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Note: As of Nov. 1, 2016 we have switched from using anise for flavor to using banana for flavor because it is liked by more pets. We are still using some of the previous bags that may have the word 'anise' on it until we use them up.

Feeding Directions: For severe cases (Megacolon) feed 1 tablet per pound of body weight split into two feedings per day. For milder digestive problems a lower dose often works satisfactorily.

The Digestive Supplement can be used perpetually and can be used with other tablets.

Active Ingredients:

Papaya: Freeze-dried ripe papaya for a mega dose of digestive enzymes and phytonutrients.

Cellulose: Pre-biotic that support the growth of healthy bacteria in the ceacum.

Banana:Organic Banana powder adds a great natural flavor loved by pets.

Bromelain and Papain: Additional protein digestive enzymes from pineapple and papaya used to minimize protein load on the ceacum.

Ginger, Ginseng, and Szechuan peppercorns: This blend of herbs stimulate phasic muscle contractions in the lower G.I. tract to support optimal ceacal fermentation patterns. This helps older and less-active small herbivores to properly ferment their food (including megacolon rabbits currently under trials – see below).

B-Vitamin Complex: These are normally produced by optimal ceacal fermentation patterns. Supplementation is often needed to help maintain a healthy appetite during digestive upset. It really works!

Vitamin C: The majority of the immune system is hard at work in the lower G.I. tract. During digestive upset it is beneficial to supplement with vitamin C. We use shelf-stable vitamin C that is coated in cellulose fiber to exclude oxygen.

Active Ingredients: Papaya, Banana, Ginger, Bromelain, Panax Ginseng, Ethylcellulose Coated Vitamin C, Szechuan  peppercorns, Papain, B-vitamin Complex

Inactive ingredient: Microcrystaline Cellulose

The digestive support tablet works in 3 very specific ways.

First, it provides protein digestive enzymes (Bromelain and Papain) and a concentrated dose of high quality papaya that was freeze dried and concentrated in a 4:1 ratio. The papaya aids in protein digestion which minimizes the amount of protein that will enter the ceacum where bacterial fermentation of fiber occurs. Too much protein in the ceacum will raise the pH and support the rapid growth of unhealthy bacterial populations that cause bloat, G.I. stasis or other digestive problems.

Second, it provides a full compliment of B-vitamins that are normally produced by healthy fermentation patterns. If these fermentation patterns are disrupted then B-vitamin production is reduced and this often leads to a loss of appetite and reduced energy levels. Proper levels of B-vitamins are necessary to maintain a healthy appetite.

Third, it contains a unique blend of herbs that actually stimulate the lower digestive tract to naturally contract and relax in a rhythmic pattern to help optimize healthy fermentation patterns. For rabbits that are less mobile (don’t get enough exercise due to age or arthritis) or that simply have trouble with digestion (especially megacolon rabbits who lack the lower G.I. tract innervation necessary to stimulate muscle contraction) this blend of herbs MAY replace the need for the use of motility drugs though much work needs to be done first. The herbs have been shown to directly trigger rhythmic muscle contraction/relaxation in lower rabbit digestive tract independent of nerve stimulation.

If you have a rabbit with megacolon please contact us so we can get you some free samples. The tablets are about a 1/2 gram in size. They are to be fed like a treat at the rate of one tablet per pound of body weight per day divided into a morning and evening feeding (for example, a 4 pound rabbit would eat 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening). NO OTHER DIETARY CHANGES ARE NEEDED. We can then work with your veterinarian to safely assess the progress your bunny is making. The ultimate goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for motility drugs in the majority of the cases but we advise against doing so until the herbs are proven effective and then only with the advise and close watch of your veterinarian and megacolon support group.

Megacolon (actually a ceacal motility disorder that leads to ceacal impaction) is an extreme case requiring digestive support to maintain life. It is a genetic disease that breeders selected for because they were selecting for a specific color pattern. Sadly as a result many rabbits world wide suffer from a genetic defect with horrible consequences.

