for is a box larger than 19 lbs, maybe 25 or 30 lbs. I know many of my bunny friends with multiple rabbits would agree. I will continue to support Sherwood forest and recommend it to other people. My boyfriend is a veterinarian and he absolutely loves Sherwood as well! We would love to see Sherwood forest pellets at retail stores in the future!

Bunny Yum Yums!

Posted by Red Rock Rabbitry

My daughter and I raise Mini Lops and Dutch for show. We've been feeding Sherwood Adult for about 2.5 years. We have never had a food related issue as far as health (stasis, loose stools...)since we switched over. Their fur is full and nice and their molts don't seem so long in duration and fill in quicker. The only thing is we go through so much!! We are currently going through 19# in about 10 days with 30 rabbits. I don't mind the cost for the quality and peace of mind with their health. I just have to keep on top of re-orders.

The Kids Love it!

Posted by Tim B.

Thanks for the new vacuum sealed packaging and the highest quality food out there, my little furheads love it!

I love Sherwood Products

Posted by A&D Rabbitry

All my rabbits love this feed! It's fresh and it shows because the gobble it up every time and the health benefits are endless! I'll never buy anything but this because I want the best for my rabbits!

Fresh and Yummy

Posted by Roxy

My bunny had eaten this food for 5+ years. He loves it and it makes him shiny and healthy.

Healthy is best

Posted by carol crane

We have 2 rabbits, 1 Dwarf Hotot and 1 Mini Lop. These animals are beloved pets of our children so we want them to be healthy and happy! So, we don't want them to eat any fillers, soy, molasses or any of these other ingredients that some of these other brands put in their rabbit food. The best way to avoid GI problems in a rabbit is to take care with their food, which is why we only feed them Sherwood adult Rabbit food (plus plenty of hay and some veggies as treats). It costs a little more but I also feel we are saving by not feeding them food that could give them problems and us high vet bills! Thank you, Sherwood!


Posted by Camille

These pellets are stunning. Smell wonderful and my bunnies gobble them up. So so happy to have found these. Freshness you can smell and see immediately. I work in rabbit rescue so this is a huge deal! Delighted to start this healthy journey.

The freshest food

Posted by Janet

I love Sherwood Rabbit, it is always fresh and my rabbits love it now. At first they had to get use to healthy food without molasses, fillers, soy, corn, wheat. I also love this food because it is not gmo. It Is simple food, and what they need. So glad that sometime started making food for rabbits that is good for them.

Best food for rabbits.

Posted by Terry johnson

Our rabbits love Sherwood. We highly recommend it.

Hop Hop Hurray!!!!!

Posted by Indrani

Indrani’s the name Destruction’s the game Every day Mama cleans my cage So I shred the paper to show my rage A horrible rotten no-good bun I’m a shedding tangle of playful fun An American Fuzzy lop I binky, hop, hop, hop Through the house I run races and loops And leave behind a few little poops My color hue Is broken blue I'm the goddess of thunder and rain My beauty puts the rest to shame When I’m mad, I honk or flick my feet But I can be bribed with num nums or treats Rub my nose Don't clip my toes I’m the best little bunny, sweeter than honey Pull my fur and I'll bite your tummy I'm soft as silk and oh so cute For Sherwood pellets, a party horn I’ll toot!

Bun loves his new food

Posted by Jim

I purchased the Sherwood adult rabbit food for my one-year old Holland Lop buck and he loves the food. I took him off Manna Pro food that the breeder was using. He had absolutely no issue transitioning to the Sherwood food.

Simply the best

Posted by Terry

Beautiful coat..lots of energy...NO digestive isssues..What more could you ask.?Lizzie LOVES this food!

Patience Paid Off

Posted by Jan Eugenides

My bunny has had issues with soft cecals since I've had him (about 2 years). I've tried very hard to figure out a diet that would work better for him. I discovered Sherwood about 2 months ago. At first my bunny wouldn't eat the pellets, so I just left a bowl of them in his cage. After a couple of weeks I saw him eat a bit of the new food. And now, after 2 months, he has switched himself completely to the new food, and never touches his old pellets. His soft-cecal problems have finally disappeared. I'm very pleased with this product.

Great smell

Posted by Judith

The most fresh pellet I ever bought. My bunnies love it!

The Best!!

Posted by Julie Graves

My bunny absolutely loves this food. He started off on another well named brand but never seemed to finish his meal. Once I started Sherwood his appetite improved greatly,he now waits at his cage door with great excitement for me to fill his bowl. He is in excellent health his weight is spot on and he has a beautiful coat. I am very happy I found Sherwood! Thanks!!

Bunnies bunny for them!

Posted by Darla

By far the best rabbit pellets available in the US. My rabbits go bonkers every time the hear the bin open.

Best Pellet Ever!

Posted by Jennifer MacLaughlin

I have 4 bunnies and foster as well. I wouldn't feed them anything but Sherwood! They all go crazy for pellets, I even use them as a treat because they love them so much and I love that they are good for them.

Life Saver

Posted by Angela

Thank you for this amazing food! My bunny has dental issues, causing him to avoid eating hay. He needs fiber, so we are able to soak your pellets into a mushy consistency that he eats (and LOVES), which gives him a soft source of fiber to keep him regular and healthy!

very fresh smells great

Posted by Deseray Ford

my bunnies seem to like this food and its better for them. I have only used it for a month but so far so good

My bun is more fit now

Posted by Yong

My girl doesn't in love with this pellet but at least she is willing to eat it. Her fur is more shinniy than before and her poops are bigger. She is overall healthier after eating this

Smells fresh

Posted by Rita Gerstheimer-Seubert

Our bunnies transitioned to your pellets from our previous brand without any hesitation. The pellets smell and look fresher than our previous brand. We are very satisfied with our order and have already placed another order.

Must buy!

Posted by Jonelle

Both of my buns loved this food. The moment I open the vag they were sitting beside me and ate the pelllets from my hand. This is a very good rabbit pellet food. I'd recommend to anyone


Posted by TIM


Bunny love

Posted by undefined

I started ordering this when the previous product I had been feeding my bunnies was discontinued. I am so happy I changed. They really like this food, but don't seem to overindulge. And those scary times when they would go off their food into a mini stasis have stopped.


Posted by undefined

My bonded bunnies have very different needs and sherwood meets them all. One has a sensitive digestive system, over producing cecatropes to disastrous effect. The other has a picky pallet, sherwood solves both problems and I have 2 happy bunnies.

Wouldn't give anything less to our bunnies!

Posted by Leslie

My bunnies are thriving on Sherwood and have been eating it since they were babies so forma few years.

Best Bunny Food

Posted by Stacey Jackson

Can not say enough awesome things about there rabbit food! Always fresh!

Happy bunny mom

Posted by Brenda Abernathy

I would like to thank you for your great product. My 2 year old bunny has been eating the adult rabbit food for the past 18 months. In that time I have seen his coat become thicker and his body become defined and toned. His health has been great as well. I have full confidence that his great condition is from your product. Thank you again from a very happy bunny mom!

Best food around

Posted by Janet Poot

I started out Bunny off with this food then switched to a gourmet one. He ate more, gained weight and his fur became an awful mess, looking mess. So i changed back to sherwood product and his nice coat came back smsand he dropped some weight.

We Love Sherwood Products!

Posted by Melisa F.

My 9 year old rabbit Buttercup has always had poopy butt issues. After a lot of trial and error with different brand pellets, and vet visits, I just accepted that I had a bun with a very sensitive stomach. I thought the most recent brand of pellets I was giving her were the best, as they limited the episodes of poopy butt, and had the recommended nutritional content. However, after reading up on the Sherwood pellets, I decided to give them a try, and I do not regret it one bit. At first Buttercup was a little reluctant to eat it, but now loves it. It has been a little over a month, and she has had not one episode of poopy butt. Her fur is nice, fluffy, and clean, and the softest it has ever been. Her litter box also no longer has a strong odor. I think the main difference between the Sherwood pellets and the ones I used to give my bun is that her old pellets were made with grain and soy. I honestly feel so guilty that it has taken me so long to get this problem solved. I have also been giving Buttercup the digestive support supplements, which she loves and thinks of as a treat. She runs around me like crazy when its time for them lol. Thank you so much for making great products that have made a big difference in my pet's life!

This is it. The best there is.

Posted by Jason

My rabbits love it and the vet says they're in the best health he's seen. Super soft coats, playful, bright eyes, and never any feces problems. I understand they grind it from fresh hay when ordered in the 19lb size (available on their website). You won't find better feed.

Healthy and Yummy!

Posted by Luisa

I have nothing but good things to say about this company and the quality of their products. My boy bun is extremely picky but he will actually eat these pellets. And it gives me peace of mind that he is eating the best and even if he doesn't eat as much hay during the day as I would like, the pellets supplement his diet with the fiber he needs.

Infinitely better than any Big Brand-name Rabbit Food, but your rabbit may need to get used to it

Posted by Katherine Watkins

Sherwood is really good rabbit food at a reasonable price. I have two rabbits, an 11 year old Dwarf Hotot and a 1 year old Holland Lop. My rabbits absolutely love Sherwood pellets, and in combination with fresh greens as often as possible, they stay healthy, active, and their fur keeps unbelievably soft. Although my 1yr old goes insane for these pellets, my older rabbit did not like it at first. When I first started feeding Sherwood to her a few years ago, it took her a while to get used to, as it would with any bunny who's used to a food like Kaytee Fiesta or Wild Harvest that's full of treats and fillers. But she adjusted fine after a few weeks, and is still healthy and active at 11 years old.

Bunny love!

Posted by Caroline

As I have tried several brands of bunny pellets, my sweet bunny won't eat any other brand! He loves and asks for his Sherwood pellets thru out the day so we have to pace him so he eats enough Timothy hay and his daily green veggies. Thank you, Dr. Sherwood that I can trust the ingredients. Very happy

The buns love it

Posted by

We have 2 rabbits. They love these pellets and fight to see who is first to the bowl. They get a regular diet of pellets and hay ( to eat at their leisure) and greens once a day. They are very healthy and have maintained their normal weight. They just had their annual vet check and he was very pleased with their health.

Saved my bunnie!

Posted by Nathan

New to the rabbit game I was feed improperly. She was only eating the junk in her store bought food. I thought she was getting enough fiber from the lawn . She out in all day until night. Not he case. She needed the right fiber. After a vet bill I researched online and came across Sherwood . SHE LOVES THIS FOOD! She is soft, energetic, no longer upset, and stool is normal! Get recovery food as well. It is nice to have just in case. I also immediately started feeding the digestive supplements and continue to do so. She is 6 lbs. I give her three a day. The combination of this great food and the digestive supplements quickly brought her back-to health . Shipping is fast and I would highly recommend this product for any rabbit owner ! I rarely write reviews on products. I felt that I must Share what this has done for us.

My Rabbit Approves!

Posted by Gigi Gaillot

Since ordering Sherwood adult rabbit food I feel so guilty that my seven year old rabbit had not been eating Sherwood food earlier in his life. I had a LIttle bit of his old food left over and it was nothing in comparison! Sherwood's food smells like fresh hay and the dark green color is amazing! Bun Buns is so happy and is much more content!

the best

Posted by gennaro labato

the best i have found....

Great pellets!

Posted by Dr. Mimi

These contain really high quality ingredients and my bunny loves the taste! A scoop of these pellets, fresh timothy hay, and fresh veggies make for a really well-balanced diet. It is great to finaly have pellets that DON'T have extra unhealthful ingredients (like fillers and sweeteners) that my bunny absolutely does not need to be eating. Thanks for making a great product I feel good about feeding my bunny!

Best food for rabbits

Posted by James

This is by far the best food you can buy for you bunnies

The only rabbit food I would buy

Posted by Anna

I feel really good about giving this food to our bunny, as it is grain free, and free of any fillers such as what you find in most pet store brands. I found it interesting that while many rabbit care websites say absolutely no corn or soy for rabbits, most mainstream rabbit foods contain both. To say nothing of the fact that they are genetically modified, full of pesticides etc etc. Like I said, Sherwood Forest's rabbit food is the only type I buy. And our bunny LOVES it!

Rabbit wouldn't touch

Posted by Jessica Savitt

After reading everyone else's stellar reviews, I purchased the 4.5lb bag for my bunny who sniffed at it and refused to touch it. I tried mixing it with my rabbit's previous food (which she liked), and she still didn't touch it. So now I have a full bag of food she'll never eat. Waste of money.

Wonderful food!

Posted by undefined

I absolutely love this food! When I found out that the majority of bunny food was made with corn, wheat, and soy by-products and was produced by Purina. I knew that my bunnies weren't thriving. I found Sherwood and fell in love with their ingredients. My bunnies also LOVE their food!

Only the best for my buns!

Posted by Shane

When our adopted bun, Cash, first arrive at our home he was plagued by gas and soft stool. We were feeding him Oxbox pellets because that's what everyone said was best for him. But after reading the ingredients in the Oxbow pellets vs the ones from Sherwood, we decided to give the Sherwood pellets a try. And sure enough, after about a week Cash was no longer "smelly" and his droppings were of normal consistency. That was three years ago and we continue to feed only Sherwood to both of my rabbits to his day

Fantastic pet food

Posted by Grace

I've been a loyal customer to Sherwood for a few years now. I trust the food to be a healthier choice than what I find at the pet stores. My rabbits are maintaining they're previous weight problems now, and are very enthusiastic when it comes to pellet time. I wouldn't choose any other!


Posted by S Kumar

I got these pellets for my rabbits when the other brand I was using was discontinued. I have severe celiac disease, and I can't even have any wheat products in the house, or I become extremely ill. I had been using another brand that was gluten free and still had oats, but it was discontinued. I discovered Sherwood pellets by searching online and was amazed to discover that they are completely grain and soy free! My bunnies love them and I can feed them these right out of my hand with no ill effects to me. The bunnies seem happy and healthy with them and their fur is very soft. They love it when dinner time comes around and they can have their little handfed dinner. These pellets smell very fresh and the bag lasts a pretty long time with 2 smallish buns.


Posted by Kathleen

Our rabbit loves these pellets! We got a rescue bun in sad shape in January and since we have fed her these pellets, her coat is so much softer, shinier, and fluffier. She looks amazing. They both beg for pellets! With the other food (before Sherwood) there were always left overs. I recommend these for all rabbits. Quality is wonderful. Thank you, Sherwood.


Posted by Ali

Bunnies love this and so do I! Hay based so no need to worry when my bunnies aren't eating as much hay as I'd like. Tried so many pellet brands when my minlop was a baby. She didn't eat all of her cecotropes due to imbalances of protiens and calciums in other brands. I guess she could just smell the imbalance and didn't care to reingest them which is paramount to building healthy gut flora and immunity for bunnies- especially babies! I did have to build up the amount of even these pellets over time but it didn't take long and both my bunnies do great on them! I'm also impressed with reliability of shipping. Items from Sherwood always cone by anticipated delivery date and most times before. We love Sherwood! Ali, Mr. Elwood Kingzton & Mrs.Bella Reign Binx

Bunnies love it

Posted by Lex

I'm glad that all my bunnies love this food because it's really healthy for them. I used to only give them timothy hay because most pellets contain unnecessary fillers such as corn or wheat, but the Sherwood pellets don't. In addition to their hay and some leaves of bunny-proof herbs or veggies, I'm giving my bunnies a little of the Sherwood adult pellets twice a day and the bunnies are happy and healthy and they also look healthy (I adopted my fur babies from a shelter and they had very thin and matted fur back then).

Hands down the best bunny food!

Posted by undefined

We have 18 rescued bunnies who have been eating Sherwood for over 18 months. The bunnies love this stuff! It smells and looks so fresh unlike the other well known brand we use to use. Their coats are shiny unlike ever before. Sherwood for life!

Rabbit Meadows rabbits LOVE Sherwood

Posted by Sandi

We had two long-term super nice rabbits who were having problems being adopted because of soft poops. No one wanted a house rabbit who would soil everything, wherever they went. One would leave a trail of poop all over carpet or hardwood floors. “Casper,” a fuzzy lop, was cute, social, adorable and we tried him on the Adult Sherwood pellets. After 4 days his smushy poop was gone! We gave him a haircut to remove all of the stains for a fresh start. Amazingly the poop problem has NOT returned! “Milkshake” had soft misshapen poop since the day we met her when she was just 4 weeks old. Something seemed clearly wrong with her digestive system. None of her poop was the usual hard, round droppings we’re used to. They were large or oblong or tiny or misshapen and she was now a year and a half old. After switching her to the Sherwood food, it took just over a week, for the change in her. And then suddenly all of her poop was firm and round! We are so happy to report that because of their Sherwood diet, both were adopted last weekend! And I’m certain they’ll live happily ever after because of Sherwood.

No more urinary sludge

Posted by Lauren

I have a large breed rabbit (American/Flemish mix) that eats a large amount of pellets due to his size. I originally bought a local brand food that quickly gave him urinary sludge with uncontrolled pooping and lethargy. I quickly order Sherwood noting with the natural ingredients urinary sludge would dissipate and in a few weeks it did. I am now a believer in Sherwood adult rabbit food and prefer these pellets to the professional rabbit food as they have a lower amount of alfalfa (therefore protein). Additionally, my rabbit eats less pellets now from free feeding on this brand which I didn't dare do before on the local brand.

rabbit food

Posted by Linda Keon

Every time I try this food with buns they love it. Good to have alternatives.

Excellent food!

Posted by Carmen Paxton

We have had house rabbits for over 25 years. Sherwood Forest pellets are the best quality we have ever. Within a month of transitioning our rabbits to Sherwood their fur is much softer, has less tendency to mat. It also reduces the smell of their urine. They have maintained healthy weight and have had no sludge issues. We highly recommend Sherwood Rabbit food!

Our bunnies love their pellets!

Posted by undefined

We have been feeding Sherwood to our bunnies for a few weeks now. All of the bunnies had been eating other brands when we got them. They all easily transitioned to Sherwood and seem to love them! Our little doe is shedding terribly so she is loving the digestive tablets too!

This Stuff Has To Be Made With Magic Fairy Dust

Posted by Erin B.

Two of my senior rabbits had "poopy butt" consistently for years. They had countless veterinarian visits, including numerous tests and procedures to attempt to identify or remedy the condition. I tried switching their diet around, even eliminating pellets in favor of hay and fresh vegetables. Nothing seemed to help and I eventually resigned myself to a life of daily carpet cleaning and giving "butt baths" to the bunnies. Then, I discovered Sherwood Pet Health. Since switching over to Sherwood Pet Health pellets, I have never again had to clean up "poopy butt." Not once. I placed my first order nearly a year ago, so that's a pretty significant difference. I was spending so much time and money on replenishing my stock of cleaning supplies and purchasing new rugs once the old ones wore out. Sherwood Pet Health has been an absolute game changer. As happy as I am, I imagine the bunnies must be even happier to feel healthy and clean and no longer have to endure the dreaded bathtub on a frequent basis. I also have young rabbits, who have never had pellets from any other source than Sherwood Pet Health. The bunnies love the taste, their behinds are clean, and we could not be more satisfied. Every human companion should know about Sherwood Pet Health products. I'm sure that 10 out of 10 bunnies would agree.

Rabbit that barely ate pellets...

Posted by Shannon

After I adopted Calvin, he barely ate pellets. Within a month, he was devouring your pellets! Now he can't get enough (although I do limit per day).

Great Food

Posted by undefined

My rabbits love this food. Litter boxes are less stinky also.

Amazing Quality

Posted by Yari Knobler

The quality of the food is obvious, especially when compared to other pellets. The Sherwood pellets look a lot greener , the texture looks better. They also smell fantastic, I know it's a little strange to say this, but the Sherwood pellets smell really good. Even my Bunnies' Vet agreed. The bunnies look really good, they have shiny coats, their urine is not as strong smelling either. The bunnies LOVE it. Every day I feed them 1/4 of a cup and they never leave anything in their bowls. I highly recommend this food. I will never purchase anything else.

Best food available

Posted by Terry

The best you can get, all our buns love it.


Posted by TIM


Outstanding Rabbit Food

Posted by Julie Blakie

My rabbits absolutely love these pellets. Their coats have become very thick and soft, since starting them on it. The shine on their coats is absolutely amazing. My Flemish Giants have put on weight that I struggled to put on them with other feed. I am most appreciative of the expedited delivery on every order. I order every 3 weeks and my delivery has never failed to arrive on time.



Her coat is shiny & soft & much less poo butt

Bunny loves & thrives

Posted by undefined

Bunny loves & thrives

Trix are for kids, Sherwood is for rabbits

Posted by Admiral Wallaby's family

Thrilled to find a feed without molasses or soybean meal. We were curious about palatability, but all our rabbits like the smell and taste. It seems to have a hay odor they find appealing. Our rabbits are all good hay-eaters.

Sherwood Pet Rabbit Food - FOR THE WIN!

Posted by Bunny Nature

I have tried other bunny foods for my four furry friends and for the past 2 years have been loyal to Sherwood.. This has been the best product for their digestion. When I started feeding them this I noticed a significant increase in their energy level with lots of running around and digging holes. Their fur is also very healthy looking as well. Would highly recommend anything from Sherwood.

Adult Formula..the BEST!

Posted by Cathy

I will feed no other brand to my Lionhead girls. It keeps them healthy and no problem ever with wool block on them. I tried something else once and learned there is no comparison. My Buns are happy and healthy!

only food I'll use

Posted by Melissa

I've been using this for five years now for my Jersey Wooly who refused to eat hay. When I first ordered this, I mixed it in with his old food and he actually picked through the pellets, only eating the old stuff--reminded me of a little kid who prefers cookies over vegetables! But when I finally just fed it to him straight and now he loves it! I am planning on getting three rescue rabbits next weekend and I have a question: since my current rabbit refused to eat hay, I have just stuck with this food and would rather not try to find a source of hay. Is timothy hay the absolute first choice for rabbit food (along with the "Professional" pellets) or can I just go straight to this stuff? Would I be doing my new bunnies a disservice by not even offering hay? Biologist answer: This food will work for rabbits who do not eat hay. However you can also feed hay free choice with the pellets. All grass hay is nutritionally similar. Those rabbits who eat enough hay (more than 50% of the diet by weight) should eat a measured amount of the more concentrated pellet (PROFESSIONAL).