Currently there is a documented genetic cause for megacolon. It is the same gene that leads to the distinctive color pattern (can be any color – the pattern is the most diagnostic) where fewer spots means the worse the condition. Essentially the gene that is affected is a trans-membrane receptor protein that signals the migration of neurons during early development (in utero). The net result is that rabbits that have this gene have less innervation of the lower digestive tract. Without the nerves to stimulate muscle contraction the rabbit cannot regulate proper ceacal fermentation patterns which often results in uneaten ceacotrophes. Consequently B-vitamin levels drop and so does the appetite. Without motility drugs rabbits also become ‘constipated’. All of these issues add up to a high mortality rate especially as the digestive system increases in size and as the afflicted rabbits age and become less active (younger rabbits have less of a problem).

The severity of this condition varies from pet to pet. One direct cause of this variation is the number of ‘megacolon’ genes that are carried (0, 1, or 2). Other factors such as age, size, and the extent of damage caused by previous ‘episodes’ of stasis suffered by the rabbit also greatly influence the current condition. The life of the megacolon rabbit becomes dependent on motility drugs and other special care.

There is no cure for this genetic disease. However, proper nutrition, exercise and veterinary care (including motility drugs) can work ‘miracles’ for many of these bunnies. We are working on a simplified solution that can be included as one of these miracles for megacolon rabbits and other bunnies that suffer from weak digestion due to age, inactivity, and other reasons.

Our digestive support tablet will be available for trials for specific rabbits who are genetic carriers of the megacolon gene/color pattern. Contact Us so we can discuss their health concerns and see if they are a candidate for at least a free 30-day sample.

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  1. The best

    Posted by A. Candice Valencia on 23rd Oct 2017

    We use these for regular digestive maintenance in our rabbits We’ve never had an issue with stasis in our four rabbits since we started using them. Each bunny get 1 a day.

  2. Great prevention for GI issues

    Posted by Mochi's Mommy on 22nd Sep 2017

    My dear little Dwarf Hotot Mochi used to get into periods where he would just stop eating, and would start slipping into stasis...this would happen maybe every 3 months. It was very difficult trying to get him to eat pineapple, and I would have to boil human food grade digestive enzymes to get him out of it, then syringe it into his mouth. We both hated it so much. I used to feed him another brand's digestive tabs, so it was hard for me to understand why he would keep getting that problem. Another bunny mama suggested that I try Sherwood Digestive tabs as she gave it to her babies. I am so glad that I did! Since changing over to Sherwood, giving him one tab in the morning and one in the evening as snacks he hasn't had these episodes. If his poop looks a bit odd or smaller, I increase his hay but also give him a tab at mid-day and it seems to help a lot. I have also changed him over from the other brands pellets which he used to love to the Sherwood Professional, and now he snobs the previous brand. Thank you so much Mr. Sherwood for all your research and making such a great product! Mochi sends nose bumps and bunny kisses in gratitude!

  3. Peace of mind

    Posted by dcvalencia@myactv.net on 30th Aug 2017

    I give each of my four bunnies one of these everyday just as part of their daily maintenance. I've never had a problem with stasis in any of them. They are also good for transitioning rabbits to a new food. We have had a couple rescues who were eating horrible food before coming to us. These helped them to transition to our Sherwood Pro pellets without any issues. Love Sherwood products.

  4. Great for Bonding Stress

    Posted by Anne - Dodger & Jack on 18th Aug 2017

    I've been trying to rebond my two bunnies for several months now and for a while in the process they would have some smaller poops which is often the first sign of digestive troubles especially when stress is involved. I had a sample packet of Sherwood Digestive Support Tablets and now I make sure I'm never without them. The boys love them, they are one of their favorite treats, and it's really helped keep their tummies working in top condition. I love that they like all Sherwood products they don't have the extra fillers as in the past my bunnies have had trouble with other brands that did use filler. I highly recommend these to everyone with bunnies to keep on hand.

  5. Better than ever!

    Posted by Beth Signor on 28th Jun 2017

    I've been using these tablets for a year and a half now and wouldn't be without them. Used in conjunction with a clean, high-fiber diet, these tablets have significantly reduced the frequency and severity of Loki's bouts of gastric stasis. The new flavoring has improved the palatability, too. Great product.