I'll use nothing else!

Posted by Corbyn the Magnificent!

My rabbit loves it and his fur is beautifully shiny and soft now. He sheds less and his droppings are looking a lot better now too. I did a lot of research before finding Sherwood, and it's really the best there is. I'm confident my rabbit is getting the best.

Healthiest Bunny Food in Existence!

Posted by Diane Hook

I have 20 Holland lops that have eaten strictly Sherwood for nearly two years now. My bunnies have very few digestive problems and have been thriving. I encourage all of my customers to keep their bunnies on Sherwood because it is the healthiest rabbit food on the market. Great product!

Healthy rabbits

Posted by Margaret Wilder

Sherwood Forest adult rabbit food has visually improved my two rabbits health. Their coats are shiny and very soft. There's less shedding and their eyes are brighter. I'm not kidding! Also, their urine is much less pungent. When I gave them regular pellets, my female would have odd poops. I will never stop feeding my babies Sherwood Forest! They eat mostly jay but every other day they get a bowl full and they love it.

Top Quality Products

Posted by Charles Baskerville

Top quality products and GREAT customer service!

Great product

Posted by Elissa

Our rabbit never has any trouble eating this food. She is extremely healthy, which I contribute to her diet. We once ran out of Sherwood rabbit food and ran to our local pet store to feed the bunny while we waited for the next shipment. The food from the store smells gross and was brown. Sherwood food smells sweet like hay and is green - a great sign that is fresher and better for our pet. We make certain to order before we run out!

Noticeable difference!!

Posted by Ryan

We thought we were giving our rabbit (7 yr old mini rex male) the best pelleted food out there, oxbow natural science adult food, but we had a few issues with stasis as he became older. Then we came across Sherwood pellets, and was so happy to see that the ingredient list was so short and did not have any added sugars in the form of wheat middlings among others that every other pellet has. I know that people worry about alphalfa, but we have not had a single issue with it in the two months we've been feeding it so far. Our rabbit now has a noticeable increase in interest again and is more active than he was. This is an excellent choice, especially for an older rabbit. Young rabbits may be able to handle other pellets, but if I had known about Sherwood sooner, I would have been feeding this all along.

Bunnies Happy

Posted by undefined

Best pure feed...bunnies love it and are very healthy..feel like they are getting the best..coats are shinny and soft..stools are formed well. Bunnies are excited to run to their bowls to get their fresh smelling food they eat all of it now picking thru it..

The only choice for our rabbits

Posted by Robert Dreyfus

Have 21 rabbits and we feed them Sherwood Pet Heala Adult Rabbit food. All of the rabbits eat the pellets. I would not consider feeding them anything else. Great product.

Awesome Rabbit Food

Posted by Stacey

I have been using Sherwood Rabbit food for the last 2.5 years. I can not say enough about how fabulous there products are! I am not being paid or given any kind of compensation for giving my review. This company does not need to, there products speak for themselves! My 2 bunnies love the fresh pellets!

Seriously a miracle product!

Posted by Kristi Campbell

My Alice came to me four months ago with a jaw abscess, molar spurs, and showing signs of GI stasis. She had to be syringe fed Critical Care for the first 6 weeks she lived with me, and had two surgeries and intensive home therapy to treat the abscess. It was *very* difficult to get her to eat on her own again! She had zero interest in hay or pellets, she barely picked at greens, and I was beginning to wonder if she'd be on Critical Care forever when a rabbit rescue friend suggested your food. It was an immediate hit! I mixed it with her Timothy pellets, but there was no point because she just picked around them! Suddenly it was simple to transition her to a normal bunny diet, and her appetite has remained consistent ever since, even after a fairly traumatic spay last month! Her weight is perfect (she was thin when I got her). She's moulting right now, but I can already tell that her new coat is absolutely gorgeous! We've had zero digestive issues, and the mild sludge that was present in her early weeks with me is gone. We've also had no more dental issues- the abscess still shows no sign of returning, and no spurs have reformed! She still doesn't have much interest in hay, but her poops are plentiful, and perfectly formed. I've also noticed a significant drop in urine odor even before her spay. I seriously cannot say enough good things about your product, your food saved yet another bunny's life! Thank you so much for all you do to provide the best nutrition to our furbabies!<3 P.S. I also want to thank you for the sample pack of the digestive aid, they really came in handy the week of her spay!

Fresh food our rabbits love.

Posted by James

We are always searching for what's best for our rabbits and this food tops the list.

Great food

Posted by Bryan

Although my pet rabbit doesn't eat it it arrived 7 days after being made. Amazingly fresh.

My bunny loves his food

Posted by Kaitlyn Elswick

Besides the post office here in Park City holding my bunnies food for 4 days without telling me it was there. The product is great! Abu (my bunny) LOVES his food. He has been going thru puberty and has changed very much the past couple weeks but his food intake has stayed the same. Cannot wait to purchase food again!

Magenta recommends =)

Posted by lisa edmondson

Magenta is a 9 lb Calif-X. Two problems. She is a sludgy girl and at times soils her bottom. She has been on the Sherwood chow for some 10 months now. Her bottom now is clean 99% of the time. Her yearly x-ray though shows she still has sludge and needs subQ fluids. I'm pleased with the progress Magenta has made. Everybun is different and Magenta probably has genes and tendency to chubbiness that aggravate her problems.

Best bunny food ever

Posted by Mum 2 4 Buns

Sherwood Forest makes the best quality rabbit food available. Our 4 buns are thriving on this food. They are all rescues and 2 came to us underweight and malnourished. They recovered quickly on this food, and all our buns have been on it for 5 years now. Their coats have never looked better. We've had fewer GI bouts too. They love their pellets! The customer services is great, we always feel like we are supporting a nice family. There is nothing better on the market.

Unhealthy Ingredient

Posted by Carrotpants

Please visit the House Rabbit Society website to learn what to feed your bunny. Alfalfa should never be fed to rabbits over 6 months. It is very fattening and also high in calcium, which causes bladder sludge and can form into excruciating bladder stones that require surgery. BIOLOGIST NOTE: For more information on urinary health please visit and for more information on dietary balance and maintaining a healthy weight read other reviews or visit

Healthiest Choice!

Posted by Cassie's Mom

My Bunny loves Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food. She would probably eat only that if I gave her the choice. She loves it! I feel comfortable feeding it to her because it is also a healthy addition to her diet.

My rabbits tipped it over and refused to eat it

Posted by Rabbit woman

I have two rabbits I did a experimental taste test,,,, I bought sherwood forest Kaytee Oxbow One other brand Placed them in separate bowls My rabbits would not eat the Sherwood pellets they tipped over the bowl Ate a small amount of kaytee Loved oxbow Other brand they used as a litter BIOLOGIST NOTE: It sometimes takes encouragement to help your pet rabbit to learn to eat the healthier food. For tips see:

So grateful for this food

Posted by Amy

This is fresh, high-quality food that my rabbits get excited about. I love that it's grain and soy free and that the rabbits will eat what they need of it and I don't have to worry about over or underfeeding them.

poopy butt

Posted by Rebecca


The Right Food

Posted by Lavender

My first bunny didn't like it when he first tried it, but after a few days, he LOVED it. My second bunny had tummy trouble when she was little. Her poo did not look like it should. After she started eating this food, she is all better. Both my buns love it! And, I do like that I can buy directly from the company, and the shipping is fast and easy.

Best food

Posted by Margaret

I have a picky eater and know that my rabbit is getting nutrients from these pellets. This is the only brand I will buy. Shipping is quick!

Wouldn't use any other food!

Posted by Leslie

I've used Sherwood for several years and have happy, healthy bunnies!

Great Product

Posted by undefined

The only pellet my baby minlop would tolerate. Soy based pellets really exacerbated her problem of not eating her morning cecos. We did have to build her up as it seemed to also an issue of high calcium and/or protien but I feel confident feeding my buns this product as it contais foods they would eat in the wild-- which is not soy. I love that it's a hay based pellet! Ordering is easy. Shipping is free and always fat and the staff is knowledgeable. Thanks Sherwood for providing us bunny owners this healthy, natural alternative to filler based pellets!

Helps Our Megacolon Bunny

Posted by Amy B

Sherwood was recommended to us by the rescue group from whom we adopted our megacolon bun. We have had her a year now and (knock on wood) have had no flare-ups of her condition. Also, our other bun who is a senior and extremely picky took to this stuff as soon as we switched him. Food is high quality, shipping is fast, and the customer service is excellent - they have quickly and professionally fixed order/shipping problems for us even though said problems were 100% my mistake!!

Top of the line

Posted by kATHY



Posted by undefined

I've had my pet rabbit for ten years now and have switched to different brands of pellets (to supplement hay and veggies) several times now and this one is the best I've tried, it smells nice, my rabbit lloves it, and some minor digestive issues have improved.

Outstanding Quality

Posted by undefined

Our girls love their food!! They are heathy! Their coats are beautiful!!


Posted by R Frank Lee

Excellent product! Keeps our bunnies healthy and happy which keeps our family happy! Good price also!


Posted by stacyyy

My bun hatesss hay all types but when I bought this food everything changed he loves it! he eats it all and wants more. ilove it


Posted by MANDY


Poncho dislikes Hay

Posted by Carol

My 1 year old rabbit refuses to eat hay! I purchased the adult pellets and he loves them!! My vet was concerned about the lack of hay and eating too many pellets and gaining too much weight. He self monitors when he eats the pellets, enjoys "greens" and an occasional small fruit treat. He is healthy and not overweight. I am thankful to Sherwood that their pellets provide him with the nutrients he needs to keep him happy and healthy.

My Rabbits LOVE IT!

Posted by Maria B

Best food in the market, my rabbits really aprove and I can see in they fur, very shinny. Before they were shedding all the time, but not now.

Num nums!

Posted by Indrani

Every time my mama calls "num nums!" I come running! Sherwood makes me hop and binky with delight! I recommend Sherwood to all my friends. I think I deserve a discount for referrals and repeat orders....


Posted by TIM

Our rabbit has been on this food for several months now and she absolutely loves it.When comparing Sherwood with store brand, there is no comparison on vitamins and essentials they contain. Also The color on store brand food looks like a washed out green compared to the deep green in Sherwood. I think everybody should feed there rabbits SHERWOOD FOREST. Do the test and see for yourself. You will agree.

Rabbit Seems to like it

Posted by undefined

I mixed this food in with his old food and he eats his old food first before eating this but I am slowly transitioning him to being on this only vs. the other type. His urine does not seem as strong (he is not fixed either) and he seems happy and healthy. Glad to find a good food for him. Thank you

Saved our Bun's life!

Posted by undefined

One of our rabbits became very sick from complications of a sludgy bladder. We had her bladder expressed and she was flushed with fluids but had re-sludged within a couple of weeks. The vet recommended Sherwood adult rabbit food. Within a month her bladder was completely better and she had lost half a pound (she had been overweight). She loves the food and we will keep her and her mate on it to maintain her healthy weight and bladder!

Worth buying.

Posted by undefined

My rabbits have been eating this food for 3-4 weeks now, and it's been pretty great. They were hesitant about the pellets at first, but now they eat all of them with gusto! One of my buns was a little chunky before (not too much, but she needed to lose a little weight) and she has slimmed down just enough to be at a perfect weight on this pellet, without me lessening the amount I feed her. Both of my buns' coats are noticeably softer than before, too! However, my other bun is slightly underweight and occassionally has mooshy poops. While I do see a slight improvement in excess cecals produced, he hasn't put on any weight and that's the main reason I switched to this pellet. :( However, I am still highly satisfied and they are doing better on this than they were on Oxbow, so I will continue to feed it to them, and will look for other supplements for my smaller guy to help him put on a little more weight. :)

Loves it

Posted by Gia

My bun Penny has been very happy and healthy after being on Sherwood pellets. It is almost like snack time when I open the bag, she comes running looking for her treat!

Healthy food

Posted by Judy

Recommended by my vet for my 2 senior bunnies. They love it .

Picky Eater

Posted by Carol

Once our Lop, Poncho no longer needed the alfalfa hay he refused to eat any hay. I called Sherwood and they suggested their adult pellets. Poncho loves them!! He is healthy, weighs almost 6lbs. (he's a big boy)eats his fresh greens and occasionally will nibble a bit of hay... I still keep hay in his cage at all times. He's a very happy and contented bunny. Thank you, Sherwood!!

Best food ever!

Posted by Kate

We currently have 4 rabbits, and all of them LOVE Sherwood Forest! Any digestive issues have cleared up since starting with this food and they can't get enough of it. I hope you bring back the hay, it's our pickiest rabbit's favorite!


Posted by Charles

What is the value of the happiness of your child? PRICELESS! What is the value of the health of the pet rabbits your child has? PRICELESS! What is the value of all of the products from Sherwood Pet Health? PRICELESS!!! Thank you everyone at Sherwood Pet Health!

Best Food Ever!

Posted by Julie

We have a year old Holland Lop bunny. We switched him over from Small Pet Select which I thought was suppose to be a good food but after more research discovered different!! We are one our second bag of Sherwood pellets and are thrilled with the product! We have a very healthy, happy and fit bunny boy! Just had a vet check-up and she wanted to know the food we were feeding him for her bunny! Doesn't get any better that that!

Telling it like it is...

Posted by undefined

Much, much healthier than the common food found in pet stores. If you want your bunny to live a healthy and comfortable life get this rabbit food. I have been using it for years and will continue to use it as long as I can buy it. NOTE: If your bunny has already got used to eating the "bad" food or is a picky eater it may shy away from eating this food but this rarely happens. If it does, just leave the food in their area and it will eventually eat it. It's too important to your bunnies health to allow it to eat unhealthy food just because it likes it. Your bunny will eventually get hungry enough at some point and eat the healthy food on a regular basis. I have seen this situation play out with several rabbits. Bad habits in rabbits (lol) are sometimes hard to change but you should know better then they do on what they should be eating. If I let my bunnies decide what they wanted to eat they would be having bananas all day long. They just love bananas!

Best Rabbit Food Ever

Posted by Traci, Founder of

I have four bunnies from 1 year to 7+ years old. I noticed the health of their droppings improve immediately when I switched to this rabbit food. Also, their energy and overall alertness improvements were noticeable. I make bunny videos to reveal to people what great pets bunnies can make on YouTube and want to make sure our little loves are with us for as long as possible. I highly recommend this rabbit food and company. Anytime we've ordered, we received the food in a very timely manner.

will never change to another feed.

Posted by Marie

i have a 1 1/2 yr old holland lop buck. He is a very energetic little guy and had a very fast metabolism. so while he seemed healthy, he was very thin. i adjusted his feed intake several times with no success. Then i decided to change feeds. i am very picky about what i eat and what i feed my animals. I never liked the feeds that have fillers and ''Natural'' flavors. I was thrilled to find that someone had taken the time to make a all natural small animal feed. whenever i shop in pet stores, online or in the pet isle at walmart... it always seems like the small animals supplies are added as a afterthought, with not much to choose from. and then you compare that to dog and cat food. plenty of healthy options for them! so I was absolutely ecstatic to find a healthy option for my bun! then my shipment arrived, it smelled amazing! I felt like I was standing in a freshly cut hay field ! even my 2 guinea pigs could smell it from several feet away and started begging for it! The first day, I mixed his old feed with Sherwood, he would just pick out his old pellets and leave the new food in his dish. still didn't have any luck the next day, so I decided to just give him sherwood's food. They say that you have to change a rabbits diet very slowly and gradually. so I knew I was taking a risk with changing his feed all at once. when I did, he had no choice but to eat it, and he really liked it once he did! no tummy problems, no diarrea. nothing. he has had stasis in the past several times. but since switching to Sherwood he is healthy and has no tummy issues! I will never change his food! thank you sherwood!!!!!!!! i am also planning to put my guinea pigs on their Adult Guinea Pig food soon.


Posted by undefined

Picky bunny & she loves it bright green & smells good

Sherwood saved the day!

Posted by Deb

My very spoiled and extremely handsome rabbit was repeatedly experiencing some nasty digestive issues.He was unhappy and uncomfortable.His vet suggested a few things, none of which was effective in the long term. After doing some research I switched his pellets to Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food and viola! ALL of his digestive problems disappeared like magic. No smelly litter box, no messy fur and no embarrassed handsome rabbit. You've got a happy and hoppy lifelong customer.Thank you!

Brilliant product!

Posted by undefined

I am so happy to have found a top quality, healthy food for my rabbit that provides him with the nutrition he needs and deserves. He loves his pellets and I can be confident that he's getting the best diet I can provide him. Thank you!

PHENOMENAL company and product!!!

Posted by Liz Flores

I truly wish that I could give more stars. I cannot recommend the products and the wonderful owners of Sherwood pet health more highly. In a nutshell, we are very concerned about my sick bunny, Percy, whose problems were not resolved by the first veterinary visit. While I have found and scheduled an appointment with a veterinarian that I found through the wonderful HRS site, as well as through background checking, reading reviews, etc, I wanted to do as much as I could in the interim to improve his health and nutritional intake. I began to research higher quality pelleted diets, and was immediately drawn to Sherwood products. They seemed to have a really strong ethical and personal commitment to the health and care of bunnies, their ingredients were absolutely top notch, and the hundreds upon hundreds of glowing reviews made it an easy decision, so I immediately placed an order. Percy's problems are not those that can be eliminated solely through dietary ammendments, but a supremely high quality food can only help him! I. Posted on instagram a picture of Percy with a description of his ailments and issues, and tagged HRS, Tampa house rabbit rescue, and others in it, asking for advice to guide us and to help alleviate our fears until the vet apt Monday. Cindy (I hope. That I'm spelling her name correctly!!) immediately wrote back and suggested trying a product for critical care of very sick buns. I responded with gratitude, but that with Percy's anticipated very bills, my sick kitty's vet bills, a broken down car, etc, it just wasn't something that I could afford, and she immediately wrote back and asked me please call them so that they could send me some, FREE OF CHARGE. What kind of company does that?! Cares so much about the animals that they design food for that they were willing to help me, some random girl on instagram, this way. I called and spoke with Bob, and had a wonderful, long conversation with someone who is obviously deeply committed to helping people and their animals. He even asked me to send an email to him detailing all of the problems so that he could speak to an associate knowledgeable in such things and offer better advice. I am blown away, in awe, and beyond grateful. The food is amazing quality, dark green, fresh, with a delicious odor and amazing taste (yes, as weird as it sounds, I actually tried a pellet, and it was wonderful! I'm vegan, and now I can honestly say that I eat "rabbit food" lol! Well, just that one time...). Anyway, the point of this rambling post is this: premium product, phenomenal owners who give amazing customer service and who work with rescues!! It's a no brainer

Great product!

Posted by Charles

This is a high quality product. Highly recommended

Highly Recommend

Posted by Sarah

The biggest difference that I have personally found between this food and others is the smell of the urine. It does not have a strong odor.

Best food for your pet ever!

Posted by Reagan and Moge

Comes to your doorstep extremely fresh and dated. It is vibrant dark green (compared brown like filler pet store food) and smells like fresh hay. I have started feeding this food to my rabbit last year and I have noticed his shed cycles are a lot less intense and his coat is shinier than before. Wouldn't ever go back to pet store food!


Posted by Julie

Our Bunnies are healthy - happy and fit!! They love their food. We Love how healthy & Great the look!!!

Tommy the Tyrant approved.

Posted by Megan

Our little boy is definitely enjoying his new Sherwood food. He has been eating more hay too! Thank you for your quality of food!

great help

Posted by lisa edmondson

has made a huge difference for my 5 1/2yo Californian-X girl who was diagnosed w sludge 3 years ago and developed a socially unacceptable bikini area of smushed uneaten cecals about 9 months ago. She has been on the Adult Formula since April along w plenty of 3 way oat hay and lots of romaine/parsley. Improvement has been dramatic, hygiene wise. She is due for xray to evaluate the bladder sludge in Sept.


Posted by Sarah E.

I can't say enough about the quality of this product. I had no idea how complicated rabbits digestive systems were until I started research to find the best for my guys. I have one special needs bunny who can no longer chew hay or eat anything crunchy. I was very concerned about his ability to get proper nutrition. After my research into what's 'the best of the best', I found Sherwood Forest. Other sites unrelated to sales for Sherwood had charts on all the food options. Sherwood was hands down the best. When the box arrived at my door, it was immediately obvious that this sweet smelling green mix would make my guy ecstatic. He LOVES it. I have way less anxiety about his nutritional needs. All three of my guys are happy & hoppy on Sherwood foods. Thank you for making such a great product!!! ❤️

Great product!

Posted by undefined

The rescue bunnies loved this food! I

2 year old Rabbit Loves it!

Posted by Crystal

My cute little bun was previously on a bad diet, due to my inexperience. I thought for sure after his sugary unhealthy previous meals he'd take a long time to get accustomed to his new food. He rejected his old food immediately and picked out the new stuff from sherwood. I'm thrilled since he is such bad hay eater. His coat is shinier and he seems happier. I won't go back to another brand! I only wish I could purchase your products in store out here in the North East!

Posted by Sandi

Good nutritional feed at an affordable price, shipped right to my door! What more could you ask! My bunny loves it and is healthy and shiny - it's actually cut down on his waste too! These are excellent pellets with no filler and a great food since he's not much of a hay eater either!

Fantastic Rabbit Food

Posted by undefined

I was amazed at how green and fresh smelling this rabbit food is. My bunny loves it....her fur is super soft and she seems to be happier. She runs super fast and binkies quite a bit when she is out roaming around. Love it I hope I never have to buy another brand of food for my bunny.

Made a huge difference with my megacolon bunny!