  6. digestive support tablets

    Posted by Catherine Zelonis on 28th May 2017

    I am using it for 2 rabbits, 1 young Megacolon bunny and 1 at least 10 yrs. old. It seems to be helping the Megacolon bun, but there has been no change in the old guy. I will keep trying. The directions confuse me. My Megacolon girl weighs 4 lbs. and gets 1 whole in a.m. and 1 whole in p.m. Should she get more? My old guy weighs 2.9 lbs. and gets the same. He keeps loosing ounces. He is probably near the end.

  7. Saved my Bun!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Apr 2017

    My bunny was acting very strange, very lethargic and wasn't eating or drinking like he normally would. I hurried and ordered him some digestive and immune support. Within 2 doses of giving him the digestive and immune supplements, he was back to his normal self! I'm so happy for a great natural product!

  8. neutral feelings

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Apr 2017

    We tried the papaya digestive support tablets for our bunny to see if they would solve his poopy butt problems. Unfortunately, although they did not do him any harm, they didn't eliminate the problem.

    Biologist note: It is important to fix the base diet first and then use these tablets for those cases that still need additional help. For more information see: http://sherwoodpethealth.com/faq/#digestive

  9. Papaya Enzymes- Fantastic!

    Posted by Ali on 12th Apr 2017

    My Dwarf Lionhead is a year old and weigh 3 lbs.
    He has an opposite issue than alot of buns on these enzymes in that instead of poopy bottom he gets very small marble sized along with larger. He also grooms his minlop sister who sheds more and is larger than he is so he ingests a good amount of fur for a little fellow!

    The combination of all both the fur string and blob marbles as well as inconsistent size had me concerned about his gut motility and being that he's just a year old I didn't expect things to get better as he gets older.
    Sherwood sent us a sample of the Papaya flavored enzymes and within abut a week his marbles had all regulated back to consistent size and I see less string of pearls.
    When I take him off the enzymes, they become inconsistent and fur linked again. I'm just thrilled to know that the enzymes are keeping his little digestive tract moving as it should and to have the peace of mind that- thanks to the enzymes,this won't be developing into a large problem as time progresses.
    And BONUS. He LOVES them! Just grins his little teeth when he eats them and can't eat them fast enough when sister is around as he's afraid she'll get some! Even prefers them to fruit!
    Thanks so much Sherwood, for the great product, knowledge, and keeping my litte guy healthy!
    Ali & Elwood

  10. Yummy and healthy 'treats'

    Posted by Lex on 11th Apr 2017

    My bunnies (all adopted or rescued) seem to think the digestive tablets are treats because they love them so much. One of my bunnies is a megacolon bunny, and she seems to have an easier time producing stool pellets after she eats the tablets. Also the others seem to benefit from the tablets since their digestion seems better due to them.

  11. Highly recommend!

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Apr 2017

    Your bunny will thank you for these! Lot of dancing and pirouettes when they hear the bag opening.

  12. Bunny love

    Posted by PAtty Higgins on 13th Mar 2017

    Mry rabbits love the digestive support and gobble down the pellets. I hope you have hay in the future. Your products are top notch and I look forward to ordering your products for quite awhile.

  13. 4 Bunnies were CURED!

    Posted by Donna Cuno on 8th Mar 2017

    I have had 4 Lionhead bunnies which needed butt baths everyday due to large foul mushy stools.That also made them sore.For months,they have been eating the didestive Support supplements and their stools are dry and SO much easier to clean.No more baths needed!!Thank you for a great product!

  14. Best investment

    Posted by Lori on 22nd Feb 2017

    My baby boy has notorious stasis issues; after speaking with our vet, I decided to give these a try. My boy has been on these about two months now, and I truly believe these have helped his stasis issues. He doesn't eat much hay so I think these have helped his gut motility. These will be a life long buy.

  15. Rabbit loves these!

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Feb 2017

    Oliver, the handsome rabbit, loves these supplements, which is a good thing because they help him with his (ahem...) Digestive issues. No one likes to play with a stinky, messy bunny. These lovely little tablets have helped him be more active and socially accepted with both his lagamorph and human friends. He seems like he feels much better and he has lots more energy for exploring. He enjoys the taste of these tablets and eagerly awaits his daily "treats".