Posted by Cathie

I tried every diet adjustment imaginable over two years to try to help my megacolon bunny with his digestive issues and mushy poop. Every time I thought I had it figured out, here came mushy poop again. After reading everything I could find about Sherwood pellets and after speaking with David, I transitioned my boy to Sherwood Adult pellets. Its been 8 months since we switched, and the difference is amazing. He's happier (no more "mud butt" for mom to clean), more energetic, not gassy, and he can eat more than a tiny salad now! I've also switched my other two bunnies to the same pellets.

Best food for your bunnies

Posted by undefined

I've have two bunnies, and one is a non hay lover. I buy Sherwood Forest adult food to make sure my rabbits get good quality pellets. Thanks always for quick delivery! They both have shiny fur.

Rabbit Food

Posted by Rebecca

Not sure yet. have only used it for a week or two, but seems good. Her poopy butt seems to have disappeared!!! She sometimes dumps the bowel. Not sure she likes the taste so much. I will, however, continue to put it in her bowel, cuz if it gets rid of poopy butt, there will be no going back! Thank you!


Posted by Mallory

I got this food based on recommendations from other bunny owners with dental bunnies. My bunny has severe dental disease and only has a few teeth left at the moment. Due to the lack of his teeth he's unable to eat hay which caused lots of GI Stasis along with some weight loss. We started this food last month and have seen amazing results. It has truly saved his life. His gut is moving again and he's getting all the nutrients he would get with the hay.

Bunny- licious

Posted by Roberta and Cecil

Best rabbit food ever! Smells so fresh and delicious when I open the box, makes me Want to be a bunny so that I can munch a bunch!

My buns love their pellets!

Posted by undefined

I've only used Sherwood pellets. My buns are more than excited to have their pellets. They are happy and healthy and that's what matters most. Delivery is fast too.


Posted by Melissa

We switched our bun to this and the difference is amazing. Not only does his digestive tract seem to have improved but he's finally eating his hay as well!


Posted by rasila queen

I think this product is fresh and high quality. I have used it since they were babies. Are very healthy.

great stuff

Posted by Vashni

My rabbits do sell well on this feed, their coats look great, their weight is good and they are move active than they've been in years, and it seems to help with bladder problems we've experienced in the past

Very high quality rabbit food

Posted by Jackie

I've owned my two pet rabbits for a little over five years. Most of the rabbit food you can buy in stores is awful: loaded with fillers, not enough fiber etc. Basically, they don't actually take the nutritional and dietary requirements of rabbits into account. In fact, many rabbit pellets are a carry over from raising rabbits for meat - the pellets are designed to fatten them up, not keep them healthy. This food is super fresh - it smells like fresh hay, and even has a great bright green color. My rabbits LOVE it, and they have both lost excess weight and their fur looks beautiful. They both seem more energetic and happier, too. I'll be buying this food from now on.

Best ever

Posted by rasila queen

Just feel confident I am getting best possible food

Best bunny food for you little friend :)

Posted by Eva

Wouldn't feed my bunny anything else :)

2 years and still love it

Posted by Robin

My rabbits are in excellent health. Coats are gorgeous. They cannot get enough of their pellets at dinner time. They say it taste delicious. I say it is top quality with the comfort of knowing your furry ones are not getting soy, corn or any nasty fillers. We will be buying Sherwood and none other for as long as we have our bunnies alive and hopping!

Happy Bunnies

Posted by Sandy

Our rabbits love their Sherwood pellets. They miss their Sherwood Timothy Hay and can't wait for you to start selling it again. They ate that hay so fast it was unbelievable. I like that the pellets are green and fresh and not like the icky brown sugary pet store pellets. We all like that the hay was fresh and green and it didn't make us sneeze.

Super Nummy!!!

Posted by Indrani

Sherwood Rabbit food makes me binky with joy!! It's almost as good as my morning banana, and that's really saying something!

Best Rabbit Food Ever

Posted by Elizabeth J Simpson

Since beginning to feed my 7 year old house bunny Sherwood adult rabbit food I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my bunny's health. Prior to the change he barely roamed around anymore. He was not interested in playing or hopping around anymore. We attributed to his age. Now he is active, vibrant and playing. He is interacting with us again. Playing with toys and dancing with us. He is truly one happy bunny again. Thank you Sherwood for such a complete and healthy product.

Greta Loves it!

Posted by Stacy

My Greta Loves these pellets and I feel good she is eating a high quality pellet along with her fresh greens and hay. Rapid customer service if you have a question and just all around great. Thank you!!

Perfect weight!

Posted by Kelsey

My bunny turned his nose up at this pellet at first but I spoke with Bob, the owner of the company, and he said to give it time and mix this pellet with his old stuff. I did that and within a week he was scarfing down his pellets. We hadn't realized that our bunny had lost weight after his neuter until he started to gain it back while on this pellet. He is now at a perfect weight and his coat has never looked better!

Excellent base for long-term soft food

Posted by Karen (and Savi)

I have a bunny who has had severe dental issues, including chronic and dangerous abscesses. She had all her teeth removed, and eventually a significant portion of her jaw bone (the entire front. She is thriving on a mix of the adult formula, softened in water, plus pumpkin and softened digestive tabs. She is thriving! Her weight is normal, and most important, her digestion is normal. Digestive issues are common in bunnies on soft food, but once we switched to Sherwood, hers is almost completely normal. My vet is very impressed with her continued excellent health and weight.

best food out there!

Posted by Robin & Kat's Rabbit Rescue

Our rabbit rescue made the switch to Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food a month ago, we based our decision on the ingredients and the fact that this food is soy/grain free! We often have rabbits come in with poor nutritional history being fed everything buns should avoid in a pellet (corn, seeds, added varieties) and this food claimed to work magic, it has! The only concern we had was the alfalfa as adults really shouldn't have alfalfa except as an extremely occasional treat. Still the best!

Excellent Rabbit Food

Posted by Stacey Jackson

Sherwood Forest Rabbit Food, in my opinion is the best.Both my buns love it. The owners are great.They own buns themselves so they understand. They always answer all my questions when I have them. I highly recommend their food and their company. FYI: I'm in no way affiliated, or being paid for this review or recommendation of their products.

Quality Food

Posted by undefined

I have only had my bunny for about 6 months or so. I ended up finding this food and ordered it because it seemed to be the only rabbit food out there that had no "wheat middlings" or any of that other garbage they put in rabbit food that is no good for them. You can really see and smell the how much better the Sherwood food is. My rabbit isn't overly crazy about it, but she eats it with no problem and seems pretty healthy. I don't think I'd buy another brand now.

2 Healthy Buns

Posted by undefined

Our girls love their Sherwood food. They are healthy & happy!!

No more smelly boxes!!!

Posted by Reenies Rabbit Rescue

We conducted an experiment. We had several bunnies in the rescue that had smelly litter boxes. So, we decided to try switching their pellets to all natural, soy-free, SHERWOOD. The results were clear... No more smelly boxes!!! So, if your bun's got stinky poo, get some Sherwood food. Not to mention, bun will be much healthier too!

Excellent Food

Posted by undefined

This is the best rabbit food on the market. The only rabbit food that I will buy.

Only the Best for my buns!

Posted by Kris

I discovered these rabbit pellets when mentioned on the facebook pg of my rabbit breeder... and didn't look back! I want the best available food for my 2 buns, hoping to get them to live for the 10 yrs that is possible these days for house buns carefully raised and provided with proper diet. My 2 boys switched over quite easily, enjoying the taste and smell of the Sherwood pellets. Thank you, Dave!

Best Rabbit food out there!

Posted by Sarah

I have a 2yr old mini lop mix and she just LOVES Sherwood rabbit food. She likes it so much I give it to her as a treat at night, or when we play games (basically I put Sherwood pellets in random things and watch her discover how to get them out!) and I know I am getting the best quality for her. None of that other crap they sell at the pet store with sugary bits in them. A++ to Sherwood Rabbit Food!!

Of course…!!

Posted by Deja

Of course your bunny isn't going to want to eat the HEALTHY food when for so long they've been eating the sh*tty food you've been buying from Petco, PetSmart etc* that has chemicals, sugar, food coloring, or whatever other additive crap/fillers these manufacturers put in it.. My bunnies are extremely picky like some of the other reviewers' are, but they're also SPOILED. I'll be the first to admit that!! I'll also say that perhaps their "brick-butt" (that's what our bunny Vet calls it.. bleghk!) could very well be caused by their diet. So, I decided after months and months of "brick-butt" we'd had enough of the daily cleaning and diet-changing and decided to lay down the law and try Sherwood. My bunnies wouldn't touch it at first, but I didn't give them a choice! When you don't give them a choice, they have to eat it! And that's that. Obviously with no choice, they came around, and we immediately saw an improvement in their weight and after a week or two there was no "brick-butt" AT ALL and they are happy as clams! Thanks a million, Sherwood! Your rabbit food is golden. xo

Great food!!

Posted by undefined

Our bun loves this food!! She is very healthy and her coat shines!! We're so happy to have found such a good quality food!!

Top Notch Rabbit Food

Posted by Shannon

My bunny was having issues with runny poop that would stick to his bottom (and everything else). Almost immediately after switching his food to Sherwood Forest Adult Rabbit Food his poop was once again healthy. While Sherwood Forest is a bit more expensive than the food I was buying at my local farm store, I find that my bunny eats less and now seems to enjoy his hay more than he did on his old pellets (He seemed to ravenously eat the old pellets and refused to eat his hay unless he was REALLY hungry.). That and the fact that my bunny is healthier more than justifies the higher price.

Excellent Find!

Posted by Kris

I came upon this line of products when mentioned on Gio's Holland Lops facebook page...and checked it a good deal of the info on Sherwood's site...and decided to switch. Sounds like the best possible pellet for my buns. I am v concerned about the most healthy diet for a rabbit, hoping to get them to live 10 yrs like everyone says they can live. Buns like it!

Simply the best!

Posted by Matthew

Been using this product with all four of my bunnies for years since they were very young. They are noticeably healthy and many comment that they look like the healthiest bunnies they have ever seen. I have never had any health problems at all with my bunnies unlike other pet owners that feed their bunnies the poor food commonly sold at pet stores.

Only Sherwood for my buns!

Posted by Stephani

With 5 bunnies I order Sherwood every month, they all have beautiful coats and are all very healthy and lively! I won't feed them anything else!

Absolutely Amazing!

Posted by Sara

Best rabbit food around!!!! No fillers, just pure ingredients! My bunny LOVESthis food!!!! Highly recommended!

Rabbits Love Sherwood Forrest Natural Rabbit Food

Posted by Kimberly Wheatfill, Director Friends of Unwanted Rabbits

My rabbits LOVE these pellets! I feel good knowing that they are eating a high quality healthy pellet. No transition was needed when they started on Sherwood Forrest Pellets, my rabbits immediately liked them. Their fur looks so shiny and healthy too. I highly recommend recommend Sherwood Forrest Natural Rabbit Pellets to all the folks who adopt rabbits from Friends of Unwanted Rabbits.

Excellent quality food

Posted by V

Excellent quality food. My bunny is a very picky eater and this is first rabbit food that she has no problem eating

Not for picky eaters

Posted by undefined

After reading so many good reviews about the adult rabbit pellet food I bought the product,both of my bunnies showed zero interest in them, both of them after trying for close to 2 months are not even touching the pellets, if your bunnies are extremely picky eaters like mine, then I cannot recommend this product.

Top Hat!

Posted by Charles

ALL Sherwood rabbit products are the BEST!

Love it!

Posted by Amanda

We are feeding the complete formula to our 3 rabbits they all love it and 2 were under weight when I got them. They now look great after only a couple weeks! My favorite things are no dust and it looks and smells great. Also shipping time is so fast! Thanks Sherwood!

One of the best pellets out there!

Posted by Shannon

I've been using Sherwood Forest pellets for a few years or so now. Have to say that it's probably the top pellet out there. My personal rabbits and foster rabbits have taken to it right away. Never had a nose turned up at it :)

my dwarf rabbit goes wild for this food!

Posted by robyn

I've had my dwarf rabbit on Sherwood rabbit food since I've gotten her. Never had any problems with ordering, always arives on time or earlier. And not to mention my rabbit knows when her food comes in the mail, she gets so excited and stands up on her hind legs until I let her check out the box. I love this food all around!

Best Rabbit Food Ever!

Posted by Lori

I have bought many different brands of rabbit food over the years. Now that I have discovere Sherwood Forest I will never buy anything else. The product is so green compared to other brands. It has natural ingredients and comes with a date that tells when it was packaged. I have an 11 year old mini Rex and am always concerned I am giving him the best of everything. I never have to worry with Sherwood Forest.

Good Stuff!

Posted by Bonita

My bun had been having some problems with soft stools on other food. She is otherwise it was suggested that I should try Sherwood Forest...and that issue has gone away. Miss Mimi and I THANK YOU SF!

No sugar!!!

Posted by Judy

Great stuff! If you love your rabbit feed them this!! :)

Our bunny loves it!

Posted by Florida Mama

My daughter's little lion head/lop mix LOVES this food. I buy the 19 lb box - and it lasts him 6 months! (I divide it up into gallon zip lock bags that I keep in our spare fridge to keep it fresh) He's a free roaming backyard bunny (with access to the house) and he has his pick of all the greens in the yard, but several times a day we find him by his bowl of Sherwood pellets, so apparently it's really, really good :)


Posted by undefined

My bun loves loves loves this food. These pellets are the best out there. And the Timothy hay is top notch! Dr. Sherwood and his team never cease to deliver! Very helpful staff. Kudos!

Great product, rabbits love it

Posted by Shane

Great product, couldn't recommend it enough. Both of my rabbits dive right into the bowl twice a day when I feed them Sherwood pellets. My wife even commented that these pellets smell more like the pellets she used to buy as a child from the local feed store for her rabbit. We used to feed our rabbits Oxbow, but ever since we started feeding them Sherwood pellets, their coats are softer and have more shine. Plus one of our rabbits is a rex and has a sensitive stomach and used to be somewhat "stinky" and would leave occasional skid marks on the carpets. Ever since we started feeding the pellets from Sherwood, both problems have disappeared.


Posted by undefined

My Bunny loves this food and I love that I don't have to worry about over feeding her.

The BEST!!

Posted by Tania Staeck

I absolutely love this feed and so do my Netherlands!! It's so fresh and smells amazing. I originally found this product being sold at Foster & Smith and when they merged with Petco and stopped carrying it, I was extremely disappointed. So now we order directly as I don't want to feed anything but the best to my bunnies!

Bunnies love it & I love the healthy, simple ingredients

Posted by Jen

I have had my two buns for about 5 years or so and I used to give them pellets from Oxbow, but recently the locally owned pet store I liked to support closed and I was looking for somewhere to get pellets that wasn't a big box store and I wanted to find some pellets that were mostly made from timothy hay. My one rabbit has Thymoma (cancer of the thymus) and somehow is still alive (it's been over a year with it) but she is ravenously hungry all the time because of being on Prednisone, so I wanted to be able to give her more pellets, without feeling like I was just feeding her something that is more like a treat and not real healthy for her. I really can't imagine the soy and other things in all the other rabbit food is good, and perhaps is even contributing to the rising cases of thymoma in rabbits (based on the high numbers my vet has diagnosed in recent years). Soy affects hormones in humans, which can lead to cancer, so why not animals. I was happy to find Sherwood pellets, and for a reasonable price and free or low cost shipping for such a heavy item is really awesome. I was seriously shocked how GREEN the pellets are. I held them next to the Oxbow ones and the difference was incredible. My bunnies loved them from the first taste.

I feel good about giving my rabbit this food

Posted by Pascalle

Myself and my rabbit love Sherwood pellets and in so glad we switched to this more healthy, natural and nutritious diet. My rabbits fur is so soft and shiny and seems to molt less now too. Thank you for caring about animals enough to make such a wonderful product.

Amazing quality and wonderful brand!

Posted by Brooke

We are new customers and I am so very happy that we have switched to these new pellets! As a bunny mommy, I would do anything for my baby boy, and these pellets are amazing! When you first open the bag you notice the fresh smell, so it is obvious from the start how much better this food is for you baby! I am particular, with switching up any routine, I know how bunny tummies are sensitive and they do not like change.. However I am so pleased to say now my baby boy prefers this food and he is so happy with them! After the first couple of days mixing a bit of old pellets with the new he now will pick out these new pellets and only eat them! Bunnies are so smart and it is obvious that he notices the difference in the quality, preferring these. I am also so pleased that these are created by a doctor so you know they are made safely for your babies. We are so happy with this product and the customer service provided when ordering them! Thank y'all so very much for such an amazing product! We are now lifelong customers :)

Best rabbit food on the market!

Posted by Heather

I love this food! I have 5 bunny and one of them absolutely refuses to eat hay of any variety. She was always having hair blockages which would make her backed up and I would have to give her Critical Care every 3-5 weeks for several days to work through the issue. Since switching to this pellet, she rarely goes through this anymore! Thank you for putting out such a great product!!

Love Sherwood Pet Food!

Posted by Lisa L.

I love their products! More importantly, our Twister loves them! I am grateful to know that they use the best ingredients for the health of our bunny! Thanks so much!


Posted by Indrani

After having eaten and enjoyed both the Baby and Adult Supplement, I have finally found nirvana with the Adult Rabbit Food! I'm a very picky goddess and won't always eat my hay, so this is my best option.

Absolute best!

Posted by Diane Bardwell

Both my bunnies have gotten so healthy eating this great food. I adopted a rescue bunny last March. She had very thin fur, you could see her skin through it easily. Now her coat is luxuriously thick! I love this product because they can free feed. My buns are house bunnies and freely roam inside their room, so it is hard to keep one from eating from the other's designated amount. This way, they can freely eat all they want with no problem. I will never buy a different brand!

The only food my rabbits will eat

Posted by undefined

It's the only food I buy now

Bunny love

Posted by Lori

My four bunnies beg for this food every morning. Even with other options in the pen, they run to get to the bowl of Sherwood pellets. yum!


Posted by Laura

I have been using this food for a few months now and my 2 bunnies, Mitter&Calesse love it. I switched from oxbow organic after discovering some ingredients that were not needed for rabbits. I purchased the 19lb bulk box, it came fast, was fresh and dated, smelled great and was super green. One of my bunnies loved it right away, the other took a few days of getting use to it but after that loved it also. I found that there was so little dust compared to other foods that I was able to forage feed them by spreading it all throughout their bunny room, something I couldn't do before because there were so much dust in the food I use to feed them and it made a huge mess when I tried this so I could only feed them via a bowl. This was an unexpected bonus, they love to eat by free forage method instead of from a boring bowl. I found that they ate less of it which is great, their poop showed much improvement and their litter boxes were far less smellier. They seemed more energized than usual and I could not be happier with this food, I will continue to use it and like the option of buying it in bulk. I am very impressed with this company, their ingredients and motto and was most impressed by this food which after doing allot of research could not find anything better with superior ingredients like this Sherwood forest adult rabbit food to feed my loved buns. I love that it is so well balanced and only gives your bunnies exactly what they need for nutritional health without all those extra's and fillers used in rabbit foods that rabbits don't need. I would recommend this food for sure!!!!!!!

Nuget wouldn't eat them..

Posted by Rob

Ordered up a 4.5 bag of your Adult Rabbit food. I ordered this because my rabbit doesn't like his hay. Well sorry to say he wouldn't touch the stuff. I even tried mixing it with his other rabbit food. He would only eat the old food. I ordered this food becuse his poop was getting soft and sticky. What it did do is made him start eating hay. I give him very little greens maybe two cubs a day. The only fruit I give him is a small piece of banana. I love how he gets all excited when I say the word "banana". Cracks me up....

Perfect for a bunny who cant eat hay!

Posted by Sandra

We recently adopted a bunny with severe dental issues. After several surgeries he is left with no front teeth. As he is unable to eat hay we feed Sherwood pellets "complete". He was just skin and bones but has now gained a good 0.5 lbs and is very happy and energetic. His fur is no longer patchy but shiny and nice. Thank you!

Best pellets I've seen

Posted by Monica B.

This rabbit pellet feed is the freshest I've ever used. It smells fresh and is actually green as rabbit food should be. I like that the ingredients are non-gmo and super fresh. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to keep buying these pellets for my rabbits. The cost is 7 times more than what I pay for a local brand. Unfortunately the local brand is not as good in quality but I don't have much choice due to cost.

The best service!

Posted by Noppanut

I would like to say, I'm so impressed with sherwood forest service. I'm in Thailand. I have read some article that shown sherwoodforest rabbit food is the best so I absolutely want my bun get a chance to try. Thus I order online via Amazon. I have used the shipping service which has a warehouse in US. But I wrote the wrong address. So I didnt get the parcel. But Mr.bob he kept contacting me. And he offered the new pack of adult rabbit food and directly ship it to Thailand with out any product charge just shipping cost that I have to pay. What's a nice. I'm feel really glad and thankful.

The only rabbit food I buy

Posted by Jessica

I have a French Angora and a dwarf rabbit, and I've given up buying anything food but this one. I originally found it at my local feed store, and then started buying in bulk online. One, the color and smell that comes off this food is crazy. The rabbits immediately dig into it every time I fill their bowls and I've NEVER had a messy rabbit butt. They love it, They look amazing, the price is right, especially if you buy in bulk like I do, and I trust the product. I've been buying for a year and always order ahead of time now to avoid running out.

Looks and smells great, but bunny doesn't like

Posted by Kate

I bought this product with high hopes as my bunny does not prefer to eat fresh hay, and thought these pellets might be a great solution. When I received this product I was extremely impressed with how good the pellets look. They're extremely green and have a strong fresh hay smell. However, when I began to introduce this food to my rabbit along with her old food, she avoided the Sherwood Forest pellets! How disappointing. I keep putting a small handful of Sherwood pellets in with her old food but alas, they are always left at the bottom of the bowl. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the actual quality of the food - just a picky, stubborn bunny. Will keep trying.

I could eat it!!!

Posted by undefined

Unbelievable product. Our bunnies love it!!!!

Yum City!