  16. Great Product

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Dec 2016

    What a difference these tablets make with my Bailey's digestive issues. Highly recommend!!

  17. A+++

    Posted by Linda- bunny lady on 17th Oct 2016

    Wow! These tablets made such a difference in my bunnies coat and energy. They love the taste, I spread it through the day as a treat according to their weight. Helps a lot with GI/gut hair issues. They shed less amount now. Thanks to Oxbow quit making their papaya tablets after searching products with bad reviews, bad flavor, and not working, so I called House Rabbit Society who highly suggested Sherwood. I called Bob, who was very patient with questions, very helpful. He sent a sample, it was a hit all around! Dave is awesome and replies back quickly, extremely knowledgable!

  18. loves it!!

    Posted by stacyy on 12th Oct 2016

    healthy bun poops after him always having diarrhea now he has healthy normal digestive system

  19. Healthy happy megacolon bunny

    Posted by Katrina on 13th Sep 2016

    We got Willie when he was about 7 months old and he had case of megacolon. He was very skinny compared to our full figured female rabbits. Dr. Sherwood gave us a sample to try and now we can't go a day without them. He is doing so much better. He still has some occasional large poops but overall Willie has filled out nicely, he's full of energy and zest. We supplement Willie's diet with Digestive support Sherwood Adult Professional Rabbit Food and plenty of hay and he's doing great. Thank you Dr. Sherwood!


    Posted by Donna Cuno on 7th Sep 2016

    It took less than 7 days for 4 of my bunnies to improve..!It has stopped bunny butt baths..and soft stool now smaller and normal.I am thrilled.

  21. Digestive Support Helps Bunny With Megacolon

    Posted by Linda on 23rd Jun 2016

    My bunny has been on these enzymes for just under a year. It really helps manage the megacolon. She is so energetic and healthy because of the enzymes - it keeps her regular. She has no symptoms from the megacolon except misshapen fecal pellets. I like that there are B vitamins in it as when a bunny has megacolon, they don't always produce normal cecotropes and cecotropes are one of the ways bunnies get B vitamins.

  22. Life Saver

    Posted by Jeremy Boyd on 22nd Jun 2016

    We have 2 bunnies that are siblings. Duece Coupe is the boy. For whatever reason, he had digestive issues. He didn't seem to poo as much as he should and he had a lot of not properly digested soft poo that would build up and stick to his bum, which was no fun for him or us. After trying these out at 3 tablets in the morning and 3 at night, his problems went away. I tried to do just 2 in the morning and 2 at night, but it wasn't enough. As long as we feed him 6 a day, he has a clean bum, is happy, and full of energy. He Loves them! He will even remind us when it's time for his enzymes. His sister Rascal doesn't like them, but she doesn't have issues anyway. I highly recommend trying them for digestive issues!

  23. Be Persistent

    Posted by Charlotte on 25th May 2016

    I was in despair because my 4-lb Lionhead was having reoccurring gas/stasis issues. I had a sample of these tablets, but she wouldn't take them. I emailed David and he said that once she got used to them, she would eat them like a treat, so I kept trying. On David's advice, I first crushed half a tablet up and then mushed a slice of banana into it. She tentatively ate that. I did that a second time, then the next time I offered her the tablet on it's own and she ate half and ignored the rest. That happened a few more times, then finally she ate the whole thing. Now she takes it from me like a treat, and we haven't had any gas issues since she's been taking it. I give her one in the morning and one at night. I'm very happy with these tablets and appreciate David's advice!

  24. Healthy treats

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Apr 2016

    I am using these tabs as a healthy treat for my buns...1 each day...they had to get use to the flavor, but not nibble them right up!

  25. Rabbits Love

    Posted by Kathy on 5th Apr 2016

    Very happy with this product rabbits love them and have seen improvement in there health.

  26. Relief for Edward

    Posted by Molly on 29th Feb 2016

    Edward Hopper lived a rollercoaster of gut issues in his later years, with lots of loose and messy stools causing discomfort. Though we found you and the Digestive Support in his last month before crossing the Rainbow Bridge, Edward enjoyed good health during that time, going back to the joyful behavior I remember in his younger days. Thank you so much for your product!

  27. Insurace Tabs!

    Posted by Kris on 20th Feb 2016

    I give these tabs 5 stars relying on the information provided that promises several health benefits. My buns are young and healthy and I want to keep them that way. I lost a beloved bun last yr to stasis and hope to prevent this from happening again! I am giving them 1-2-3 tabs a day as treats...they didn't take to them the first couple of days, but are now gobbling them up, even taking them from my fingers as I hold them out! This makes me v happy.

  28. Rabbits not interested

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2016

    I have tried this with 4 ditffernt rabbits and none of them seemed interested. Other rabbits I have tried the Oxbow product with were crazy about it. Underwhelmed.

  29. Great product!

    Posted by mlmcomm on 17th Jan 2016

    Now I'm glad Oxbow discontinued their digestive support tablets!!! It allowed me to find this product from Sherwood. I think this is a much better product with much better natural ingredients. My oldest rabbit was starting to develop some digestive issues and these helped her out a lot. "We" are very satisfied. I have also purchased Sherwood's pellets. I'm not out to beat down Oxbow, but these too seem to be a much superior product. Give Sherwood a try. You can always go back to Oxbow, but I doubt if you will.

  30. Bun doesnt like the flavor

    Posted by Jessica on 14th Jan 2016

    I have an older bun who I was hoping would eat these. However the flavor is not to his liking,so other options would be awesome

  31. Senior Bun Life Saver

    Posted by Dawn McAndrew on 12th Jan 2016

    I have a 10yr old senior bun who has become prone to digestive issues in his old age. About 6 mths ago he developed such a bad gas build up that the vet said it was the worst he'd ever seen. He didn't know how my little boy was still alive. Scaredy was fading away, always sleeping, barely eating, lethargic, and I could see his stomach (large gas bubbles) moving. I spent 3 mths giving him a gut motility drug & anti-gas medication. It helped but he was still losing weight & barely eating. He refused hay and barely ate pellets or fresh fruits/veges. He barely drank water. He's mixed with dwarf & only around 2 pounds normally so he can't afford to be losing so much weight. I tried every recommendation I could find to get him to eat & stop the digestive issues from repeating. Nothing was working & some suggestions even made things worse. Then I came across Sherwood. I emailed David. I ordered food & he sent me a sample of the digestive tablets. Unfortunately Scaredy has refused to eat the pellets, but the digestive tablets have been a live saver. He's been on them for 3mths now. He has gained a few ounces. He doesn't sleep as much as he was. He's eating a lot better. He now eats pellets again. He eats hay everyday now. He eagerly looks for his fresh fruits & especially his fresh veges. He drinks more water. I no longer see his stomach moving the way it used to, nor do I hear loud gas noises in his tummy. In the 3 mths he has been on the digestive tablets he has not had to take any gut motility drugs, nor has he had any gas build up or bouts of GI Stasis. He is so alive & alert now! I really believe the digestive support tablets have been a life save for Scaredy. When I first gave him the tablets he did chew the first one I gave him in the morning then another one at night. The next day he refused them. So I developed a system. I take one tablet in the morning & mix it with a couple drops of hot water to dissolve it enough to get in an oral syringe. I syringe it to him orally once every morning & once every night. It has worked out great! I feel he is still getting the benefits this way and his progress proves it to me! Thank you David Sherwood for your life saving products!!!

  32. Excellent results

    Posted by Sharon on 23rd Dec 2015

    My 10+ y/o rabbit with dental troubles is generally well but his fecals are chronically "peppercorns" <sigh> despite good diet, hydration, exercise, and vet care for wonky teeth. I hoped that these would help, and they do but he does not care for them (yet he will nibble my fingers to get his Cranberry UTI tablets!) Way around dilemma -- the tablets easily crush to powder and I add them to thick mush food made from SARx food mix. This thicker blend with the digestive tablet incorporated he nibbles in morsels (alternative to pellets which are too hard for his teeth.) Where there's a need, there's a way to get this good support into the tummy that needs it, bypass fussy tastebuds.