Posted by Roxana

Very fresh priduct. Bunny loves it!


Posted by J T

Our girls Love their food. It has kept them healthy & happy for three years!!

Great rabbit food! Even my picky bunnies like it!

Posted by Deb H

I have 2 Holland lops and I've been struggling on getting them to eat hay. Sherwood Forest pellets are great, healthy and even my pick bun buns eat them.

Best Rabbit Pellets Available

Posted by undefined

I have had rabbit companions for nearly 10 years, and have learned a lot during that time about hay and food quality. Both of my rabbits are hardy hay eaters, and get plenty of daily greens, but I serve them a teaspoon of pellets every evening as a treat. I have experimented with several other "good" brands--would never use that cheap brand sold in pet stores; it is utter garbage--but was never comfortable with the bulking fillers they used, as well as sweeteners. I decided to try Sherwood Forest and my rabbits are delighted. This is pure stuff. I'll never use any other brand again.

The Best

Posted by gwen kaiser

Dark green color in comparison to any other food, even Oxbow. Rabbits eat less of it than other foods, because it is more filling. There are no fillers in this food, it is pure goodness. Highly recommend.

Love Sherwood Forest!!!

Posted by undefined

Our Mini Rex loves Sherwood Forest. When we first got her, she was on some kind of food that must have had some kind of sugar, because she would eat that one first. We transitioned her within a week and never looked back. Rex's have a beautiful coat to begin with, but after 4 months, we notice her coat is indescribably luxurious. The Sherwoods are extremely knowledgeable in buns and bun nutrition. I would consult with them before my vet!

Top Hat!

Posted by Charles

The absolute best availble! Great stuff. Thank you Davd Sherwood, so say the two buns Suzanna and Chispa that our son has.

The best food out there

Posted by undefined

I love this food because my bunnies love this food..They are healthier then they ever have been..Thank you Sherwood Forest.


Posted by Kelly

Great product! Since I've been feeding these pellets to my bunny he has not had any digestive issues. The pellets smell fresh not having that odor that the regular store bought brands have. Great buy!

Excellent for my Bunnies.

Posted by undefined

My bunnies love this healthy pellets. I just ordered more.

Top-notch rabbit feed!

Posted by Scott Dickson

My daughters rabbits have been dining on this product since we brought them home three years ago. They love the stuff and have shiny, satiny coats to prove it!!!

Slowly but surely.....

Posted by Charlotte and Jax

I've been transitioning my buns from Oxbow Young Rabbit to the Sherwood Adult. At first they weren't interested in Sherwood, and only picked out the Oxbow. However now they are eating both (albeit, the Oxbow is still gone first). So if your bun doesn't eat it at first, keep offering it - I bet they will warm up to it. Sherwood will be their only option in a few weeks once the Oxbow runs out, and I don't anticipate any problems. I'm happy to find such a healthy alternative. Thanks!

Heathy Stuff!!!

Posted by Judy

This is the best bunny food out there NO sugar. That is so important. My bunny looks great and she super happy. Thanks Sherwood for creating a perfect food!

World's Pickiest Goddess

Posted by Indrani

I was named for a beautiful Hindu goddess & shall remain a goddess forever. I went on a hay rebellion, so at Bob recommendation, Mama transitioned me from the Adult Supplement to the Regular Adult pellets. I felt insufficiently worshipped & stopped eating altogether. One expensive vet trip later, a weekend of Critical Care, & I finally decided these new pellets were ok after all. Now I scarf down bowlfuls & am slowly regaining the weight I lost on my hunger strike.

2 year old bunny

Posted by amanda

Our almost 2 year old bunny has been eating this product since he was born. His coat is super soft and his last checkup said he was the healthiest bunny. Thank you for making such a quality product!

Bunny Love

Posted by undefined

It's hard not to love this bunny food when there are four wiggly noses awaiting its delivery!


Posted by Tasha

I emailed the company only wanting a sample and they offered me a free 4.5 lb bag and all I had to pay for was shipping. I was currently using oxbow for adults. I have been slowing trying to get our bun to switch to the Sherwood, but he tends to eat all the oxbow first and then if not refilled will eat the Sherwood. Although we are not fully on the Sherwood our Buns coat seems to be so shinny and soft. His little poops have been perfectly round and have no had any gi issues at all since adding Sherwood to his diet. We are not completely hooked on it yet but we will keep trying and I will definitely order again. Also the pellets are so green it puts oxbow to shame. I love this product and hope to get our bun on it fully. And this may have nothing to do with the new pellets but our 2 year old bun that we've had since he was 8 weeks can now jump onto our bed that is about 30 in high!

great pellet

Posted by Tara

Had to transition my bunnies slowly but they are now eating these pellets very well. My bunnies are older and this pellet seems to help their digestion.

Super fast Delivery

Posted by Fiona

My buns love this food and I love that it's extremely healthy for them. I ordered more food the other day and it's already here. I'm glad it was so fast getting to my home because my buns only have about a weeks worth of food left and I thought I might have to get some of the not so great food from the store to get by before my new order arrived. I'm glad it never came to that.

Love this food as much as my buns!

Posted by Stephanie

Great product, always fresh, always arrives fast and no order issues ever! I've had issues with other companies sending older food and not processing our order, what a bummer. Sherwood Forest is truly the best! Fresh, healthy, smells incredible and arrives on time! Yeah!

A really good purchase

Posted by Cheyenne

I ended up buying the 10 pound bulk box on impulse because my bunnies needed more food. I had done a bunch of research on rabbit nutrition trying to make sure that they were getting everything they needed from their food. This food hit everything on my nutrition check list. The food came in the mail a week after it was made which really impressed me. It smelled(still does) fantastic. My whole room smelled great. Another thing I was really happy about was the lack of ground pellets at the bottom of the bag that commercial foods have a lot of. It was 99.9% solid pellet. One of my rabbits loves this food so much, she eats like a mad man when I put it in her bowl. My other doe eats this food like she did the junk and fillers out of the commercial brand I used to get(she was a bit of a selective eater). All of their coats look so much healthier and shinier. My Harlequin's coat even looks brighter in color. Their poop also has also gotten darker since I started feeding them this food. Overall I'm 100% happy with this food and once my rabbits work through their stash of it I will be ordering more.

The best food

Posted by Chris

I love the color and fresh smell of the food. Our rabbits love it. I feel very good feeding to thrm

Wonderful pellets for your lovable bun bun!

Posted by Kim Lan

I love how the pellets are green and natural not like the ones you get at the store! I will definitely keep on purchasing the Sherwood brand pellets for my bun buns for the rest of their life. My bun buns loves it and yours will too!

The best rabbit food out there!

Posted by Natacha

I truly believe that this is the best pellets on the market! They are so fresh and natural. Unfortunately, this is the second time I am trying it out with my rabbits, and they got gas problems the two times I have tried to switch them over from oxbow. I did the transition very gradually and after 3 weeks of gradual transition, two got stomach ache. I was so sad because I really wanted to make it work as I know that this is so much higher in quality than oxbow!:( i do not know if it is the alfalfa that makes them sensitive because it is too rich... But I a don't know what to do.... So I will have to stop buying it for mine but will still strongly recommend it!!!


Posted by Christina

This food is amazing, our bun is very picky and will only eat this food!

the best

Posted by undefined

Amazing Product!My rabbits are so healthy and happy so glad that i found your product

Bunny Heaven

Posted by Kathy

My bunnies love the food..I have one bunny that produces extra cecotropes..Since I switched to Sherwood Forest she has stopped..unless I give her something that triggers it again.Thank you for keeping my bunnies healthy.

Warning! Extra binkying will happen!

Posted by Ava

I have spoken to David a few times via email, as I had some concerns due to a bad experience with a big name brand. I now advocate for local pet and farm stores to carry Sherwood Natural Rabbit Food. When I opened our first bag next to my precious Mini Lop bunny, who is typically very picky, she stuck her puffy cheeks right into the bag and started munching! The fresh "green tea" scent hits you right away. I noticed 3 things after a week: 1) Ava can now jump clear over our gate!!! I was shocked and so was she. Her extra energy is clear. 2) Her coat has stabilized and has more shine... after only a week. 3) She has actually put on a little more healthy weight. I have to strictly regulate the food because she will choose these amazing pellets over her hay! Thank you for your amazing product and family run company, I will advocate for your success as long as I have a voice.

Grain free

Posted by Jan

This is a good pellet for bunnies prone to poopy butt. I had a couple of bunnies that could not tolerate pellets at all but do fine on these.

Keep your kits healthy

Posted by Wendy

I've been feeding my moms and kits Sherwood baby formula since I started my rabbitry. I've never had a kit with enteritis. My kits are happy and healthy. I love that this food gives them a great start in life.


Posted by undefined

My bunnies love it an the best.

Best quality food out there

Posted by Amber

Very impressed with the ingredients of this product, and my rabbit loves it! He's an older bun with one or two less teeth in the back, and he gets about a cup every four days, eats about 1/4 cup per day on his own. It really improved the quality of his poops! I was happy to see that. Knowing this means his GI tract must be much healthier since switching. Thank you Sherwood Forest for doing all the research, and selecting the best ingredients for this food, to keep my bunny happy!

me and my babies love this product! ❤️

Posted by Amanda, Lily and Ollie

me and my babies love this food! I love that it's soy free and hay based with lots of nutrients to make them hoppy and healthy with shiney coats! and they just can't get enough of it! Sherwood Forest is really the best rabbit food on the market!

Nice and fresh

Posted by undefined

I was very impressed when I opened the bag. Nice green color and very fresh smelling. It's only been a few weeks and I am still trying to get my bunny to eat it... He's picky picky. Slowly slowly he will eventually eat it. lol

Best Pellets Ever!

Posted by Cynthia

My buns & I love Sherwood, I have been able to convince others to try Sherwood simply by letting them smell the pellets. Everyone says they smell delightfully green & fresh!

So Happy !

Posted by Buni

Until now I thought Oxbow was the best one could buy. Since I stumbled across your site I immediately kissed Oxbow good-bye. I am very impressed with the dark green color and super fresh smelling pellets. Your speedy shipping service to Maui is excellent. My bunnies seem to really like Sherwood pellets and I think their coats look much nicer now. Bunnies also seem to be more happy and relaxed since eating this new food. Makes me happy to know my bunnies are now eating quality food.

My rabbit will live thanks to this food

Posted by Robin Grunwald

My rabbit was very ill from commercial rabbit food. The doctor tried to help him, but he could not recover his health. I found Sherwood Forest food and tried a sample. My rabbit immediately showed improvement. He is fully recovered and very healthy. I love my rabbit very much- best pet I have ever had- I am eternally grateful to the producers of this quality product. You can smell the freshness- you can see the difference in the color- it is food fit for the ones you love.

Tullulah Most Favorite Food Ever

Posted by Shelley hart

I have my angora Miss Tullulah and when we tried this wonderful food we ran out so I had to mix it with the store brand. Well she knew the difference and picked every pellet out of the good stuff and left the store brand. Her coat is fabulous no wool block and the customer service was great answering all of my questions since this is my first angora bunny.

Angora Rabbits need more

Posted by S. Martin

I am pleased the feed does not have corn, soy, or wheat, it smells fresh, and is shipped quickly. For all the positive reviews, I was hopeful this feed would be a solution for us. However, I talked with our breeder, and she does not believe this feed is adequate on it's own and must be supplemented. According to this breeder, who has been breeding and showing angora rabbits for decades so I trust her judgment, because angora rabbits are continually growing their coat, they need more protein in their diet. When I took our French angora male to her for an evaluation, she was concerned he was too thin by about 2 pounds because she could feel his spine and hip bones. He has been on this feed for 2+ years and has it free choice with no supplementation, lives in our home, and does not have parasites. We were in the process of adopting a young French angora rescue who was not fed properly since birth, taken in by this same breeder who has been trying to transition her over to the Sherwood brand from her show rabbit blend the last several weeks before she released the bunny to us to make sure she would continue to thrive and gain. The bunny will not touch this food over her show ration and tosses it out of the bowl onto the floor. This breeder is convinced this feed is not adequate on it's own to grow and maintain an angora and is concerned with our own rabbits condition. With all that said, I'm sure this is a fine product for smaller rabbits who do not need extra protein to maintain their body condition and a growing coat, but from our personal experience with our angora rabbit, and the one we attempted to adopt, this feed will most certainly need to be supplemented with additional products, which we will attempt to do with our bunny to put some weight back on him.

Great Pellet!

Posted by undefined

My picky eater loves this pellet! I could not find a single place where I live that the pellet isn't made of soy and corn. The price of the pellet made it worth it to get 10lbs even though my bunny had never tried it, I decided to give it a try. The results are that she absolutely loves it! Every time I take the pellet out she gets really excited and runs to her bowl. I hope this brand starts selling hay soon!

My rabbits love this stuff!!!

Posted by Cydni Terry

My rabbits love this food, and their coat feels amazing! They are very healthy happy bunny rabbits! The food smells very fresh and you can tell you are giving them high quality food!

Trixie loves this!

Posted by Debbie

My rabbit loves this food, I would not consider feeding her anything else.

A great product!

Posted by Tim

I have had my Flemish Giant Rabbit Snowflake for 3 years now. I have tried many different pellet foods with him and it has been hit or miss for the most part. When I did some research I found Sherwood's website. On a whim I ordered the 19 pound box back in December and the rabbit ate it. After that I had bought some other brand and Snowflake suffered from bad cases of diarrhea. We still had a large quantity of the food left , but I made a decision to order The pellets from Sherwood again. After getting the pellets from Sherwood and giving snowflake a mix of the pellets and a tablespoon of oats Snowflakes issues went away. I will never order anything but Sherwood Adult Rabbit pellets for Snowflake ever again. This has been a lesson learned and If Snowflake could talk he would probably agree. Thank you for all the work and keep up the quality of services Sherwood!

gave our rescue bunny a whole new shine to her coat!

Posted by mike

we've been using this food for our bunny, ryder, for the past 6-months. he loves it, and will deliberately start chewing on things he shouldn't (to get our attention) if he feels like we're late with his breakfast! two months ago we adopted another bunny, aria, to start bonding with ryder. she's a much bigger bunny, and very cute. we noticed that her fur wasn't as soft as ryder's, and we just figured it was her breed. after a few weeks with these pellets her fur is just as shiny and soft as ryder's! we watched the transformation take place, and she absolutely loves it. we give them the sherwood food in the morning, unlimited hay during the day, and some greens at night. they're happy, healthy, and have a grand ol' bunny time. thank you for such a great product!

natural and no alfalfa

Posted by Kym Fraher

It's so hard to find rabbit food that doesn't have alfalfa in it, which makes my rabbit's pee all cloudy and weird. I had to turn to the internet and found Sherwood forest rabbit food. Came so quickly and was exactly what I was looking for. The rabbits love it and I know it's good for them.

very good

Posted by rasila queen

I loved the color and smell and my rabbits seem to love it too.

My Senior Rabbit Thrives on Sherwood!

Posted by Stacey

I wrote review number 44 almost a year ago. I still am thrilled with the Adult Rabbit Food. My 10 1/2 year old Della still loves it. She's got missing molars and doesn't each much hay. The Adult Rabbit Food formula supplies the fiber she needs. I credit Sherwood with keeping her so healthy.

Healthy weight and no more sinus issues

Posted by Michelle

My chubby granny has come down to a healthy weight. My bunnies who had sinus issues (milky eyes and wheezing) no longer have those issues. So grateful-- thank you.


Posted by Roxy

Nippoleon, my dwarf bunny, loves this super fresh pelleted food. He's a thriving, soft, energetic, and fiesty three year old.

My rabbits love it.

Posted by undefined

It always arrives quickly, always looks the same, and my rabbits love it!

Rabbit Loves It!

Posted by undefined

Our bunny loves these pellets! His coat looks wonderful and feel plush. Great product!

BEST bunny food EVER!

Posted by Celina Gonzalez

I've kept rabbits for the past 5 years and usually fed foods from feed stores or pet stores. Since there wasn't much variety I just supplemented with timothy hay and fresh fruits or veggies. Upon seeing Sherwood Forest on the drs website and researching about it I figured it was worth a try. Firstly, I immediately noticed a HUGE difference in the quality of pellet. Secondly, Bunny Holly noticed it immediately after she smelled it. I have never seen that bunny enjoy her pellets as much. Now whenever she runs out she bangs her Lastly, I noticed a BIG decrease in the potty smell department. Rabbits are notorious for pungent urine but people can't even tell I have a rabbit. Thank you guys for such a great quality product! Bunny Holly thanks you all with a Binky!

The Best

Posted by undefined

Our rabbits are healthy and have beautiful coats. Nothing on the market can compare to the quality of Sherwood Forest.

One reservation

Posted by undefined

This is very fresh, good quality food and I'll continue to buy it. My only reservation is that it's primarily alfalfa and we all know, or should know, that adult rabbits need more Timothy than alfalfa. My vet said I shouldn't be feeding this. Someone in the reviews said they feed their rabbits free choice. You can't do that and have healthy rabbits! I was giving Kix all the pellets she wanted and she became overweight and wasn't eating hay, thus causing problems with her back teeth. Now she only gets 1/8 of a cup a day and is eating more of her hay. ** Biologist note: Small herbivores, including rabbits should always have access to loose grass hay. After speaking with some top veterinarians at the House Rabbit Society Educators Conference (September 2014) they agree that for adult rabbits an alfalfa and grass hay mixed diet is more natural and superior to the soybean/grain based diets typical on the market today.

bunny love

Posted by undefined

My picky dwarf bunny has refused even oxbow but he absolutely loves Sherwood forest food!! You can see and smell the difference and the higher quality type of pellet that it is. I will never feed anything else!!


Posted by undefined

My rabbits eat all of these pellets so there is no waste. My orders arrive promptly usually 3 or 4 days after I place an order. The pellets are always fresh and carefully packaged for shipment.


Posted by robyn

My rabbit loves it so much and knows when I come in with a new box!

bunny goes crazy

Posted by undefined

I have ordered from Sherwood Forest Farm since 2012 and I am never disappointed. I am very thankful for their existence and recommend any one who loves their bunny to buy their product!!! My bunny is absolutely in love, he can't even wait for me to open the package up. Everytime I fill his bowl up and thumps and bolts towards me within microseconds

best food available

Posted by Bunny Feathers Rabbit Rescue

We totally trust David Sherwood's meta research & scientific analysis. He has taken all of the guess work out of feeding our rabbits. We are saving money as well, with fewer vet visits and no more shopping trips attempting to meet our rabbits' nutritional needs on our own. Thank you, Sherwood Forest, for peace of mind, convenience, savings, and science!

My Rabbits Love This

Posted by Patti Brant

I love how fresh Sherwood Forest is and my bunnies gobble it up. As a rescue with many rabbits, I do wish that it was offered in larger quantity. I can go through the 19 pound box in a heartbeat! Great food!!!!

The Best!

Posted by Bridgett

I started using Sherwood Naturals... and she loved it. Her coat is always shiny and soft and I love knowing when her batch was made. It's always fresh and have never had a problem with that. I won't feed her anything else.

The best rabbit food

Posted by Fiona

My bunnies love it and I love the ingredients. The best rabbit food by far.

Happy Bunnies!

Posted by Bees On Earth

My bunnies have eaten this food all of their lives. They have beautiful coats, shiny bright eyes and are full of life. I wouldn't feed them any other commercial food. I live in western NY state and always have my fingers crossed that it will be available locally soon. One of the best local chains who might be interested in carrying your product is Country Max. Thank you so much for producing this awesome nutrition for our bunnies!

Loved by Bunnies

Posted by undefined

My two rabbits and my fosters love Adult Rabbit Food. I love the fact that I can free feed! It's shipped fast and always gets here in great condition. We are sold and look no where else!

Five Star Food for 5-Star Rabbits

Posted by Eunice

Sherwood's Adult Rabbit Food is a fantastic find. All you need to do is open the bag to discover the difference. Sherwood's looks fresher, smells amazingly "green" and fresh, and our rabbits LOVE it. They race across the pen as soon as we put the bowl of Sherwood's down, and there's never a morsel left. I'm thrilled with Sherwood's and I'm sure you will be too!

The Best Rabbit Food Ever!

Posted by undefined

This is the best rabbit food! Our rabbit, Thumper, loves this rabbit food. We love that it is all natural ingredients. This is the only rabbit food that we will feed our rabbit.


Posted by K. Hoy

The Sherwood Forest adult rabbit food is an affordable quality product that my 2 rabbits love! I can smell the nourishment even in the last scoop and it's firm texture does not crumble in the bottom of the box. I feel confident serving the pellets and I have 2 happy bunnies!

Very Happy

Posted by undefined

My baby angora had a hard start with the food...He wouldn't touch it! But I stuck it out with him for a few weeks and when he decided to actually 'try' it, he ate it like a pig! I am pleased with the food. It smells very fresh and I do like the ingredients. Good customer service too! One thing that I noticed right away was the smell of his litter box greatly reduced...even when he was already on a no corn, no soy pellet before, the Sherwood forest still reduced the odor greatly. I love this food! Thanks for a great product and God bless!

Love it!

Posted by Silvia Mojica

I only buy food for my gunther off Sherwood. He loves and enjoys eating his pallets. Thank you for the great, fast, and amazing service.

Nothing but Sherwood!

Posted by Cynthia

I didn't realize how much my buns love Sherwood until recently, when I ran out and bought a wee bag of their old brand (a respected & widely recommended brand, that nonetheless has fillers) to hold them over. Well that "designer/vet recommended" stuff smelled like sweetened chalk to me (comes with a "designer" price too) and my buns refused to eat it! They would only eat hay until their Sherwood was delivered!

My bunny loved it!

Posted by undefined

My bunny loves this food and just devours it. At first her didn't like it and would actually try to bite me when I tried to feed it to him. LOL! But after awhile, it grew on him. Now he devours it and smooshes his face against the walls of his house begging for more when he's ready to eat again. I also loves how quickly it ships, how wonderfully it's packaged and the customer service is really great.

Good and nutritious

Posted by Julie

My bunnies love these pellets! We lived in Germany for several years where you can easily find nutritious rabbit pellets in pet stores. Upon moving back to the States, I could not find any commercial rabbit food in pet stores that had the right balance of minerals, nutrients and ingredients. It was a great relief to find Sherwood Forest. The Sherwood Forest pellets are high quality, correctly balanced food,easily ordered and delivered quickly. Thanks!

Best food I ever used!!

Posted by Lynn

My holland lop and mini Rex has used this product for a year. They love it!!! They are beautiful healthy rabbits because of these pellets. Also, every order has been on time and delivered within 3-5 days. The pellets has always been fresh and clean. The reliable service is a plus. I feel I don't have to worry about going to the store for other food.

Great Coat

Posted by undefined

I have 2 French Angora rabbits that I raise for fiber. I used to use just regular pellets but decided to switch when the older one started losing weight and his hair turned so bad it wasn't even harvestable. Both bunnies now love Sherwood Forest Pellets and eat it all down as soon as I give it to them, sometimes they even knock down the bowl in the process because they get so excited! Thank you Sherwood!

Velvet Noir loves it

Posted by Sandra

I did a search on Google to find the best rabbit food out there. This was one of the brands that was mentioned the most. No nasty ingredients added. He's very shiny, uber soft and he goes nuts for the food.

Softest fur ever!

Posted by Lisa N.

Love the food; the bunnies love it too. It's good knowing how fresh it is. Wish that I received some sort of lowered price for buying in bulk, and being a rabbit foster mom.


Posted by Christine Pizzutello

This food is obviously fresh. It is a beautiful color green and has a very fresh, grassy smell to it. I feel much better about feeding this food to our bunnies!

The BEST!!

Posted by Hayley

Navigating the world of rabbit kibble can be daunting. It's incredible to come across a brand that is actually SAFE & promotes health rather than hooks them on things that are a detriment to their longevity. I feel confident offering SHERWOOD to my bun, as it is free of every bad filler most (if not all) companies sneak into their pellets. Thank you SHERWOOD for helping me keep my bun in excellent condition!

Smells so good I could roll in it!

Posted by undefined

My buns love this food! Always excellent quality! Each time I open a package, the food smells amazing. I just sit there and sniff it for a minute before I feed the bunnies! Very fast shipping and reasonable prices too! :-)

Frosty' love for Sherwood

Posted by Frosty

Frosty has been on Sherwood since he was 8 weeks old. He is now 3 and comes running when he hears the sound of fresh pellets in his bowl. I recently took him to the vet for a nail trim and a general check up. He is the perfect weight and his coat is amazing! Although my vet discouraged me from only feeding pellets and must include hay, I am confident that Frosty is getting the best food out there. He has never had diarrhea or blockage and his teeth are perfect! Sherwood also provides excellent customer service and available to answer questions about rabbit nutrition. We love Sherwood!


Posted by Karen

My rabbit gobbles this food up! She is so happy she can eat to her hearts content. She is a rescue that was found starved in an abandoned house. We are looking forward to the organic version. GMOs are nasty.

adult rabbit food

Posted by Lorraine

I love the quality of this pellet. Ingrediants, and the great green color make this a must have for your bunny My one suggestion would be that the pellet was thicker in very flat faced netherland dwarf bunny has a problem picking them up to eat them !!LOL

Like walking into a barn

Posted by undefined

Smells so fresh and the color is vivid green. Our rabbits love the food and are as healthy as can be!

Buns love this food

Posted by undefined

I have two lionheads who are both about a year or two old and they love these pellets (I feed them the adult formula). They are both a healthy weight and size and binky everyday. One of my buns has only been with us for three months and she's trimmed down noticeably and she becomes more active all the time.

Luna Approved

Posted by Robin S

Top notch food. Our English Lop Luna can't get enough. Such a shiny coat.

Good specs

Posted by undefined

I chose this rabbit food after coming back from Germany. It was easy to find good food for rabbits, that meet the best guideline specifications, in any pet supply store there. Finding commercial rabbit food, that you should feed to a house rabbit, in retail stores in the States is almost impossible. I was grateful to find good quality food for my bunnies through Sherwood.

Superb quality

Posted by Lisa N

Their coats have never been shinier. Our older bun (10years) seems more active

The best of the best

Posted by Elizabeth Hopkins

Very pleased that a company looks at a rabbits needs and works to give them that. Love that the food is fresh and comes quickly. Thanks for everything!

The best!

Posted by Brenda Mealey

Sherwood Forest is the best rabbit food there is! All six of my bunnies love it. Their fur looks so much better and they are all healthier. My vet also thinks it is the best!

Best Rabbit Feed on the Planet

Posted by Miriam

I am so very happy I found Sherwood Forest Feed and this wonderful company. More importantly, my little cream and white Netherland is very happy (:3 She is just so pretty; her coat is full and soft, and she is lively, alert and frisky. I started her on the Baby Bunny feed at four weeks, continuing with the Adult Rabbit Feed at 13 weeks. I am ordering 6 pounds at a time. It arrives in two days. It is wonderfully fresh and the bunny eats it with no problems. I will not even think about any other feed.

Best rabbit food ever!

Posted by undefined

I love this company! The food is always SUPER fresh. Shipping is quick and easy.

Healthiest Rabbit Food

Posted by undefined

I wanted healthy pallets made with grass for my two adult rabbits and was happy to find these! Luckily my rabbits like them too. These are all they eat, except for a small portion of veggie or fruits per day. I am glad to say my rabbits are healthy and happy!

Great pellets!

Posted by Patti

I am just finishing up my first 19 pound box of pellets. The bunnies love it and there is barely and dust in the bottom!


Posted by Sherry

I started out with the juvenile version but then moved on to the adult version and the result is the same. She comes running when I take her bowl to fill. Let me say, she is a Flemish Giant rabbit and eats a fair amount but it's way worth it to me as she loves it and is very healthy. Keep up the good work!!

Rabbits give rave reviews

Posted by EAG

From the moment you open the box, you know something is different (and better). You can see the difference and you can smell the difference. This is the greenest, freshest smelling food you'll ever feed your rabbits. You'll feel good about what you're feeding your little buddies, and they'll feel great about what they're eating.

Best Bun-Bun Food Ever!

Posted by undefined

You can really tell the difference with the high quality bunny food you get when you first open the package. The grains are bright green and not a dull gray-ish tan like in other food pellets you see in most pet stores. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants maintain a healthy rabbit diet for their pet.

She loves it !

Posted by Marie A

my Daisy absolutely loves her new food ! always looking for more. She only gets a small amount at a time with her hay. Now the trick is to always have some on hand. That's why I got 19 pounds ! packed it way in airtight containers so it will last a while . Thank-you so much !!

Rosie the Giant tried to rip the box out of my hands

Posted by Holly

I have 7 Buns and all but one went crazy on just the smell alone. Rosie, the Flemish Giant mix tired to rip open the box for me. All the others were just as excited to eat it & gobbled it up. Except for Lucky. He wouldn't touch it. The problem is he is the one who needs it. I usually don't feed pellets. I don't like what is in all the other pellets in the stores, so I only feed hay and greens. Except Lucky. He is a rescue who only ate junk. He also has misaligned teeth, so he has trouble eating hay. He has to have his teeth trimmed every 3 weeks and does better with pellets. He snubbed the new food. I would say regular pellets are like eating McDonalds everyday, so I am sure he is addicted to junk food. I'll keep trying.

It's fantastic, buns love it!

Posted by Stephanie

It smells so good and the bunnies love it!

:( Won't Touch It

Posted by ccbunny

Unfortunately, just because I think food looks and smells great for my buns - and truly is better for them, this DID NOT work. They will not touch it. I've tried for well over a month, mixing with their old food and even giving them only this. I was even sent a sample bag of the baby formula to give them, or mix with it to get them started. All to no avail :( They won't touch it or eat everything but. They are very small dwarf bunnies and barely get a tablespoon twice a day between the two of them. Kudos to Sherwood Forest for trying to work with me, but it appears that what I have will be a donation to the Rescue that I volunteer for.

My flemmie LOVES this!

Posted by JustJen

When I brought my flemish giant home, his urine smelled so strongly I had to completely empty and refill his LARGE litter box everyday. (He had been eating farm store rabbit chow) Two weeks after finishing the transition to sherwood, I'm confident I could go three or four days without changing his litter and there would be no smell. His coat is looking so much better and he LOVES to eat his pellets.

very fresh product

Posted by william toth

Bunny loves the food. Great prices and fresh food.


Posted by Varner

I wouldn't buy anything else. This is all natural.

beautful happy bunnies!

Posted by undefined

I am so happy to have found this bunny food! The pellets are rich, beautiful green and the bunnies love them! Their coats are thick and beautiful. Their urine is much, much less strong smelling. They just look great. We free feed Timothy hay and they get daily greens as well. I was really worried about feeding them right, but not now after finding this high quality food. Oh, and I can't say enough good things about how easy it is to order and how fast the processing and shipping times are.

A Hoppier bunny indeed!

Posted by undefined

My bunny was having terrible troubles with fecal. That's all gone now ! He's noticeably happier with lots of spunk and dance! His fur is growing like crazy and his coat is nice and soft. And he loves his food! His appetite has tripled too!!! Enjoys being hand fed as well !

Much better than feed store stuff.

Posted by James in WYO

I was recommended to try this with my girls at the beginning of summer and have found it to be worth every penny. Much more active, better coats, just all around much better. Can't wait for the organic.

Great Stuff!

Posted by Hopalong Hollow

I run a rabbit rescue and recently switched to Sherwood Forest adult pellets for free feeding. The bunnies love it and I am thrilled with the way we are able to use far less hay since I am violently allergic to hay! Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

Fresh and Healthy

Posted by undefined

I just love this rabbit food! My holland babies are so healthy. I never have issues with weaning. The food is so fresh, I don't have to worry about mold issues.

Elderbun thrives

Posted by Gail

I have an elderbun who is 11 1/2. He had smudgebutt that did not respond to treatment until I switched to Sherwood Forest Adult. Within 2 days he was free and clear of excess cecals and smudgebutt. There was no 'break in' period. He sucked it up like a Hoover the first day. Thank you so much!

Excellent Rabbit Food

Posted by Debbie

Our Rabbit, Socks, is much healthier, has a shinier coat and just looks great when eating this product.

Great product

Posted by Valorie T

This rabbit food is shipped quickly and my bunny loves it.

Smells GREAT, but buns won't eat. : (

Posted by Stephanie R

Unfortunately, after first mixing food to get them used to it and then mixing with baby rabbit food - only 1 (mini-rex) will eat it. Sometimes my 2nd mini-rex will, but my Dutch and 2 Lionheads just eat around it and leave it all in the bowel. Ugh... it smells GREAT! WONDERFUL!! and I KNOW it is so much better for them, but I've tried all that I know and they just won't eat it. I VERY MUCH appreciate the customer service!!!! They sent me FREE a small package of baby rabbit food to see if it would help them get used to it. REALLY wish it had of. Smells good enough to eat and came very FRESH.

Keeping it natural

Posted by Lisa N

My bunnies all love this food, and I feel good about providing it for them. Since I am part of a foster network, and voluntarily give of my time and resources, I wish Sherwood Forest would recognize me with reduced shipping costs and/or a bulk discount.

Go crazy

Posted by Varner

I will always buy your food. My rabbits go crazy when they are feed.

Fresh, Vibrant Green Rabbit Food

Posted by Jen

The first time I purchased this adult rabbit food, I was immediately impressed by the fresh color and aroma. It was such a stark difference from the dull, lifeless, cardboard-looking stuff from the pet store. Our two rabbits are very happy eating it, along with a supply of timothy hay and the occasional salad. I am very pleased to have found Sherwood Forest, and would not even consider going back to the processed name-brand stuff.

My bunny loves it!

Posted by undefined

It's hard to find a non-GMO option for pet food, but thankfully Sherwood makes it and does so at a reasonable price. And my picky little bunny loves it, so everyone's happy.

Wonderful food!

Posted by DM

My rabbits practically inhail this! I have never fed pellets because they always have grains and soy in them and often sugar as well.. I found out about this product and tried it. It's a hit and they get a small serving a day and also get it as a special treat.

The "girls" love their new food!

Posted by Wendy

Just place my order on Monday afternoon for this food for our young does and it arrived Wednesday morning! Talk about quick. I am amazed at how this food smells and looks. It smells wonderful and the texture looks so much more appetizing than those brown round pellets I had been buying. The "girls" love their new food and I am so excited to have found something so good for them.......oh yeah, and no yucky pellet dust at the bottom of the bag . Also their customer service is phenomenal - had a couple of questions for them and both David and Bob got back to me right away. They really care!!

Awesome product!!

Posted by Jody

I tried the 2lb free sample and my bun just went nuts over it! Came back and bought 12 more pounds! The minute I rattle the pellets, my bun starts running in circles and thumping with excitement!! He's been on Maintenance and Support Rabbit Food for about a month now and his coat is so shiny and sleek and he is much more playful! Thank you Sherwood Forest!

Great product!

Posted by Matthew

In bulk it costs just as much or less than the inferior and unhealthy food that pet stores sell but in my opinion if it did cost more I would still buy it. Not only have I seen an improvement in my bunnies health but they are happier as well. I get the impression the the poor quality food from the pet store was not comfortable for them to digest not to mention all the other bad things about it (read the details on this website, you will learn a lot). Thank you so much for providing this great food for our bunnies. I can't imagine having to buy the inferior, unhealthy food that is sold everywhere else.

Feeling Confident

Posted by Pamela DeRensis

My two bunnies love it! I feel very confident in my choice of natural rabbit food for my bunny boys. I know it's only good stuff and not additives that I have to worry about later.

Healthy bunnies!

Posted by Jacque

I am new to being a rabbit owner after rescuing two rabbits. I went online to find out what rabbit diets should consist of and got a bit overwhelmed. I give them a variety of fresh greens and treats but I love knowing that Sherwood Forest is a complete nutritional meal that they both eat right up!

Silkier fur

Posted by undefined

I ordered this food for my rabbit Scout and my MIL's rabbit Andy. Andy's fur was thin and wire like. It is amazing, but after 2 weeks on this food, he has soft, shinier and thicker fur. Scout's fur is even softer than it was. They love this food and we love what it is doing for their coats.

The best

Posted by Summer of

We have tried a lot of different foods since our bunny is a senior 9 years old and this last year had gastro intestinal problem and is supposed to have timothy hay but he wasn't eating much of it but when we found this kibble he went wild with excitement and seems healed.

My lionhead loves this stuff

Posted by Kalie

Seems very nutritious! Everything was fresh and delivered quickly! No complaints and my bunny loves it! I even think his coat is shinier now!

Bunny Bliss

Posted by undefined

My daughter's new 3 month old Holland Lop bun loves Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit food. He is always standing at the gate to his home when he see's his bowl. Thanks for a great product!

Bunny prefers Sherwood Forest

Posted by Alexandra

My daughter neglected to tell me until last night that she was out of Sherwood Rabbit feed for our bunny and had been since that morning. I ran down to the grocery store to grab a bag of bunny feed to tide him over until I could get in a new bag or box of Sherwood feed, and that smart little bunny took one sniff and dumped his feed all over the cage floor! Guess not only do do his humans appreciate Sherwood Forest feed, but this bunny does too! Needless to say, we will not be running out of feed again! Thanks for such a top quality product.

Vegan Rabbit Pellets A Welcome Change!

Posted by Jonathan Grindell

I was stoked to discover rabbit pellets made from timothy hay without vitamin D3, which is derived from sheep. So far, the pickier of the 2 companion rabbits I care for is all about the pellets! Good stuff :)

Best rabbit good ever!

Posted by Roberta

My "boy" is going on 11 years now..... Last 4 years he's been souly on this food ! It smells so good when I open the box ! Fresh, fresh, fresh! I owe a lot of my rabbits ongoing health to the nutrients Found in this mixture.... I've turned all my Bunny Mates on to the delicious formula, And the people that work at and for this company Are just great! Keep up the great work!

Quality food for your Rabbit

Posted by undefined

My rabbits have been eating this organic pellet for a couple of years now and continue to thrive. Our Vet finally tried the food with some of her rabbits. She wondered what is in the food that especially make it better for older rabbits. I said its not what's in the food, it's what's not in the food - soy. Rabbits should eat this food throughout their life not just when older.

Rabbit food

Posted by Elizabeth Hopkins

We have been extremely happy with the rabbit food from Sherwood. We are not loosing money. That is a blessing. Thank you for providing high quality food.

incredibly soft coat!

Posted by Meredith

We began buying Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food for our rabbits shortly after we adopted our first bunny. He has loved it! He always has an incredibly soft coat. We sometimes use the pellets as small treats because he loves them so much. When we adopted our second rabbit, we bought some of the food she had been eating at her farm. When we began mixing her farm food with Sherwood Forest's food, she soon began picking out just the Sherwood Forest food and ignoring the farm food! Both of our rabbits practically attack us in the morning when they know their pellets are coming. They get more excited about Sherwood Forest's pellets than they do their salads in the evenings! The customer service at Sherwood is wonderful as well. I wholeheartedly give Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit food 5 stars. Thank you!

Absolutely loves your food!!!!!

Posted by Lisa

My 4 month old lop ear absolutely loves your food!!!!! It smells so fesh and she atacks the bin when I go to replenish her feed dish!! I would absolutely rate this product and your company as a 5++++. I think the convenience of ordering online and the quick shipping, from my perspective is awesome, and my bunny loves the food. My other rabbit used to eat another product for almost 2 years, and was overweight and really did not love the food. This new bunny will NEVER have another product because this is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My bunnies love it!

Posted by Julia

I used to buy the rabbit food in the store with the seeds and different colored pellets. I was in horror when I did research online only to find out that that is the worst food you can feed rabbits. So then I found this food and I was so pleased that it was around the same price I was paying before, but a much better quality. My rabbits were skeptical at first but now they love it! When I come down in the morning to feed them they weave in between my feet and can't wait to chow down on their food. This is definitely worth your money to buy, and it is good knowing that it is good for them too!

Too High in Fat

Posted by

These pellets have 5% fat which is way too high. Our rabbit expert vet warned us that any pellet with more than 2 MAYBE 3% total fat content can cause health problems. I wish the fat content was lower as these pellets are extremely fresh and high quality. NOTE FROM BIOLOGIST: Rabbits are far more efficient at digesting and using fat (up to 10% depending upon life-stage) than digesting starch. Most formulas add grains (starch) for energy but these just end up in the caecum and contribute to bloat. Ironically starch that enters the caecum is converted to fats that are absorbed by the rabbit and then used.

One happy, healthy rabbit!

Posted by ScottyB

We've been given our rabbit this product for almost his entire 4 years of life and he has remained incredibly healthy, happy, sweet, and looking great! As with all of us humans, we're certain he is so healthy because of the excellent diet he gets. We give him as much as he wants, he'll eat until he's full then save some later. We are more than pleased with this product and highly recommend it to all our friends and family members. Thanks Sherwood for such a great product!

Hoppy hoppy bunnies

Posted by Janice Long

We can not express how satisfied we are about our first experience with Sherwood. To have found a feed and company that meets and exceeds the standards and goes above and beyond. This is the first time our bunny Marshall did not throw his dish and was instead he was holding the dish down to make sure it did not move. We would recommend Sherwood to everyone who is looking for a fresh healthy feed from a company that is very quick about answer question and super fast shipping. This will most definitely be the only place we go for our bunny feed. Thank You Sherwood Forest for caring about our bunnies as much as we do.

Wonderful Green

Posted by Roxy

Nipoleon just LOVES his adult rabbit diet of timothy hay pellets. And he is quite addicted to it. So fresh, so green. I would eat it if I was a bunny, or hungry enough!

Mmmmmm smells good!

Posted by Cynthia

Great stuff! Arrived in a timely manner, fair price, smells so good and most important, all of my buns love it! I love that there is no junk in fillers like grains & soy, no peanuts (what's up with those fiesta mix foods anyhow?) and it smells fresh, fresh, fresh!

safe for all animals on the farm

Posted by Leslie

I searched high & low for a rabbit food that was grain free. I have goats as well & did not want to worry about them eating grain. This is a quality product healthy for all animals on the farm! Thank you for being a pioneer in the making the change towards less grain in our animal diets. Happy i found you!

Not a Hay Eater? Try Maintenance & Support!

Posted by Stacey

My Della is over 10 years old, has a couple of missing molars, and needs frequent molar remodeling (floating.)She's also eats so little hay that I can't tell she's eaten any. The M&S pellets have been great for her! You can tell a rabbit is eating well by its poop. Big + plentiful = healthy rabbit, right? Della's is now plentiful and of a healthy size. She likes the M&S and will go right back to it even right after a molar remodel. It's such a relief for me to know she's getting the fiber she needs!

Smells so fresh and delicious everytime I scoop the food to my buns! It makes me want to be a rabbit!

Posted by Roberta Tomaino

Same as above!

what a fresh product

Posted by Lena

Love the product but most of all, bunnies love it. Would love to see a little bit bigger pellet size. Fresh, great product with nutritional analysis included in shipping!!

Excellent quality!

Posted by undefined

Fantastic, thank you!

Good Chow

Posted by Eliza

Daniel seems to enjoy the food very much. It is a very rich color compared to the standard chow, and I like that it doesn't have all the GMO corn and soybeans. His urine since he's been on it doesn't seem to smell quite as strong which makes it nice because he is an inside rabbit. I would highly recommend this product.

My Monroe loves these!

Posted by Corinne

My Dwarf Hothot Monroe can't get enough of these pellets! I wanted to give him pellets in addition to his grass hay but he refused to eat the store bought pellets. Once I bought these I could see why! These pellets are so fresh he would eat the whole bag if I let him. Plus I feel good knowing they are a high quality pellet that will help keep him healthy. I recommend these to anyone who has a picky pellet eater

Best food ever!