  33. Great Product for Megacolon

    Posted by Linda Balestreri on 21st Dec 2015

    My Hotot has been on the digestive enzymes for approximately 6 weeks. Since taking the enzymes, she has become vibrant and is gaining weight. Her fecal pellets have improved greatly - the size has decreased. She used to eliminate only during the night, now she is producing fecal pellets during the day as well - this all happened within the first two weeks on the enzymes. I also had a Hotot with GI stasis recently and gave her some of the enzymes. Her energy and appetite rapidly increased.

  34. So far so good

    Posted by Beth on 2nd Dec 2015

    I have a German-Satin Angora crossbred buck who has had several bouts of gastric stasis, despite being on a carefully monitored diet mostly of mixed hays, small amount of pellets, YQ+ supplement, small amount of fresh herbs. He initially was reluctant to eat the tablets -- they aren't sweet like his old papaya tabs -- but now he goes looking for them at feeding time and eats them every time. We have noticed the increase in energy noted by another poster. It's too early to say whether this product will reduce the incidence of stasis, but so far so good, and if it helps at all, it's well worth the price.

  35. A Real Life Saver

    Posted by Laura on 27th Nov 2015

    I have two bunnies, Calesse who has a stomach of steel and my problem child, Mitter Bunny who has digestive issues. Mitter goes into GI-Stasis on average every 3-6 weeks without fail despite my very careful care. A few months ago he went into GI-Stasis, full bloat and had to be rushed to an emergency care vet hospital in Gainsville. He underwent intensive hospitalization for 5 days there and I almost lost him after he did not respond to treatment. Luckily he pulled through, but barley and needed further intensive care at home and at our local vet in the following week. Way over $1000 later I am grateful he survived it all and I learned allot about GI-Stasis. The specialist there helped me to compile an emergency kit for home since Mitter is prone to GI-Stasis, I have had to use it successfully every 3-6 weeks to keep him from going into full GI-Stasis with at home supportive care. That is how I found Sherwood digestive health tablets while searching for something that might help his digestive system so we wouldn't have to continue on this way, always wondering when the next episode of this condition would hit so i could start emergency care right away, very scary. I have been giving Mitter these tablets now for few months and I must report great news. Mitter has not had even one incidence of Gi-Stasis. I have not ever since he has been taking the tablets had to administer any at home care with my emergency kit or had to rush him to the doctor. I am so grateful and relieved to have found this product which is the only product thus far that I have tried for Mitter that has worked 100% to stop him from getting GI-Stasis 100% of the time so far and believe me I have tried a few before finding these sherwood tablets and none of them worked at all to prevent his recurring condition. Besides all that serious stuff, Mitter loves these tablets, he considers them high value treats and will do his tricks for this treat, he loves them. I was happy to see that the tablets were smaller in size than they appear on the site. I found he has much more energy and in general seems to be more active and is feeling much better than before. I have not had to deal with the fear of his next Gi-stasis episode so I have felt better also and am sleeping better without this worry on my mind. The only unforeseen issue I had was with my bonded pair. Mitter and Calesse are a new bonded pair, they were not an easy bond but did finally work out all their issues but after I started Mitter on these tablets, I could see that Mitter changed by being way more active, Calesse saw this change in him also and before you know it Mitter felt so good and was so full of himself that he decided to change their established relationship by becoming the top Bunny in the pair which he was not before. This caused some conflict with the pair and eventually lead to a small fight, so I needed to re-bond them again for a few days so they could re-sort things out again and so Calesse could get to know the new and improved Mitter Bunny who she had never met until then, they have been happily re-bonded since. Although feeling so great is a wonderful thing and a great problem to have for Mitter, it did cause some problems in their new bond, something to be aware of if you are introducing this tablet to one bunny who is very newly bonded. If your pair are not a new bond it wouldn't make a difference but for a very new bond and a bunny who goes from feeling bad to great you might want to be extra watchful for any changes in the relationship as a result so you can address them quickly. It wouldn't stop me from using the tablets and I am beyond grateful for this product and will continue using this for Mitter indefinitely. I would highly recommend this product, it works on even such a hard case like Mitter Bunny, image what it can do for your bunny who may have issues or just so you can be sure that your bunny never has issues in the first place. Thanks Sherwood for this wonderful product that actually works! WOOHOO.....Mitter Bunny wants to thank you also for his new lease on life and for helping him to be just the happiest bunny ever, pain free finally, Mittter give you 5 carrots also and that's allot since he loves his carrots!!!!!