Posted by Monic

My bun bun is in the best health! his coat is soft and he has so much fun energy! He gets all crazy for his meals too.

Healthy, Happy, Handsome Bun

Posted by Riockets

Really appreciate quality food for our precious dwarf rabbit, Sebastian, in these days of sinking compromise of value in so much American commerce. Thank you for organic pellets we can trust and feed in confidence. Pet stores are full of junk -- even treats with sugar as the first ingredient on the label! Keep up the good work.

Penelope deserves nothing but the best!!!!

Posted by Sherry Ruppel

I finally had my dream come true a few months back when I finally got a baby giant flemish rabbit. In preparing for her arrival I came across this at Fosters & Smith. So I purchased some baby formula and the complete for adults. From the very start she loved it. After I switched her to the adult complete , it seems as though she took a few days to get used to it. I just fill her bowl when needed and she is one happy rabbit !! In fact she actually popcorns just like a guinea pig which I have NEVER seen a rabbit do in all the years I've had them. People think I'm nuts to spend this much on her food but she is so happy and healthy I don't have a problem with it as in my opinion it is worth every last penny!! Now when needed I order it directly from you guys so it's a win win for me!!!

Great food, super fast shipping

Posted by undefined

I ordered a sample bag of the food pellets, because the ingredient list looked better than what I had originally been feeding. The package came only 2 days later, super fast shipping. The bunnies like the new food and seem to be doing well on it, so I'm back to buy a full bag now :)

excellent food!

Posted by undefined

This food smells super fresh, my bunny loves it and has lost weight! It is so cost effective and lasts a long time. Thank you Sherwood!

Happy, healthy bunny

Posted by undefined

Bunny loves it, and his poops look great. Also, the pricing on these pellets is amazing, esp. when you consider the quality. So glad I found out about Sherwood.

Bunny Approved

Posted by undefined

We have been feeding this to our lop-bunnies for over a year, and they love it. It always smells fresh, and comes quickly. Their formula for both babies and adults has kept my girls healthy and happy!


Posted by undefined


Bunny Likes It

Posted by undefined

since I have been feeding this food I noticed that my bunny is pooping less & the litter box doesn't smell so much like ammonia. I am happy my friend suggested I try SF rabbit food!!

Our bunnie was brought back to life

Posted by Summer of

We are so grateful for finding this amazing rabbit food. Our rabbit is 9 years old and we rescued him 8 years ago. We almost lost him twice this past year. Now that we have him on this food he has been flourishing. He loves it and we are thrilled. Thank you. Summer

My bunnies LOVE it

Posted by MK

They go nuts when it's pellet time now. Theyve never loved their pellets so much . The fact it's all pure is just the icing on the bunny food.

AMAZING rabbit food

Posted by Katie

I have been searching for an all natural food for years, and this food is it! No filler or JUNK, and my rabbits coats have never been this beautiful EVER. They are amazingly shiny and soft, just gorgeous. I will never feed anything else :~)

The best product on the market

Posted by undefined

It's the only product my rabbit eat and love so thank you for making a quality item. I highly. Recommend. To anyone with a rabbit again thanks

The best rabbit food

Posted by Paula Varner

Since my rabbits have been eating your pellets I see a big difference in there poop. Was soft and a mess but not now. They enjoy it. Will buy this from now on.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these pellets

Posted by undefined

Best pellets in my opinion and my rabbits don't think otherwise.

Simply Amazing!

Posted by Hillary Mathews

I read the entire site and decided to give it a try. I was immediately impressed that the "made on" date was within days of my order arriving. Second, when I opened up the bag I was impressed again at the dark green color and fresh fragrant natural smell of the pellets. My young Holland Lop took to it immediately and my fussy mini Rex was, well fussy about it at first, but now she does binkies for it! I just received my third order of the food. My buns are healthy, happy and are maintaining proper weights. I am one happy bunny momma! Thank you for your efforts to create and provide an exceptional product for our beloved pets!

Great Feed

Posted by Aimee E

This is great food that is healthy for my sweet bunny. So glad I found it!

Looks good

Posted by Christine W.

It looks worlds better than oxbow or kay-tee: dark green, fragrant, not much dust. Buns weren't crazy about it at first, probably because it isn't as sweet and tasty as the heavily processed stuff. Now they scarf it up.

Very Happy

Posted by Kimberly

My bunny, Rabbot, loves this food, but he doesn't overeat on it. He was getting a little chubby before I started my switch, and now he has slimmed down. He is happy, bright, and I've noticed his house doesn't smell as bad as it had on other foods and he is shedding less! You owe it to yourself and your bun to give this food a try.


Posted by Dan

Rabbit loved it! Ordering more now!

Luxurious rabbit!

Posted by undefined

My bun is three years old; I just switched him to SF in December after a friend told me about it. Nein loves the new food and is doing very well health wise. When I had him in the vet's office two weeks ago the vet commented while petting him, "This rabbit's fur is so luxurious!" - I highly recommend Sherwood Forest.

Safe and Awesome

Posted by undefined

Both of my bunnies seem to like the pellets very much -- their dishes are always empty waiting for more!

Best food for my bunnies

Posted by undefined

Very awesome service and my rabbits love the food !Thank you so much!! Will continue to buy from this company!!!

My rabbit Poof

Posted by Gentle World, Inc.

He is 9 years old and has had digestive problems this past year. We finally came about your kibble with flax and he is flourishing. A miracle indeed! I was searching for a kibble that was vegan and this is the first one we found. Most kibbles have D3 and it is from an animal source and rabbits are herbivores. So we are thrilled to have it. Thank you for your great Sherwood Forest kibble

The best food!

Posted by Erin Ramsey

David and Bob, Thank you for making a pelleted food that I feel good about feeding my bunnies (and our rescue buns!)Everyone loves Sherwood Forest! I love how green it is and fresh it smells. Signed, a Sherwood customer for life!

Finicky at first

Posted by undefined

I received my sample package, and started gradually mixing it into their current pelleted food. At first the new pellets were left in the food bowl. My bunnies have started eating the Sherwood food and seem to like it. I have one that is a very chunky bunnie, and I'm hoping this new food will help him slim back down.

Hasn't fully switched over...

Posted by Vicki

My bunny is old and does like timothy hay and timothy pellets. My vet recommended Omega 3's for his coat as it became very dry. It seemed best to find a feed he will eat as a way to supplement. However, he is still picking his old pure timothy pellets out of the new feed. It certainly smells fresh. I'd give it a try if I were a rabbit, and I am not giving up on it yet as I have never read about a product that sounds so good for rabbits.

What I love about Sherwood Naturals

Posted by W Hurst

I have hunted and hunted for good rabbit food. Just when I think I've found one, I will spot things like soy, or corn, or Aspergillus Niger (isn't that black mold?). When I read Sherwood Natural's ingredients, there was no cringing, no exclamations of REALLY? Just a sigh of relief at having found a food that really is as good as it smells.

My rabbits digestive system is definitely better!

Posted by Bonnie

I have 4 bunnies. 2 of them have had problems with pooey butt. I increased hay, pulled vegies, etc. Then I heard about your food. My rabbits love it and are perfectly happy with your pellets and hay. No more yucky butt!

Excellent Product

Posted by Shari M, from Silver Spring, Maryland

Sherwood Forest Pet Rabbit Food (M/S Formula) is an integral part of my rabbit's daily diet, and a food source they are never without...and in addition, it is peace of mind for me, knowing that they are receiving optimum balanced nutrition as a part of their wholesome diet. I highly recommend this product to all rabbit caregivers.

Still in SAMPLING mode.

Posted by Karen

The pellets look and smell great! However, I'm mixing one pellet with another so they don't get upset stomach. I think they like it!? It looks good to me!

Smells like freshly cut alfalfa!

Posted by Wendy Madison

The pellets are a beautiful green and smell like a freshly cut field of alfalfa. Twitch, my bunny, is healthy and happy on Sherwood Forest food.

My buns love it!

Posted by Sherri

I understand that it is healthy for them....but an additional reason to feed it is they like it!

Bunnies go crazy for this stuff!

Posted by Ashley

The first time I got my free box my buns were hopping with joy! Their fur looks excellent and my big girl is looking slimmer each day. If it makes them happy, it make me happy. (:

My bunnies LOVE it - and i do too!

Posted by Bees On Earth

We've been buying Sherwood Forest Natural rabbit food for 3 years now. Not only do Chocolate, Treble and Moo Cow all love the pellets, no other food provides them the sheen and shine and quality of their fur. This is a winter where they need every bit of warmth their angora fur will provide. They're withstanding the temperatures in the garage just fine - if only the water bottles wouldn't freeze so often - lol! Fingers and paws crossed that someday soon the bunny food won't need to travel from Utah to western NY. I'd LOVE to have a local distributor nearby. xoxo

My bunny's love it

Posted by Austin Torres

I've tried a few pellets of food but Sherwood is the best by far, I would highly recommended

Bunnies like it!

Posted by undefined

Both of our bunnies like it a lot. Thanks for the generous free sample. It is finally running out, so we are ordering more.

Our rabbit seems happy and healthy!

Posted by undefined

Our bunny seems to love it and he's happy and healthy! He's never appeared to have any digestion issues and feeds freely until hes full then leaves the rest for later. We're 100% satisfied with this product and always recommend it to anyone who asks us questions about having this guy as a pet.

Great quality

Posted by undefined

My friend and I have been feeding this food to our new bunny and we're really happy with it! Our bunny loves the food and we're happy that she's eating food that is good for her.

Best Bunny Food Ever!

Posted by undefined

I used to feed Oxbow and believe it was the best... Till I found this food! My bunnies (4, 3, 2) have always been more veggie eaters, but now they go for their pellets every time! And they're grain and soy-free! Woo hoo!


Posted by undefined

Belvedere loves his food! Great food and good customer service.

buns gone wild!

Posted by April Koonce

My kids are not that particular...but they will let me know if it REALLY pleases them. I put the pellets in an air tight container. When Pebbles, my himi-rex realized they were in there, at about 5:30am she decided to try and go self-service. She tipped over the container trying to help herself. Thankfully, the top does not come off easily. But she now has a habit of letting me know when it is time for brekkie! And my lop boy Furrgus doest even let me get it poured in his bowl before he knocks me out of the way and spills half the serving on the floor ....but don't be mistaken, he eats every single pellet!

Very satisfied pet!

Posted by undefined

the food smells fresh and is nice and green. My bunny took to it right away and I also give it to our chinchilla. I love the quality and the price can't be beat! We were using oxbow but it was so much money for a small bag and having to constantly reorder was a pain. I like I can buy 19lbs at a time and get a better quality product than oxbow!!!

Best rabbit food you can get!

Posted by Stephani

I have 3 bunnies and they LOVE your maintenance pellets. Their coats are beautiful and they are energetic and happy all the time!

elderly rabbits

Posted by Bonnie Pulver

I have 4 rabbits and they love Sherwood! They are all older (7+) and I find their diets are changing. There are certain foods that they can no longer handle. I know now that they are getting the balanced diet they need.

Fresh is best

Posted by undefined

I love the Maintenance & Support rabbit food by Sherwood Forest! It smells and looks fresh and both my rabbits love it. I had been feeding them timothy pellets on the advice of my vet because one of them tends to get urine crystals (sludge); however, I was appalled at all the fillers (soy, etc.) in the timothy pellets available at the local feed & pet stores. I was worried about using the Sherwood Forest alfalfa/timothy mix, so I emailed and David Sherwood responded with some pretty detailed information about calcium uptake and the ingredients used in their product. My bun has been doing terrific after about 6 months of using Sherwood Forest. My rabbits have also lost their excess fat, even though I free-feed them the Sherwood Forest. I 100% recommend this food!

perfect pellet for bunnies who can't eat hay!

Posted by Kat

Sherwood Forest pellets are perfect for my toothless wonder who can't chew hay and the smaller size pellet makes it easier for him to eat with the few teeth he does have. He is almost 12 and has become playful again which I attribute to the better nutrition in these pellets. My other 4 bunnies love them too. Thanks for making such an excellent product for our precious buns.

Our rabbits have beautiful hair coats and love their food!

Posted by Ron & Traci

Since we have switched our rabbits from the 'crappy' grocery store pellets, Miss Dorothy Nibbles & Norman have such wonderful hair coats. Less shedding. It's shiny. They are very glamorous looking and Happy! That's the best part. They really enjoy this food. Thank you To Sherwood Forest!

All of my bunnies are on Sherwood!!!!!!!

Posted by Maria

This has to be the most amazing rabbit food ever! My rabbits LOVE LOVE LOVE this food. I will never switch back to what I was using before! My rabbits are happier and healthier! The customer service that you get when you become a customer is just amazing. You dont see this type of customer service anywhere now a days. You cant go wrong here, AMAZING product and AMAZING customer service, why go anywhere else?

Best pellet for wool breed!

Posted by Nate

Fantastic. I have not had a poopy bumb since I switched. That is saying a ton for a wool breed.

Super Bunny!

Posted by undefined

Our 7 month old Holland Lop Bunny has been on Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food since he came to live with us at 8 weeks of age. He loves his food and does laps around his cage until the bowl is delivered. His coat is soft and beautiful and he is full of energy. We are very pleased with the product.

Great Food, Great Price, Everything Nice!

Posted by Anthony Sorrentino

I was recommended to you by a friend of mine who has rabbits and uses Sherwood. I am very happy to have given them a shot. My rabbit loooves the "Pet Rabbit Food Mix" and its perfect for him since he is sensitive to sugar and getting him off of sugared pellets. Smells and looks fresh with great options of how much pellets you want to buy at a time. Highly recommend! FAST SHIPPING TOO !!! A+++++++++++++

Great Rabbit Food

Posted by Raenell

Both my girls love these pellets, their coats, eyes, etc look great, they have lots of energy and look very healthy. I'm thankful I found a healthy pellet for them.

Happy I found you !

Posted by Lee Ann

My bunny loves your food pellets. His eyes are clear now and hes finally putting on much needed weight after a bout of GI stasis and weight loss from the commercial foods made for pet rabbits which are loaded with soy, corn and other cheap and deadly ingredients. I am so happy to have found you.!

Rumple loves it!!

Posted by Donna Hummer

I was feeding Rumple Mazuri rabbit food and he seemed to like it just fine. I got a sample of Sherwood for him to try and he just loved it. So I ordered him a 19 pound box and slowly introduced the Maintenance with his current food for a couple of weeks. He's strictly on Sherwood Maintenance, thriving, and doing very well. I still give him hay along with the food for extra fiber and because he's used to having his hay every day :)

The absolute BEST rabbit food!!!!

Posted by undefined

I bought my son a holland lop bunny for Christmas...he wanted one sooooo bad! We found the perfect bunny for him; and He named her Holly. So we call her: Holly the Holland Lop Christmas Bunny! We wanted something very good for her to eat...she started out on Kaytee Fiesta baby bunny food(which came with the cage set we purchased). That food was NO good..Her poop was very soft and runny all the time. I started looking for something that was really good and nutritious for her, and I came across your website. We ordered the free sample, and almost immediately there was a difference in her poop, and all around well-being. She seems healthier and happier; also she gobbled it up quite readily too! We love your product...we now have switched to M/S and she is loving that, as well. What a wonderful product, you guys are all so nice; and super quick shipping, as well!! I don't mind buying it online, because then I know it's fresh and it always arrives within a few days(or before). Congrats on such a wonderful product....We are extremely happy customers that will purchasing this for years to come!!!

My rabbit loves this food!!!

Posted by Louanne

The only reason I have not given this a 5 star is that I am new to the product and don't klnow how its going to be long term. I'd be more than happy to let you know when we get there but in the meantime she loves it.

Best rabbit food ever!

Posted by undefined

First of all this food smells great. Second, your rabbits smell great after eatingit.Third, they absolutely love it! I cannot begin to say enough good things about this product. My angoras have never looked better. It's worth every penny.

Older buns are doing better.

Posted by Janet Foster from Second Chance Bunnies

I have been giving some of our older bunnies you pellets and they are doing better. One is 13 years old.

Good but CAUTION

Posted by undefined

Switched to this food about two weeks ago and my girl bunny got bloat. Had to rush her to a vet ER two nights ago and they kept her overnight. We got it in time, and she is okay now thank god! So, make sure to mix with current food and go slowly! I almost lost my little girl because I free fed them too soon. Now I am limiting quantities of pellets and making sure I continue with greens and hay. Having said all of that, my two both like it, and it smells great and fresh. It was absolutely my own doing that she got so sick, but I'd like to request that Sherwood Forest folks make a suggestion of mixing and taking it slow.

Unique and Without Peer

Posted by Andrew Hegge

After six weeks using Sherwood Forest Rabbit Food, my rabbit seems stronger overall, looks healthier, and has more energy. Problems with soft, deformed, and messy uneaten cecotropes are a thing of the past. As I suspected, his,"poop," problem seems to have been caused by the inferior commercial pellets he had been eating. Now, he is able to properly eat his cecotropes, and, his urine has no ammonia smell. After checking countless rabbit food ingredient labels, I am convinced that these pellets are unique and without peer. I would not consider buying anything else.

My bunnies love it

Posted by Dawn

I ran out of your pellets and had to buy some from the pet store. When yours came I mixed the 2 and my bunnies will pick yours out and leave the others. They love the Sherwood Forest food so much more and I will never run out again!!!

Adult "Concentrated Nutrition"

Posted by Kathy Selinsky

Was looking for a good alfalfa based pellet for my elderbun age 10 1/2 - these are well accepted by my finicky eater and he is maintaining his weight well.

The best on the market!!

Posted by Kyle

My Holland Lops have never looked or acted as healthy as they have been on the Sherwood pellets! They really are superior and made with excellence! IMy rabbits can't get enough.

great product

Posted by Dale

Sherwood Forest rabbit food is by far and away the best rabbit food we've found. Our rabbit does not get bored as he did with other bunny foods!

I only do what the little voices tell me to do

Posted by Amy G

And the little voices of Chocolate, Treble and Moo Cow insist upon Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food! My angoras' fur GLEAMS with vibrant health. Every once in a while I forget to re-order on time and we run out before our next shipment can travel across the country. Then my bunnies have to make do with feed store pellets. The change in their fur and energy level is immediate. The bunnies have spoken!

Slow to try it , but they love it now

Posted by Cyndi

I adopted 2 rescue Bunnies from the Michigan Humane Society. I purchased a sample of this food for them - the bunnies were slow to try it, but now they love it & have eaten it all - I need to order more. the only improvement in my opinion would be if the ingredients were organic. thx




Big Hit!!

Posted by undefined

Big hit with my 5 house buns! One of my females didn't like it at first now she is eating it! It was a big hi with all my other buns right off!

Don't buy anything else!

Posted by undefined

I have been buying this food for about 2 years now and I absolutely recommend it to anyone else I know. My 9 year old mini Rex and 8 month old Flemish Giant gobble it up. I also love that you can buy it in 19 pound boxes. It saves me from having to order as often. Quick delivery and prompt customer service!


Posted by Patricia Carlson

My disabled rabbit, Reno stopped eating. We have been syringe feeding critical care. She was not touching her pellets at all. I decided to try your product out. The pellets are disappearing. She still doesn't eat much on her own, but at least she is trying to eat your pellets. They are small size and Reno is obviously finding a way too eat them (she has no teeth) thank you!

Very yummy!

Posted by Margo

According to my rabbits (from what I can tell!) the food is great! From my perspective, it's fresh and smells great and they certainly love it!

happy bunnies

Posted by undefined

we are satisfied with the nutrition research behind this product. we now use it for all of our foster rabbits & our own companions. We feel like it takes the guess-work out of our feeding program & ensures proper nutrition for our rabbits. We do still use a few fresh greens as treats & for training, but no longer have to have a second fridge for bunny greens!

Gluten Free rabbit food!!!

Posted by undefined

I could not believe that I was able to find gluten free rabbit. I know that it sounds funny to need gluten free rabbit food but when food allergies are life threatening it is very important. I order the first batch wondering if my giant would even eat it. She loves it and cannot get enough of it at times. She does not even look for her "homemade rabbit food" I used to make.

The best bunny food out there!!

Posted by Victoria

I have 6 bunnys, one Flemish giant, one netherland dward, two minilops, and two dutch mixes. I switched them all and at first they were a little picky, but now they love it! I give it to them free choice, but I'm still feeding hay for their teeth. I don't see it a problem to feed them this and the hay, they seem to be doing fine! However, I am not feeding as much hay as before. Also, before I switched my Flemish bruce was constantly ripping his fur out. It's been about 2 weeks on the Sherwood forest and he is not ripping his fur out anymore! He also has GI problems, always getting GI stasis, and I really think this food is helping to calm things down! Which means my Bruce is feeling wonderful which is great for him and also for my wallet, spending hundreds of dollars to get him better after each time takes its toll on my savings account! I just wanted to take a moment to say that this food is wonderful and I will always feed my rabbits Sherwood forest! I would totally recommend it to a friend, just wish it was sold at my local grain store! (Massachusetts) .

Best food!

Posted by Heather

I have 3 rabbits. I've had 5 in my entire life. So I've tried a lot of food. My rabbits love this food! It's the food they've enjoyed the most. Plus the ingredients don't make me scared regarding extra sugars, wheat, and other ingredients that are not healthy for them. They seem full of energy and have shiny fur. I also feel confident they are getting enough hay in their diet, as these pellets have hay.