    Posted by Unknown on 20th Nov 2015

    I knew about Sherwood and already bought the pellets but looking around the website I found out more information about this product. This product is a Godsend for me and I found it "just in time" before my rabbit started having digestive symptoms that changed his eating pattern. Normally my rabbits eat mostly hay and a small amount of pellets. One of them stopped eating hay and would only eat pellets and started getting very sick. I did take her to the vet and they looked at her teeth and found them to be fine, and they did find a muscular/skeletal issue that could be causing her pain and gave me pain meds for her but she still was only eating the pellets. When I give her this product she starts eating hay like she used to which then helps restore "the natural balance" of the mostly fiber intake rabbits are supposed to have. Without it, she would be only eating pellets, which can pretty quickly make new problems for rabbits digestion, which just creates more and more problems for rabbits proned to digestive issues like she is. There are not enough words in the world to express my gratefulness at her health restored back to normal and knowing that she is eating by choice how she should naturally be eating (mostly hay) at no stress to her, she just thinks she is getting a yummy treat:)

  37. Digestive Support Helps Bunny With Megacolon

    Posted by Linda on 14th Nov 2015

    I recently became a foster for a Hotot with Megacolon. I immediately contacted David and he suggested the Digestive Support. After just a few days on the Digestive Support, I noticed my bunny had much more energy. She had been passing fecal pellets in the evening and during the night only. After about 10 days on the Digestive Support, she started passing fecal pellets in the mornings and throughout the day. This shows that her motility is improving. This morning, some of her fecal pellets looked almost normal. David has provided invaluable guidance on food choices for her as well as how/where to massage her. I am so happy I did not have to resort to medications for her. What David has formulated is a God send.

  38. Life changing

    Posted by Lorelei on 20th Oct 2015

    We adopted a holland lop rabbit who needed to have her butt shaved, daily butt baths, & very clumpy, big, stinky poops. Nothing really medically could be done except gut motility drugs that isn't good long term. We had Clara Belle for one month. We heard about this supplement & decided to give it a try. What a difference it has made, along with Sherwood's pellets (which our rabbits have been on for years & an all greens diet made Clara Belle digestive issues worse). Within days, her poops were harder, but crumbly. In the few months, she's been on this, her poops are about normal, she's more active, but most important, her bottom stays clean & she doesn't smell! I took her off the supplement & sure enough, her digestive issues arose again. This supplement has given her the enjoyable life she deserves with out monthly butt shaves & daily butt baths.

  39. Digestive aid tablets

    Posted by Cindy on 15th Oct 2015

    My bunnies LOVED the tables but the reason I am giving 3 stars is because of the amount of tablets that the bunnies actually need each day can get a little spendy if you have several bunnies. Also the tablets break up really easy and I had several broken up little pieces of tablets along with a lot of tablet dust. I was also told I would receive a sample of bunny food in my shipment and didn't receive it.

  40. Happy Bunny

    Posted by Kathy Sipolt on 5th Oct 2015

    I love the Digestive Tabs. I have seen a difference in my Lionhead Bunny since I have been giving her them. I have notices a big change in digestive health. She has had a problem of dropping extra Cecotropes and she also has a problem of getting a little blocked up when shedding and I have notice changes in her health less cecotropes and more droppings which makes me very happy.

  41. Good remedies made easy

    Posted by Wendy on 13th Sep 2015

    So, I have a bunny that used to stink. When he went out to exercise, he would leave small piles all over. He's pretty full of himself, so I thought he was just marking his territory. I had resigned myself to extensive cleaning of the outside pen area, and then I saw the holistic treats on Sherwood. I contacted them and everyone was so helpful, especially the owner. I decided to put my bunny on a low dose of the digestive treats. Well, a few weeks in and I have a clean bunny. No smelly piles. He's happier too. So even if your bunny has only minor digestive issues. Give it a try. I couldn't be happier with the results! I've already purchased a bottle of the immune treats to have on hand.

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