A Rabbit Family's Review

Posted by C. McGonegal

I rescued a pair of white rabbits who someone had dumped off. The female had given birth & one baby was laying in the middle of the yard. Thinking the rest of the babies had been carried off by predators, I brought mom & dad & baby into my house. That night the momma had 8 more babies. I then ordered Sherwood's baby food, then switched it to the adult food at 12 weeks. They've been on Sherwood all their lives. They were born on April 15, 2013. I started them on this food primarily because I've never had rabbits before, and Sherwood's food didn't require any additional vegetables or fruits. It was hard enough dealing with housing them. I didn't need the additional worry of what vegetables/fruits to feed or not feed. I can say that my rabbits love the food and have never had any medical problems of any kind. They are not overweight, and are as healthy as they can be. Even though you are advised not to give additional food with the Sherwood, I give them one head of romaine lettuce with some carrot shavings between all ten rabbits every evening and have had no problems whatsoever. The juvenile males are now at the age where they are beginning to show mating behavior, but the daddy keeps that in check so it hasn't become a problem. I mention this to point out that they are progressing just as healthy rabbits should on this food. The only drawback I can see on this food is that, when it is available to them all the time, cleaning up the poo is a bit of a chore, but I am told that, after neutering and spaying, that will cease to be as big of a problem. I am very pleased with the Sherwood and will never change foods unless it becomes unavailable for some reason. It is now beginning to become available at some pet stores, but I order directly on the web so that I know the food is always fresh. I don't think you could find a better, time-tested endorsement than with my crew. Two adults and nine babies have had nothing but Sherwood since April 15, 2013, and they are happy, healthy rabbits. Try it. You will not be sorry.

The BEST Bunny food anywhere !

Posted by A. Walker

I have a male broken black Holland lop bunny named "Bacchus" who absolutely LOVES Sherwood Forest rabbit food. I started him out on Lactating and growing when he was just 6 weeks old, and now that he's 4 months old, he gets Maintenance & Show and LOVES it ! He's so healthy and I know that this great food with its premium ingredients is the reason why ! :)

great food for bunnies

Posted by dina

I used feed my English spot and hotot rabbits oxbow but since I started using this food they are more active and their coat is softer. will will never buy anything else but this food

High quality but wish your company had all timothy pellets

Posted by Phyllis O'Beollain

I wrote an entire review here: and as you will see, I am delighted about every aspect of this food excepting that it contains more alfalfa than timothy. I have a bunny with bladder sludge who cannot eat alfalfa pellets. Otherwise, this is an awesome food!

Within two weeks, I noticed considerable improvement!

Posted by undefined

I was originally looking for organic rabbit food, but there isnt much on the market organic or otherwise that I found with the scientific backing of SF Natural Rabbit Food. My rabbits seemed hungry all the time and they were gaining weight, but not 'good' weight. After two weeks on this feed, there is still food left in their bowls the next day. They are calmer and easier to manage. While everyone else is molting terribly, my rabbits are just nicely shedding but their fur is still extremely soft, shiny, and groomed. They are producing the same amount of waste, but with less food. It is amazing. I am hooked. I can't wait for a distribution center here in Georgia!

Best looking bunny food!

Posted by Christina

Your food is the best looking bunny food I have ever seen and the lack of corn, wheat and molasses is a huge plus.

My rabbit just looks fantastic now!

Posted by Jamie

I am hoping to show my rabbit in March of next year because she just looks fantastic now!

My friend raves about your food

Posted by Brandi

I heard about you and your products from Charles who raises lops locally and raves about your food.

If you're gonna do it - DO IT RIGHT!

Posted by Bonnie Ruder

And Sherwood Forest does! Our two pet rabbits, Lionhead and Thrianta love this food. When we started them on the Pet Rabbit Food diet they couldn't get enough. Both rabbits needed to get to a healthy weight and maintain a good digestive system. After 6 months on this diet with hay they both have achieved and maintained a normal weight and have no digestive problems. Your customer service is top-notch, too. I order normal shipping and have the food two days later. LCF (Loyal Customer Forever)

His fur has improved, his energy is amazing!

Posted by Jamie

Though I was fairly happy with Oxbow and even sometimes Ecotrition organics for my rabbit along with the best hay money could buy I researched some and found out about you and your amazing food. A few weeks ago I purchased a bag for my rabbit. Rex is fairly picky but he is now running across the 12x10 room to eat some of your delicious and nutritious product. His fur has improved, his energy is amazing, he is doing so well on your food,,,and its beautiful to see. Thank you very much David!!

My Angora looking Great

Posted by Diana

I'm fostering an Angora and everyday she is getting puffier and fluffier! Loving her Sherwood Forest maintenance and show food, of course.

100% Happy - Better appearrance and more playful.

Posted by Elizabeth

Thanks for your call and your email. 100% happy with the food, both my housebunny (my best friend) and I. I have noticed a difference not just in his appearance but his attitude--he is more playful than ever which is always a good sign. Will be ordering one of the 12lb boxes in a week or so. Thank you for the discount! I will find you on facebook, and definitely recommend your feed to anyone with rabbits. Thank you for providing this wonderful product. Kind regards, Elizabeth

Taste test prove rabbits prefer Sherwood Forest M/S over Purina Show

Posted by James

the sample you gave us Sherwood Forest - Maintenance and Show. I gave some to our 2 year old Flemish Giant Doe. I had 2 feeders in her cage one at either end of the cage. I continued to keep one filled with Purina Show that she has been eating for several months, and the other feeder that has been empty for several months I filled with Sherwood Forest - Maintenance and Show. She stoped eating the Purina Show and only ate the Sherwood Forest - Maintenance and Show until the free sample ran out. Our English Angora does also really liked the Sherwood Forest

My mini-lop LOVES your pellets!

Posted by Doreen

My mini-lop, Mickey, LOVES your pellets, and he is a very fussy eater. Up until now, I’ve been giving him Oxbow, and he would eat them, but only if there was nothing else. I got your sample and started mixing it in with the Oxbow to introduce it to him, and within a couple of days, I realized that he was picking out your pellets and leaving the Oxbow behind. He would also eat your pellets out of my hand as a treat—something he would never do with the Oxbow. He’s currently getting only your pellets, and that 2-lb. sample is going fast.

They both loved the M/S pellets.

Posted by Eileen

I have 2 pet rabbits and they both loved the M/S pellets. Please let me know what local stores will be carrying your food. I have been buying Oxbow, but for some reason Pet Supply Plus discontinued it. I will not feed them Kaytee or any other brands like that.

Highest Quality Rabbit Food On The Market

Posted by Shari from Ragdoll Rabbitry and Rescue in Maryland (English Angora rabbits)

As I opened my Rabbitry/Rescue, I researched for the highest quality rabbit food that I could find on the market, that had no objectionable ingredients in the formulation, and that offered the appropriate percentages of nutrients necessary for a rabbit's health and wellbeing. Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food was the only company that I found offering such a product. In addition, they had life-stage appropriate formulas, helpful nutritional expertise, extraordinary customer service, timely shipping, and extremely fresh-made batches of food. I highly recommend Sherwood Forest to all rabbit caretakers!

Giant Flemish loves it!

Posted by Tara

I have a six month old Giant Flemish who won't eat hay but thankfully loves the complete pellets. I have ordered 3 or 4 times now and the package always arrives quickly and in great condition. The food smells good and there is very little fines/dust in the mix, if any. My bun has filled out nicely on this feed and his coat looks fantastic!

"Gaining much needed weight"

Posted by Cynthia

My rabbit is very finicky but he likes your food and is gaining some much needed weight. Thank you!

Fresh Feed

Posted by Jamie

My order arrived on Monday and the package was in good condition. The product smelled very fresh and looked fresh to me. The rabbits are adjusting well to the new feed although I mix the old in with the new to make sure that the transition would go well.

Our rabbit loves this food

Posted by Ken

The food arrived in great shape. We were worried whether the rabbit would eat it or not. When we could not get any of his "normal" food due to contaminated food supply, we had a week gap until your food arrived. We tried other food to get him through, but he would not even attempt to eat it. He ate hay and some veggies. You will be glad to know that he took right to your food. We are very pleased with the product. Although we will not be a big buyer, we will be a loyal customer. We also have noticed a definate decrease in the "ammonia" smell. Much better. Thanks,

My Buns love it

Posted by Danae

This a is great balanced food without all the nasty fillers in regular rabbit food! All 5 of my buns love it, and my bun Jasper that has gone through GI Stasis a few times is doing really well on it as well. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Loving it.

Posted by K.

Received our order and introduced the food to our foster rabbits. That vibration you feel is not another earthquake but the tiny baby bunnies bouncing around after chewing each bite.

Not thrilled about it

Posted by undefined

The rabbit wont eat it

I wouldn't give them anything else

Posted by Alexis Y.

My 3 Holland Lop show bunnies were having trouble staying at the correct weight. Then I saw Sherwood Forest online, and I figured I would try it out. When I first opened the bag I noticed that it smells much fresher then the other pellets, and the color looked much better too. My rabbits gobbled it down as soon as I gave to them. Since then they have not had any more weight problems, and their fur looks fantastic! I have been feeding it to them for almost a year now, and I wouldn't give them anything else. The only reason it is 4 stars is because of the price. The good news is that if you buy in bulk, it is a little more affordable.

Still very pleased - another smooth transition.

Posted by Melonie K.

Our second batch of Sherwood Forest and we're still thrilled. SO glad our breeder gave us the heads up on this feed. When I go out to give the bunnies their feed, they start jumping around their hutches and pawing at their feed bins. Our buck doesn't pay me a bit of attention once his supper is ready - he's super focused on his Sherwood Forest! Also love how you use the "Priority One Rate" boxes for shipping - I've used these for years for other things and appreciate the efficiency of the packaging and the shipping rate, plus it gets here so quickly! Thank you, Sherwood Forest, for a great product and great ordering system.

Elderly Bunnies love it.

Posted by June

My elderly bunnies are just thriving on this food. I am so glad that one of the members of Rabbit Advocates of Portland brought a sample to one of our meetings.

Bunny Bliss

Posted by Roxy

Nipoleon Bunnypart Loved this food! So fresh, I was tempted to eat it myself.


Posted by T

My rabbits don't like it. They won't eat it. However, I was impressed with the fresh color and smell. My dogs were quite interested in it as well.

Very Happy

Posted by John

Thank you. Boo seems to be happy with the food.

Good Stuff!

Posted by Margaret

My bunnies really like their pellets and prefer them to any other brand.

Made with alfalfa hay

Posted by undefined

The product smells nice and looks fresh, however it is alfalfa based, which is not good for adult rabbits. My bunnies ate it with no problems. I mixed it with their regular food. Unfortunately, I will not be ordering more since I only use timothy based pellets.

Tried many different foods!

Posted by Jackie

I got my first Flemish Giants and tried many different types of food with very little enthusiasm from my rabbits until I tried Sherwood Forest. When my first order arrived and I opened the bag I knew immediately this food was superior to all the others that I tried. My rabbits confirmed my thoughts as they eagerly ate and enjoyed their meal. I have placed my second order, shipping rates are very reasonable and I received my order quickly.

Smooth transition between batches

Posted by Melonie K.

The breeder of our English Angoras recommended Sherwood Forest and gave us a bag of feed to transition between the batch she was feeding from to what we ordered prior to their arrival. I noticed no problems between the two batches and the bunnies were happy to keep going between "old" and "new". They are staying healthy and the vet was very pleased with both when they went in for new patient intake exams. We'll definitely be sticking with Sherwood Forest!

Absolutely the best!

Posted by Angela

My two bunnies adore this food! I've always tried to feed them the highest quality foods and healthiest ingredients but this is the best rabbit food I've used, ever! They absolutely love their food now and eat everything they're given. One of my boys has had digestion issues for most of his life and as he's gotten older he's started having severe, reoccurring stasis problems. I switched foods after a horrible bout of stasis last winter that very nearly killed him and since then he's had no more issues for the first time in his life. Both rabbits have gained healthy weight and muscle mass as well as having beautiful, soft coats. I cannot recommend this food enough. If you're feeding pellets this is the one to choose.

Thank you !

Posted by Elisabeth

Thank you! My rabbit loves it!

Fresh, Green, Fragrant, Adored

Posted by Erica

Our rabbits weren't too interested in the pellets the first night, but the second night our buns devoured them like mad! They now beg for them each evening and go for them with fervor. We are pleased with the quality and price, and like the information Sherwood Forest gives us on the quality. We'll be return customers for certain. Thank you for the free sample...made all the difference!

Even my dog loves it...

Posted by undefined

I forgot to mention that my dog begs for pellets as a treat!

My Rabbits Love Sherwood

Posted by P J

We've tried other pellets, some from big box stores and some mail order and we're now die-hard Sherwood pellets fans.

Will stick with the M/S - love it.

Posted by Aleta

Thank you for giving Flopsy the Fortifying Essentials to try. With this opportunity to tryit against the Maintenance and Show I have learned he has lost the taste and interest in hay separately after being on Maintenance and Show for 2 bags. With that said we will stick with the M/S. ; ) His appetite for the pellets has improved and as others have noted his coat is softer and shinier. He is a much calmer bunny and displays more affection. I appreciate your time and care expressed for Flopsy and thank you for what you do. Aleta

Improved Health

Posted by Lee Ann

My bunnies health has improved dramatically.. coat is better and he is a much happier bun! Thanks.

Exceptional Quality

Posted by Laura Lee

All (3) of my rabbits are in LOVE with this food. The maintenance & show formula has made all my boys (a netherland dwarf rex mix, a lionhead and a polish with blue eyes) look and feel gorgeous. Thank you for making such a wonderful.

Maintenance & Show--Great Food!!!

Posted by Sherry

My Netherland Dwarf, Jersey Wooly & Lionhead love-love-love this food!! They used to pick at their Oxbow and would take days before they would eat it all gone. They gobble this up, and all come to the door when I shake the food container (they never did this before). It smells so fresh, it's a good price, and they eat less. I'm so glad I found Sherwood Forest,Thank You!!!!

Maintenance & Show Adult Rabbit Food

Posted by Sheena

My two rabbits love this food. And I love how fresh it smells. Their coats are soft and shiny!

Bunny loves this food!

Posted by Penelope's Owner

I used to feed the highest-grades of store bought rabbit food which was good, but I wanted to try something healthier and fresher for my pet. I searched for an alternative online and found this. I bought this food a few weeks back after reading many positive reviews on rabbit forums. The food came pretty quickly and my rabbit ate the food directly out of the bag as soon as I opened it. The pellets really are green like everone says and they smell like fresh spinach (to me, anyway). They looked and smelled so good that I even wanted to eat some, myself! My bunny (an adult, but I still call her a bunny), Penelope, seems to be far less cranky and more happy/energetic overall after eating this food for only a few weeks. It's like she's thanking me in her own little rabbit way. I wish you guys sold hay because you really know about making great rabbit food!

Happy Mini lop

Posted by Brian

This food is great and my new bunny has more energy and has even stopped pooping so much. I have noticed that the urine has no smell and the bunny is more energetic!! We have been using the baby bunny food for two weeks and could definitely tell a huge difference in just a couple of days. I have never found a better food for rabbits than Sherwood Forest! Thanks from my bunny to you!

No crazy fillers or GMO junk!

Posted by Heather - Southern Cal

Love your product, but most importantly our two precious bunnies LOVE your product. We spoil our buns by keeping them in the house and there is no more bad smell (after using your product for about 1.5 weeks)!! Since there is no garbage going in to our buns, their poop is great for our plants. We are thankful to you for caring enough to make a superb product. The word has to get out about Sherwood Forest...I am going to tell our local farm supply about you tomorrow!! Thanks so much. ( can't beat the shipping cost either!)

More playful on Sherwood Forest

Posted by Judith

I will never use Oxbow BBT again, or any of their GMO soy/wheat products. But I do love their joint supplement. 3 days of running out of my Sherwood Forest and adding Oxbow in the mix and Mouse went downhill fast in energy and depression. The Sherwood arrived in the mail yesterday and within a few hours he was perking up with increased appetite. This morning he is honking and playing grab a** with his mate. Running all round the room, swapping mounts, with HIM getting the better of her for a change. Resting now after over an hour of running around chasing each other, and him blind! It may not be a game for them but at least he's moving his old muscles! I will put her on Sherwood when her Natural Science is gone. They both hate it.

Super bunny

Posted by BRuder - Ohio

Our newest rabbit, a 12 week old Thriant, turned her nose up at the food we were currently using. As soon as your food arrive we gave it to her and now she won't stop eating! In fact, she has so much energy she tries to jump over her 3' tall pen wall if the pen isn't covered (hence her nickname Super Bunny). Her coat shines, her eyes are bright, and she is quite robust. Our 2 year old rabbit is eating wel and seems to have less digestive problems than before. We're staying with Sherwood and will recommend it to all our rabbit-loving friends.

They love it!

Posted by Michele LaSarso

I have always strived to take the best care of my bunnies-so when I found this food-I gave it a try-took them a little bit to get used to it-but now they love it-They are both 5 yrs old and have been on this food for close to a yr. they look great and are extremely healthy-no health issues at all-tx for making scuh a great product!

I trust this food!

Posted by undefined

I am so glad that I found Sherwood Forest! I do not trust most foods in the stores. They have all this crazy stuff added. Sherwood smells fresh and my rabbits love it! It really is the best food for so many reasons!

Best food ever!!

Posted by Alyssa

This is by far the best rabbit food there is I don't have a rabbit yet but when I get one I'm going to feed Sherwood forest I used to think oxbow was the best but not any more oxbow is better than most brands but it not vary good it has soy & wheat in it so if you have a rabbit get this food 5 STAR*

Fresh awesome feed

Posted by Nola and Rupert

If my bunnies can talk, they probably will be saying this, "We love Sherwood pellets. We would try to act cute by begging for more and our owner would never resist us. Thanks Sherwood for making our tummy healthy and fur shiny and beautiful. That makes us bink and show funny tricks to make our owner happy. Now, everyone is happy." Probably not like that but I assume it's close enough. Thanks Sherwood for such great product

Smells fresh...rabbits love it

Posted by Lee

Happy bunnies, all three EAT this pellet unlike the regular pet store brands! I have noticed an improvement in each ones individual health; eyes, coat, energy are better. Thank you so much for making a great product :)

Love more than Oxbow.

Posted by Amanda

"I wanted to thank you for everything that you do! I used to buy oxbow, I still buy toys, treats and vitamins from them, but I wanted to buy the pellets in bulk so I did a google search and found this company. I got a sample to check it out and the bunnies loved it. I've been ordering it for about a year now and they still gobble it up. Thanks so much. :)"

Best Food Ever!

Posted by undefined

My flemish giant rabbit got sick on store purchased rabbit pellets. I found these during an on line search and got the free sample. Her health improved right away and she is healthier than she has ever been. Love this food.

Super fast shipping and amazing product!

Posted by Sonn

I always get my bunnies food 2 days after ordering! I was a little skeptical about it having alfalfa in it with my adult rabbits. But after using the adult pet rabbit food for over a month my rabbits look and feel better than ever. My youngest rabbit who is super sensitive to food finally has normal poops! It smells so fresh and it's so green! I am used to dull green or even brown colored pellets that give off a faint hay smell but Sherwood pellets are bright green and smell strongly of fresh hay. The rabbits love it, I love it and even my dogs try to steal it.

Received it in 2 days!!

Posted by undefined

Great food, great price! Bob was incredibly helpful when I needed to change my order before it shipped.

Best rabbit food I've seen...

Posted by Synneva

I could see how green and fresh the pellets were before I opened the bag. Once opened they smelled amazing and fresh. Definitely the most aromatic rabbit pellets I've ever purchased. I am still in the process of switching Ripley over. I'm probably doing it more slowly than necessary, but I want to use up her old pellets. So far I have noticed that she gets more excited when I fill up her dish. She is already super healthy, so I haven't noticed a difference in that department. But since she is less than a year, I'm hoping that being on a super high quality diet will affect her long-term health and longevity. Thanks Sherwood for developing such a wonderful food.

Great food----best you can buy

Posted by Susan

My rabbit has been pawing his bowl for more and even prefers it over hay. My vet said I need to still offer hay for the longer fibers to move the gut, but the site says it can dilute nutrition from the pellet, so I am only giving a small amount of hay daily with the pellets. I can tell that Cookie definitely prefers the pellets over his other food and it definitely is based on green plants rather than starchy junk---you can tell by the smell and color. I'll be back for more, and I'm eager to try the hay-free formulation, too.

Imy buns love the flavor & freshness

Posted by My Rare Rabbit

The food is gobbled up. It's such a nice aroma in the middle of winter. The buns coming running as soon as they hear the lid on the can. I tried to fool them with another brand. They'd have no part of it. We just finished in ARBA show yesterday. Our BF15, Moonlight, took first place in fur. First places in junior does and the judge said she had the best condition he'd seen all day in a junior doe! We told the judge we feed Sherwood Forest Maintenance, shipped out of Utah. He said dont chnage it! Thanks for the great food!!

great food

Posted by undefined

I only deduct for the price-- its a little pricey BUT I can't stop feeding it to my hollands because while the protein was a little low for show feed, they still have muscle to show and I can show them a bit longer. Their coats are amazing--beautiful like never before

I even caught the cat sampling it!

Posted by Tammy

I had my rabbit on a good rabbit feed. I had run out and had to make a mad dash to the local pet super market for something to hold Stanley over until I could get my daughter to pick me up a bag of my food from Tractor supply. So I buy this food and rabbit smelled it and wouldn't touch it. So the next morning I made sure my daughter would pick up my normal rabbit food cause the store is by her house and it 30 miles away from me.She accidently picked up the wrong kind. Stanley didnt like it either but he ate it. So I jumped on the internet and went searching for some good food and found this site. I purchased my food and it got here really fast. as soon as I opened my box, Stanley came over and tugged on the plastic and went to eating. I happen to Love the smell of rabbit food and Hay. This stuff smells amazing and Stanley loves it. The cat sometimes lays in the rabbit cage when its open for Stanley to run around the living room. They sometimes even lay side by side and nap. So one day I was sitting on the couch and I saw the cat sniffing Stanleys food and she actually ate a little bit...guess she thought she would see what all the fuss was about...LoL !!! So needless to say I will be ordering gets her fast and the quality is amazing...5 stars!!!

best food ever

Posted by carol henson

my rabbits love it

freshest food i have ever seen

Posted by Erika

I usually like to wait a year before i review a food..but i noticed an immediate increase in my bunnies energy, which is wonderful. Muscle tone is amazing. My Five Rabbits range in age from 2 to seven, they have been on it 3 months and their coats are coming in quite dense. It is AMAZING fresh i am tempted to have some myself..LOL

Absolute best!!

Posted by Jody

My dwarf lionhead LOVES your food! Enough said!!! Thank you for what you do for our bunny friends!


Posted by erica

My rabbits love it, i love thatbit is healthy for them, and i love the price!

Love it.

Posted by Natalie

Love this brand! Thanks.

Will continue to buy! Great food, fast shipping!

Posted by Natalie

My bunnies coats are shiny, healthy, and their pellets don't have an odor! They also love the taste! I trust this food and the company it comes from. I will continue to buy it as long as I have little babies running around!

Awesome value compared to other foods!

Posted by Susan

I love this stuff! It works out to cost me as much per month as Oxbow Essentials, and has a lot better ingredients. I'm very happy.

Love it.

Posted by Paula

My bunnies love it!

A Soft Coat!

Posted by Gregory

I can't say enough how much Shiro has thrived on it. He's been on it since he was 8 weeks old, will be a year in a few weeks. His coat is so glossy and soft.

Great product. He loved it.

Posted by undefined

When I opened the bag, I could smell the freshness. My rabbit who is normally a pick eater went right for it and asked for more.

Loves the food !

Posted by Irene

I just started feeding this rabbit food about 3 days. Blackie just loves it I have a little bit of his other food left. I gave him this new stuff and he does not want the other stuff. I read the ingred. on other package and there is animal fat in it. he is a 15 year old rex-Buck. and a real sweet heart.

Go crazy for it.

Posted by M.

We got a 19lb box delivered yesterday! Just in time, too...the previous bag was just about gone! We've got four bunnies now who all go crazy for it. The newest addition's coat seems to be getting softer and smoother by the day! Thanks again for such a great product :)

Fantastic quality

Posted by LMT

My 16 week old bun started out on the growth formula at 8 weeks and has been on the maintenance since she turned 12 weeks. Her weight is fantastic. Solid muscle. She does seem to get bored with her options. Pellets or pellets. I wish I could offer her organic hay and veggies but this is a completely balanced diet that would be compromised if I were to do that. These pellets are first class. I wouldn't spend money on lesser quality I guess I am just sad not to be able to offer her mental enrichment with healthy raw foods.

The absolute best rabbit food

Posted by undefined

My daughter has 4 rabbits, some of whom were very fat and shedding a lot. Since we started them on Sherwood Forest natural rabbit food, their coats are so full, shiny, and they are not shedding like they used to. Two of her rabbits were obese (really), and now they are healthy, happy, and trim the way they should be. The rabbits LOVE the food. Using Sherwood Forest natural rabbit food is the best thing we could ever have done for her rabbits. They are really, really healthy now.

Thee Best!

Posted by Jody

Maintenance and Show = Thee best!!

The Very Best!

Posted by Laura

Best rabbit food EVER, thank you!

Wild Cottontail Loves It !

Posted by Magellan's Mom

I accidentally became the mother of a "born-wild" cottontail rabbit that could not be released. He is quite different in every way from my holland lop, and even his dietary needs and tastes are different. My holland lop eats pretty much anything and so far loves this food! The cottontail however would never eat ANY of the store bought pellets (he simply didnt recognize it as food). Obviously his diet consists mostly of fresh grass, but even Texas runs out of grass in the winter and leaves me with a hungry bunny. Sherwood Forest pellets are the only pellets he has ever eaten and he loves them! They must be made of very fresh natural ingredients! Trust me, he wouldn't eat it if it wasnt! Because he has such an active metabolism we are not trying watch his weight. So, we are supplementing his diet with fresh greens, orchard hay, and occasional treats. But these pellets make a wonderful standard 24/7 food.

Biologically appropriate food - finally!

Posted by Jennifer

Bunny seems to enjoy it. And I feel good knowing it has ingredients that are so much better for her to digest.

My bunnies love it!

Posted by Alexis

My two rabbits really like the taste of it, and ever since they've been on it their coats have gotten better. Only reason for 4 stars is due to the price.

My rabbit likes it better than Oxbow

Posted by undefined

My Flemish Giant is 3 years old and is a house rabbit. She's been healthy all these years but suddenly developed soft poo that would stick to her behind. I researched and discovered the pellets and hay I had been giving her all her life could be the cause. I bought her the Oxbow brand food and Oxbow brand hay. Very expensive. In trying to find a site where I could buy it cheaper I found this site. I got the free sample to check it out. I mixed the Oxbow with this food and my rabbit picked through it. I wasn't sure which brand she really wanted so I put two bowls in her cage. One with Oxbow and one with Sherwood. She ate the Sherwood and didn't touch the Oxbow. I'm happy to say she is back to being healthy and happy and no more messy backside. Her fur is soft and shiny. I wish I had known about this food 3 years ago when I got her. These are the only pellets I will buy her from now on.

bunnies are already looking amazing!!!

Posted by Amy

for whatever reason we had to switch the bunnies to another food for a time. we once again started loosing litters and 6-8 old kits for no reason. The rabbits and babies have been back on Sherwood for little over a week. All are eating like crazy and already i can see a sheen coming back to their fur. Picky eaters are no longer picky either. I could kick myself for switching for a short time just because money was tight and it was difficult to get tot he post office due to my work schedule as it was always closed. I was just wasting my money on the other stuff/feeds.

Bunny flops for Sherwood Forest!

Posted by Rhona

My rabbit "Sky" loves the food, before I ordered my previous shipment, I had to order a back up at petsmart, she didn't like it at all. She literally tipped over her bowl. Ever since she tried sherwood forest, she would eat so much of it. After she eats she always bunny flops. Its so cute. I just don't know what I'de do without your rabbit food. I just want to say thank you because my rabbit really loves your food. I'm going to have to order again, another 12lb. Thanks again

They love the food!

Posted by Ashley

Love your food, by the way - it has done wonders to the condition of my 8+ yr old Bunny, whom I first started feeding it to. My other two angoras seem to be heading toward better conditioning as well.

Smells and looks wonderful !

Posted by Carolyn

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order on the 14th. I can't believe how quickly and how fresh it both looks and smells. Now, I'm working on mixing it in with Oxbow feed which doesn't look nor smell as fresh as your food. And, Oxbow is actually more expensive than your food.

Amazing Food; Amazing Customer Service

Posted by Ondrea

My bunny loves this food. My cats even try to eat it! But the most impressive thing to me is how fast I always receive my order!! It shows up on my doorstep within 3 days, every time.

My rabbits love it

Posted by carol new jersey

I cant believe how my new rabbit mom loves this just ordered some for the babies thanks for a great product


Posted by Denver, CO

I have been using M/S for about a year now, and all 6 of my rabbits go insane for it! They love it so much, we call it "bunny crack!" My rabbits look great and are very healthy on this product. It costs less than other leading brands too! It makes me feel great to know I am giving my precious pets the best quality food available. I highly recommend Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food!

This is the best rabbit food I've ever bought!

Posted by Lisa

Our holland lop, Flopsy, is 9 months old. She was a department store baby who was very thin when we got her. I fed her commercial food for a while, but I knew it was not really good for her. So glad I found Sherwood Forest! I weaned her off of the commercial food over a two week period of time, and now she can't wait to get fed in the morning. She has clear eyes, a shiny coat, and is very happy. The high quality of the pellets is easy to see and smell. Just compare it to any commercial brand off the shelf. Hands down it's the best stuff around. Thank you. :)

The Only Food My Bunny will eat!

Posted by Mindy

We've had our bunny, Nutmeg, a Mini Holland Lop a little over a year. When we first got him, he was very picky about eating his pellets. I found Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food while searching the web and bought a 12 lb bag. Needless to say, it is the ONLY pellet food he will eat. The food is always fresh and as soon as Nutmeg hears me get the bag out, he comes running! Sherwood Forest offers prompt fulfillment and shipping as well. I just received his last 12 lb box Christmas Eve. He was a very happy Christmas bunny!

They are loving it

Posted by Raenell

Now I have 3 girls, the first two still love these pellets and the 3rd girl is getting used to them, she can't seem to stay out of her pellet bowl! Thanks so much for a healthy pellet for my buns!

Jack loves them.

Posted by Kriss

"My bunny Jack thanks you for doing such a great job in this frigid weather. He loves your pellets!"

excellent food!

Posted by Jennifer

just following up on my original review... at the time, I loved how nutritious this food is, but my bunnies weren't quite so keen on it. all in all, it took about a month before they were diving into the sherwood pellets the way they did their previous pellet (which I'm sure had added sugars and junk in it)... now, they can't get enough of the sherwood!

Thank you !

Posted by Angelina

Thanks for making great rabbit food :)

Very satisfied

Posted by Claire Slomski

The quality of the feed is always good, the rabbits love it and their coats and health always improve while on the feed. Much better than the brown typical feed you get other places. Very happy with it!

Awesome product

Posted by undefined

Our two rabbits love your feed ... heck, I even tried a bit of it and enjoyed it's spinach-like flavor!!!

We love the food

Posted by Surain

Thanks allot! My Bunnies LOVE YOUR FOOD! THEY LITERALLY GO NUTS FOR IT! Keep up the great quality feed! :D

What a coat!

Posted by Wendy

My holland has been on Maintenance and Show food since late August. His coat is amazing! It's almost ridiculous how dense and soft it is. I've also used it on a bunny I purchased-- and after two weeks, watched her coat go from a bit strawish in texture, to soft, fluffy and smooth. And of course, they are all excited to eat EVERY time.


Posted by Carissa, Spot, and Jumper

I just started eating your adult food and I really like that I get to have some alfalfa again. My brothers just transitioned from baby food to adult food and they haven't complained at all! My people tell me that my coat is already looking healthier. Thanks!

Very best rabbit food

Posted by Melanie

Wish I could find guinea pig pellets of this this quality for my pigs !!! Your rabbit food makes all the others junk. I dont know why oxbow is so recomended. Full of soy and fillers!! Thanks for so much information. I will tell anyone I know with rabbits to check out your website.

Love! Love! Love!

Posted by undefined

Sherwood Forest is always made fresh! My two bunnies love this food! Always get very quickly in the mail! My bunnies have never had any digestion problems of any kind. It is the perfect rabbit food!

We gave our rabbits the taste test!

Posted by Bobbi

One bowl was filled with the only choice of rabbit food available at the local feed store and the other was this very obvious fresh stuff the postman brought. Our male, normally a gentleman to his mate rudely pushed his way in to make sure he got his share of the good stuff!!! We gave away the feedstore food since there is no going back now.....

Fresh Green Pellets

Posted by undefined

Sherwood Forest provided service above and beyond. The pellets are green (the color of hay) as opposed to the brown pellets of other manufacturers. A great pellet made without soy and freshly made. My bunnies are enjoying the pellets. Keep up the good work.

Happy and healthy

Posted by Liz

Nibbles is now 6 months old and looks happy and healthy thanks to your product. I was at a loss when we got him because I could not find food that was suitable for a young bunny at the stores around where I live and that's when I found your company on line. Not only are your prices reasonable, but they were delivered quickly. I also appreciate all the information your website has and your free samples. Please stay in business and I will spread the word around. PS. Nibbles says his food is yummy. Liz K

Delicious, Healthy Food!!

Posted by Meredith P.

Our rabbits absolutely LOVE Sherwood pellets! They practically attack me in the morning to get it and we sometimes use it as a treat since they like it so much. We would never switch to another brand since no other pellet looks or smells so fresh. The care and research that has gone into producing this rabbit food is above and beyond. Thanks for helping me keep my rabbits healthy!

excellent food!

Posted by Imbrium

my bunnies were less than thrilled with this when I started introducing it (we're transitioning from whatever brand of pellets the breeder I got them from had been feeding - she gave me a big bag to take home), but they're starting to enjoy it more... which is good, because they were gonna be stuck with it either way since it's the most nutritious bunny food I've come across (and I've really been looking). I had them at the vet today, so I took the ingredient info and brochure that came with my free sample of the sherwood forest adult food to get my vet's opinion about it. he was impressed with the ingredients and quality of the food and strongly recommended that I stick with it.


Posted by Thalinna Barker

My rabbit Navarre loves this feed!! He is sooo anxious when it comes to feeding time. He cannot get enough. Compared to his other feed he was never that excited and actually kind of mopy. I must say Sherwoods Rabbit Feed even smells alot better than the other brands I have used. This has been the best feed I have ever purchased.

Love this Rabbit Food!

Posted by Stephanie

Shiro has been on Sherwood since he was 8 weeks old and we put him on the baby food. He's graduated to the maintenance formulation with no problems. We're "lifers" here!!!


Posted by Cheryl Marlow

My rabbits love this feed. There has not been any scratching or wasted feed since I switched to Sherwood. Excellent shipping times also. =)

My Rabbit is Glad I Discovered This Food!

Posted by Joan

My rabbit loves this food, and I do too because it smells so fresh and HEALTHY! (maybe I should sprinkle some on my salad - ha ha!) It is so much better than the commercial feed I used to give to her. She is a German angora and the silkiness of her fur attests to the high quality of the ingredients used in this food. Nothing but the best for my rabbit!

I keep returning!

Posted by Clint

I keep returning for more feed. The rabbits can't get enough. HOWEVER, my USPS carrier told me to let you know that the box for the 19lbs needed to be wrapped tighter because it came apart. And it did. My feed was perfectly fine. I just think it was a problem for the USPS. Either way, I'm buying as long as the bunnies keep chowing down.

results were immediate

Posted by Lacy

My husband decided to get me a new zealand baby bunny, and I immediately started looking for the best possible food for her. When I stumbled upon Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food, I was sold. We ordered too late and didn't get our food until the day after we got her, so we had to buy another food to hold her up until then. When we received the baby bunny food, the results were immediate. It was perfectly sized, and she absolutely loved it. She is the picture of perfect health, and I credit her food to this. We absolutely love this food, and I recommend it to everyone I talk to!!!!

Best Food You Will Find for Your Bunny!

Posted by TRS

Before coming across Sherwood Forest, I feed my rabbits food from Tractor Supply. It was very cheap, 25 pound bag for $8 bucks. I ordered a free sample, and could not believe the difference in just two days. My bunnies seemed happier and friendlier. I ordered the biggest box of maintenance and show, and everyone loves it. Here are the BIG noticeable differences. 1. My doe gave birth to a bigger and healthier litter when on the Sherwood food, rather than while she was on the Tractor Supply food. First litter she had while on the junk food was only two kits, one healthy, one sickly and died. I put her on the Sherwood food two weeks before breeding her again. 12 days ago she had a super healthy litter of three. What amazes me is the first litter opened their eyes on the 11th day, and didn't come out of the nest box until about 4 weeks old. This litter that was born 12 day ago opened their eyes on the 8th day, and today they want to come out of their nest box! Much healthier and stronger kits because of this food! 2. Almost no urine smell AT ALL! 3. Everyone's coat looks wonderful. I have a buck in the process of molting and his coat still looks great. 4. Spunky, Peaches, Lilly-Belle, Hopscotch, and Poppy are a bunch of happy, healthy bunnies! Now, if Mr. Sherwood could just make natural cat food for my kitty Thumper...hint hint. :)

Peter my Bunny Loves this Food


I give this food a 10 stars!!!!! My bunny's fur is amazing!!!

Better than pet store food!

Posted by Kari

My breeder told me about this food and I am super excited to get my buns chowing down! I have been so dissatisfied with even the "best" the pet stores have to offer. I am only sorry I haven't heard about you guys sooner. Thank you for your dedication to making bunnies' lives happier and healthier! =)

Thank you

Posted by Sheryl

Thank u sooooo much. My bunny loves this food.

Bunnies only love your food

Posted by Ryan

I received the order yesterday (Thursday)...that's only 2 day shipping to Pa. Thank you again, my bunnies just love your food! They turn their noses at other brands.

The food is actually Green!

Posted by Clint

Unlike any rabbit food I've seen. The pelleted food is not gray, it is not a greenish-gray. The Rabbit food from Sherwood Forrest is Green. Last time I checked that's what wild rabbits eat, Green. Excellent product and will be buying from NO ONE else. I'm sold.

The best!

Posted by Mallory

I have show rabbits and they all love the food and so do I! one of my rabbits recently got an infection on his back and lost a small patch of hair and its been only a few weeks and his hair is alredy growing back thick and healthy. I only take away a star because of the price that is not entirly to efficient for me but I still love it!

Good Food, Happy Lop.

Posted by Maribel M.

Our 1-year-old Holland Lop loves his new food! It's been about a month and we can really see a change in his demeanor. He's much more playful and affectionate & overall in a more relaxed state of mind. The food is very fresh and extremely green. As others have stated, it really does smell delicious. Our bunny is digesting the food well & while he's always been pretty good at using his litter pan, now we have accidents less often. While I cannot say that his droppings and urine do not smell, I can say the they don't smell as bad as when he was on another type of feed. I would recommend this food very highly. The quality is outstanding! The prices are great and the company ships very quickly. We will definitely continue ordering from Sherwood Forest :)

My 2 Big bunnies LOVE THIS FOOD.

Posted by Surain A.

Every day at dinner time when I clean/change hay in the cage they come running from wherever they hang out in the room to the cage for this food. They now know the sound of me pouring it in the feeder so when they hear that you can bet to see 2 happy n hungry rabbits racing to their cage :D. They really digest it well too. The droppings are very rich in color and don't smell. The urine has also become allot cleaner from this food. It doesn't smell nearly as rancid as it did when I first got them. Whatever the lady was feeding them must have not been organic because boy did their urine stink compared to how it does now. Overall I would recommend this food to anyone with bunnies.


Posted by undefined

When I opened my feed I couldn't believe what I saw!FRESH FEED that smelled like it was made yesterday.The pellets are dense, small and so green. The feed was here in just a few days.

My bunny's new food!

Posted by Joan

My rabbit loved the sample of food .... so this is her new staple!

My bunnies love the feed.

Posted by Amanda

I just thought I'd thank you for your food. I want my 2 wonderful bunnies to have the best food but their 5lb, $15 oxbow was to expensive! I found your food which was a much better price and so I got the sample food bag and they LOVE it. I am so pleased so I am ordering the 19lb bag and hoping it lasts a while. Thank you.

Best customer service !

Posted by Allison

I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service... about a week after I ordered my free sample somebody actually called me to ask if I was satisfied with the food and invited me to leave a review. I've left 2 already, one after I ordered my sample noting the great price and a follow-up on how the food is helping my rabbit.

Our bunnies love it

Posted by Amy G.

Thank you for all that you do! Our bunnies LOVE these pellets - and I'm delighted with the quality."

Glad I made the Switch!

Posted by Allison

I'm following up from a previous post on 01-09-12. When I opened my sample package I could tell the difference from regular food immedeately. The deep shade of green and smell of fresh hay caught me as soon as I opened the box. It also had much less dust than regular food. I mixed in my sample order with my rabbit's old brand of food and found that he was saving the old pellets for last (unfortunately, he still went for the kibbles first) and I didn't have to feed him as much. Even though only about a fifth of his food was Sherwood pellets, I could tell the difference in my 3-year-old ND/ Mini Rex buck in about a week. He has been more cuddly and active and is slimming down a little bit. His coat is also thickening much faster than it was last year and the smell of his urine is not as harsh as it was before. I ordered my 20lb. box on 02-17-12 and I knew my order came (from the fresh grass smell) before any of my housemates even told me that I received a package... and so did my rabbit. He was running around the kitchen, frantically waiting for me to bring it out to him, because he's too scared to walk on hardwood. My rabbit always has a hard time molting in the summer, so I'm excited to see if changing his diet will help him out.

The Best !!

Posted by Greg

Love this Rabbit Food and so do my Bunnies!

Best feed ever!!

Posted by Sandra

This is the most awesome food. i am raising super bunnies.

"Best food for your rabbit"

Posted by B. Johnson

She Stop Flipping the Bowl! The absolute best food for your rabbits. Very fragrant, color & pellet size is great for all rabbits. Dottie says thank you for making her so healthy!

Quality for a great price!

Posted by Allison

I just ordered my free sample of Maintenance and Show and I'm excited reading all of the good reviews so I'm really considering making the switch from Hartz Bonanza. Usually a 4lb bag of that is $8 where I buy it, so that's $2/lb. If I buy this in bulk it's $33 after shipping for 20lb, which is $1.65/lb. If you're thinking of not making the switch because your first thought is that it'll be pricey, think again! If you buy in bulk, you are actually saving money compared to the leading brand. I only have one rabbit, a 3-year-old ND/ Mini Rex buck, who's not very good at eating his pellets. Now that he's getting older I really want to do all I can to keep him healthy, so I'm investing in putting him on a fresher diet. Of course, I'll have to invest in some dry storage cereal boxes if I'm going to order 20lb of this.

My NDs Love This Stuff!

Posted by Tori

Just cant say enough about this rabbit food, my netherland dwarfs are totally hooked on it... they used to spill their food or dump it which was a great cause of frusteration for me:( when i started with Maintenance and Show I noticed that when I mixed it in with the other food they were only eating the Sherwood pellets! So fare no usual side effects (loss of hair/appitite)...the pellets are also really small so they are much easier for them to chomp on... Thank you for this geat product

Amazing rabbit food

Posted by Jenny Carman

My bunny hated the rabbit food I was buying, then I tried yours. She loves it so much that given a choice between rabbit food, she goes to yours every time. She has been eating your product for over a month and is remarkably healthy. Thanks a lot!

They Love it!!

Posted by Amanda Duncan

Got my feed yesterday. I about fell over when I opened the box….it smelled sooooooo good! My rabbits, which hate pellets, went right to it!!! They love it!! I’m totally excited! Conrats guys….well done! Very well done!


Is Alfalfa Bad for Adult Rabbits?

You may have read on-line or heard your vet and others say that adult rabbits should not eat alfalfa. You may have even taught this yourself. The idea of feeding foods containing alfalfa may scare or anger you. How alfalfa is actually healthier... and this may surprise you.

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